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AlieNNation (The Voidz) Video!
"1968" (Michael Borkson) Video!
"G" Suits And Parachutes (Anonymous)
"Good" War (Ryan Harvey) Video!
"Humanitarian" NATO (Bob A. Feldman) Video!
#36 (Everyday) (Dave Matthews Band) Video!
'Cross the Green Mountain (Bob Dylan) Video!
'Merican (Descendents) Video!
'O Viento Nuovo (Il Tesoro di San Gennaro) Video!
'Til the Last Shot's Fired (Trace Adkins) Video!
'Tis of Thee (Ani DiFranco) Downloadable! Video!
(300 Miles on a) Baghdad Road (PeaceSong) Downloadable!
(All Jock Tamson's Bairns Are) Coming Home (Steven Clark) Downloadable!
(Armed) Peace (Art Bears) Video!
(Baby, Baby) Can I Invade Your Country? (Sparks)
(Didn't Know I Was) Unamerican (Ian Rhett) Video!
(Don't Worry) if There's a Hell Below, We're All Going to Go (Curtis Mayfield) Video!
(Don't) Give Hate a Chance (Jamiroquai) Video!
(Farewell to You, Ye Fine) Spanish Ladies (Anonymous) Video!
(For God's Sake) Give More Power to the People (The Chi-Lites) Video!
(From the Falklands to the Balkans) I've Fought in Every War (Beck)
(He Fell in Love With a) Stormtrooper (Tank) Video!
(I Have) a Dream (Common) Video!
(I Want To) Kill Somebody (S*M*A*S*H) Downloadable! Video!
(Indian) Corn Song (Woody Guthrie)
(It Must Have Been) Another Country (Phil Ochs) Video!
(I’m Marching Down) Freedom Road (Josh White) Video!
(Just Another) Soldiers Song (Alien Stash Tin) Video!
(No More) Heartache (Mass Confusion Band) Downloadable! Video!
(No More) Paddy's Lament (Flogging Molly) Downloadable! Video!
(Nothing but) Flowers (Talking Heads) Video!
(Something Inside) So Strong (Labi Siffre) Downloadable! Video!
(The Man Who Dropped The Bomb On) Hiroshima (Rod MacDonald) Downloadable! Video!
(To Be) Young, Gifted and Black (Nina Simone) Downloadable! Video!
(Too Old to) Go 'Way Little Girl (Janis Ian) Video!
(Un)Holy War (Daveski) Downloadable!
(Walk Me Out In The) Morning Dew (Bonnie Dobson) Downloadable! Video!
(We Don't Need This) Fascist Groove Thang (Heaven 17) Video!
(We Hate) Fascist Cops (The Kids) Video!
(What Did I Do to Be So) Black and Blue‎ (Louis Armstrong) Video!
(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding (Brinsley Schwarz) Video!
(White Man) in Hammersmith Palais (The Clash) Video!
(Words Flew) Right Around the World (Chumbawamba) Downloadable! Video!
(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (to Party!) (Beastie Boys) Video!
007 (Shanty Town) (Desmond Dekker & The Aces) Video!
1 (POL) Downloadable!
1 Rythme 2 Chien (Le Peuple de l'Herbe) Video!
1 Trillion Dollar$ (Anti-Flag) Video!
1, 2, 3, 4, Let's Start Another War (Insurgents) Downloadable!
10 Commandments (The Specials) Video!
10 Second Free Fall (Three Shoes Posse) Video!
10 Years On (Blaggers ITA) Video!
10,000 Years (Peace Is Now) (Live) Video!
10. Amazing Grace (Cantate pour la Paix) Downloadable! Video!
100 Million Little Bombs (Buddy & Julie Miller) Video!
1000 Candles, 1000 Cranes (Small Potatoes) Video!
1000 Grandmothers (Holly Near) Video!
1000 Paper Cranes (Motion City Soundtrack) Video!
1000 Years War (Emily Wells) Video!
107 Steps (Björk) Video!
10th Man Down (Nightwish) Video!
11 Months and 29 Days (Johnny Paycheck) Video!
11. Prayer Of Thankful Praise (Cantate pour la Paix)
13. By the Waters of Babylon (Cantate pour la Paix) Video!
137 Executions (And Not One Innocent Man) (Rod MacDonald) Downloadable!
1492 (One Drop) Downloadable! Video!
1492 (David Rovics) Downloadable! Video!
1492 (Nancy Schimmel) Video!
16 Shots (Vic Mensa) Video!
17 Words (Malenky Slovos) Downloadable! Video!
1776 (Janis Ian) Downloadable! Video!
18 And Life (Skid Row) Video!
1848 (David Rovics) Video!
1873 (Buffalo Diary) (Edie Brickell) Video!
19 (Paul Hardcastle) Video!
19 86 (ONUKA) Video!
1915 (Anti-Flag) Video!
1916 (1916) Downloadable!
1916 (Motörhead) Video!
1917 (Linda Ronstadt) Video!
1919 Strike (Joe Vickers) Video!
1933 (The Ukes) Video!
1944 (Jamala) Video!
1945 (Joe Grushecky) Video!
1945 (Social Distortion) Video!
1959 (Patti Smith) Video!
1968 (Dave Alvin) Video!
1969 (Tossers) Video!
1983... (A Merman I Should Turn to Be) (Jimi Hendrix) Video!
1984 (The 4-Skins) Video!
1984 (New Model Army) Video!
1999 (Prince) Video!
1999 (Warrick Sony)
1st World Tragedy (Connie Constance) Video!
2 + 2 = ? (Bob Seger) Downloadable! Video!
2 Against War (Bob Parsons) Downloadable!
2 Minutes To Midnight (Iron Maiden) Video!
20 Tons of TNT (Flanders & Swann) Downloadable! Video!
20 Years Of Hell (Anti-Flag) Video!
2008 USA Election Song (Murray Wilde) Downloadable!
2010 (Civilian Death Machine)
2010 (Doc Jazz) Downloadable!
20th Century Man (The Kinks) Video!
21 Countries (GM Baby)
21 Guns (Green Day) Video!
21 Today (Slovo) Video!
21. Everybody Sing Freedom (Cantate pour la Paix)
21st Century Blues (Steve Earle) Video!
21st Century Schizoid Man (King Crimson) Video!
22nd Century (Nina Simone) Video!
25 Minutes to Go (Johnny Cash) Downloadable! Video!
3 Thoughts (Einstürzende Neubauten)
30 Days Back (White Buffalo) Video!
30-Year War (Manic Street Preachers) Video!
39 Miles From the Ohio Line (Charlie Brown) Video!
4 Degrees (Anohni) Video!
4 June 1989 (Mary Chapin Carpenter) Video!
4 Little Girls (Pantera Saint-Montaigne) Video!
4 Minute Warning (Radiohead) Video!
400 Miles From Darwin (The Whitlams) Video!
40:1 (Sabaton) Video!
46664 (Joe Strummer) Video!
4th of July (Beach Boys) Video!
4th of July (Nicole Danser) Video!
4th Of July (Soundgarden) Video!
4th Reich (Stratovarius) Video!
5.45 (Gang Of Four) Downloadable! Video!
50 Billion More (Ryan Harvey) Downloadable!
50,000 Names (George Jones) Video!
500 Miles (The Hooters) Video!
51st State (New Model Army) Video!
51st State (State of Denial) (Joe Messanella) Downloadable!
7 Dee Days (Boogie Down Productions)
7 O'Clock News/Silent Night (Simon & Garfunkel) Video!
7-11 On September Eleventh (Mike Rimbaud)
72 Hookers (NOFX) Video!
72 Virgins (Hallows Eve) Video!
80s Ladies (KT Oslin) Video!
8500 Years (Shawn Phillips) Video!
8th Of November (Big & Rich) Video!
9 to 5 (Dolly Parton) Video!
9/11 (David Rovics)
9/11 Inside Job (Red Day) Downloadable!
9/11 Truth Rock (Johnny Punish) Video!
9/11 Was An Inside Job (Les Visible) Video!
911 (This World Gone Crazy) (Clan Dyken)
911 Fools (Ken Pinkstaff, Chuck Blaser & James Salazar)
911 For Peace (Anti-Flag) Video!
9420 Wogan Terrace (Bob Lusk)
99 (Tom Neilson)
99 Problems (Jay-Z) Video!
99 Ways to Die (Megadeth) Video!
99% (AP2P) Downloadable! Video!
Anne Askew, Intituled, I Am a Woman Poor and Blind (Anonymous)
A ? Of When (Living Colour) Video!
A Ballad for Sophie Scholl (Richard Marot)
A Ballad for the Fallen Soldier (Jay-Z) Video!
A Ballad in Times of War (Mats Paulson) Downloadable!
A Better World For You (Anthea Sidiropoulos / Ανθέα Σιδηροπούλου) Downloadable!
A Bomb Blues (Ali Hughes) Downloadable!
A Boy Named Bush (Jason Andreas)
A Brand New Day (Diana Ross) Video!
A Breath Of Peace (Adrian Fox)
A Brief History of Jerusalem (David Rovics) Downloadable! Video!
A Bullet For Everyone (Paul Weller) Video!
A Bunch Of Lonesome Heroes (Leonard Cohen) Video!
A Bushman's Song (Banjo Paterson) Video!
A Candle (José Luis Sepúlveda) Downloadable! Video!
A Carol From Flanders (Frederick John Niven) Video!
A Chance (Fokkum) Downloadable! Video!
A Chance for Peace (Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echoes) Video!
A Change Is Gonna Come (Sam Cooke) Downloadable! Video!
A Child (Davide Gastaldo) Video!
A Child Is Coming (Jefferson Starship) Video!
A Child of a Few Hours Is Burning to Death (The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band) Video!
A Child of Our Time (Michael Tippett) Video!
A Child of War (The Great Constantini) Downloadable!
A Child's Guide to Good and Evil (The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band) Video!
A Christmas Ghost-Story (Thomas Hardy)
A Church Is Burning (Paul Simon) Video!
A Conscientious Objector Lament‎ (Alfred Lester) Video!
A Day for the Hunter, a Day for the Prey (Leyla McCalla) Video!
A Day in the Life of a Tree (Beach Boys) Video!
A Dead Nazi Is a Good Nazi (Ska Trek Destroyers)
A Dead Statesman (Rudyard Kipling) Video!
A Design for Life (Manic Street Preachers) Video!
A Different Kind of Love Song (Dick Gaughan) Video!
A Dream Deferred (Langston Hughes) Video!
A Drug Against War (KMFDM) Video!
A Dying Message That Will Live Forever (Palestine) (Raheem X)
A Few Words in Defense of Our Country (Randy Newman) Video!
A Fine Line (Paul McCartney) Downloadable! Video!
A Fire Burns for Freedom (Ziggy Marley) Downloadable! Video!
A Flower Down The Barrel Of A Gun (Daniel Gannaway) Video!
A Forgotten Hero (Andy Irvine) Downloadable!
A Fourth World (Xavier Rudd) Video!
A Gentle Rose (Liam Kane) Downloadable!
A Gift Come From The Law (Richard Marot)
A Good Man Is Hard to Find (Pittsburgh) (Bruce Springsteen) Video!
A Great Day for Freedom (Pink Floyd) Video!
A Great Man (Rob Lincoln) Downloadable!
A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall (Bob Dylan) Downloadable! Video!
A Heart That Beats No More (Ryan Harvey) Downloadable! Video!
A Hero in Harlan (Tom T. Hall) Video!
A Hero Of The Wrong War (Anonymous)
A Hill of Little Shoes (Pete Atkin) Video!
A Hospital Ship at Tobruk (Gary Miller) Downloadable! Video!
A House Is Not A Motel (Love) Video!
A Hundred Lives (AutoNomadic) Downloadable! Video!
A Hundred Men (Limeliters) Video!
A Hymn on Peace (Abraham Wood)
A L I E N S (Coldplay) Video!
A Letter for Haiti (Wyclef Jean) Video!
A Life (1895 - 1915) (Mark Hollis) Video!
A Life of No Regrets (Heathcote Williams) Video!
A Lifetime of War (Sabaton) Video!
A Line in the Sand (PJ Harvey) Video!
A Little Good News (Anne Murray) Downloadable! Video!
A Little Help From My Friends (Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp Songbook)
A Lot of Love (Chris Brown) Video!
A Love Supreme (John Coltrane) Video!
A Love Supreme (Richard Marot)
A Love Supreme (for John Coltrane) (Richard Marot)
A Maid That's Deep In Love (Pentangle) Video!
A Man Can Change the World With a Bullet (Artytou)
A Man In Uniform (Randy) Video!
A Man's a Man for a' that (Dougie MacLean) Video!
A Man's Home Is His Castle (Faith Hill) Video!
A Message From Gaza (Doktah Soose)
A Message To The World (Story Of The Year) Downloadable! Video!
A Moment With You (George Michael) Video!
A Mother's Pledge (Dogwood Daughter) Downloadable! Video!
A Motor-Bike in Afrika (Peter Hammill) Video!
A Murder of Memories (Eyedea & Abilities) Video!
A Natale (Edoardo Bennato) Video!
A Nation Fit for Heroes (The Damned) Video!
A Nation Is Dying (Mariko Sakurai)
A Nation Rocked to Sleep (Carly Sheehan) Downloadable! Video!
A New Kind Of Army (Anti-Flag) Video!
A New Song, Written By A Soldier (Anonymous)
A Night to Remember (Jeremy Taylor)
A Pair of Brown Eyes (The Pogues) Downloadable! Video!
A Patriot's Anthem (Robert J. Ranney)
A Peaceful Solution (Willie Nelson) Downloadable! Video!
A People's History (David Muñoz)
A Pickaxe and a Stone (Jimmy Collier) Downloadable! Video!
A Picture of Home (David Gordon Kirkpatrick (Slim Dusty)) Video!
A Pig On A Lead (Cheap Wine) Downloadable! Video!
A Place Called England (Maggie Holland) Video!
A Place in the Country (George Jones) Video!
A Place in the Sun (Stevie Wonder) Video!
A Place to Rest (Bobby Sands) Video!
A Prayer For Everybody (To Be Free) (Gil Scott-Heron) Video!
A prayer to you (I-Twins) Downloadable!
A Prisoner's Christmas (Gerry O'Glacain)
A Racket Called War (Rand McCullough) Video!
A Ray of Hope (The Rascals) Video!
A Refusal to Mourn the Death, by Fire, of a Child in London (Dylan Thomas) Video!
A Rich Man's War (Ain't Gonna Fight) (Mark Winegar) Downloadable!
A Right to Life (Student for Peace)
A Rock Star Bucks a Coffee Shop (Neil Young) Video!
A Sad Day on the Coalfields (Roger Grant)
A Secret Hidden Message (Mick Harvey & Christopher Richard Barker) Downloadable!
A Short History of Warfare (Malvina Reynolds)
A Sight In Camp (Dom Thomas Symons)
A Silent Night Christmas 1915 (Jerry Lynch) Video!
A Simple Desultory Philippic (Simon & Garfunkel) Video!
A Simple Song to Help Stop the War (Neal Locke) Downloadable!
A Singer Must Die (Leonard Cohen) Video!
A Slow Waltz For Chile (Latin Quarter) Video!
A Smart Kid (Porcupine Tree) Video!
A Soldier From Missouri (Anonymous)
A Soldier Is Crying (Penny's Scar) Downloadable!
A Soldier's Diary (The Stranglers) Video!
A Soldier's Dream (Donovan) Video!
A Soldier's Letter (Fairyland) Video!
A Soldier's Life Is Sad (Stan Kelly)
A Soldier's Poem (Muse) Video!
A Soldier's Reminiscences (Ernest Hastings) Video!
A Soldier's Return (Wolfe Tones) Video!
A Soldier's Song (Michael Barnes) Downloadable! Video!
A Soldier's Tale (The Good, the Bad and the Queen) Video!
A Soldier's Wife (Bill Robinson) Downloadable!
A Song for Alan Turing (Stephen J Pride) Video!
A Song for Chile (Ali Hughes) Downloadable!
A Song For David (Joan Baez) Video!
A Song For Gaza (Thomas Easaw) Downloadable! Video!
A Song for Grace (Ted Egan) Video!
A Song For Irak (Mark Simos)
A Song For Jenin (Doc Jazz) Downloadable!
A Song For NATO (David Rovics)
A Song For Peace (Harmonious Combustion) Downloadable! Video!
A Song for Santiago Cruz (Anne Feeney) Downloadable! Video!
A Song for the Migrant Workers (The Tears) Video!
A Song of Peace (Sam Gleaves) Downloadable!
A Song of Peace (Teresa Jennings) Downloadable! Video!
A Stitch In Thime (Martin Carthy) Downloadable! Video!
A Stones Throw Away (The Style Council) Video!
A Stranger and a Friend (Alistair Hulett) Downloadable!
A Street (Leonard Cohen) Video!
A Survivor from Warsaw (Arnold Schönberg) Video!
A Tale of Two Americas (Rod MacDonald) Video!
A Thousand Letters (Xandria) Video!
A Thousand Lies (Machine Head) Downloadable! Video!
A Thousand Years (Tom Paxton) Video!
A Thousand Years of War (Authority Zero) Video!
A to Z (Chris T-T) Downloadable!
A Toast To Those Who Are Gone (Phil Ochs) Video!
A Town in Russia (A song for Beslan) (1916) Video!
À travers les vagues (Dub Incorporation) Video!
A Tree Never Grown (Black Star) Video!
A Tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr. (Mary Michè) Downloadable!
A United Earth (I, II, III) (Alan Stivell) Video!
A Vision Of War, Iraq (Jurassic Rock)
A Voice For Peace (Dan Fogelberg) Video!
A Voice Within (Nalini Lasiewicz) Video!
A War Without an End (The Prince Myshkins) Downloadable!
A Wartime President Song (Ariel)
A Well Respected Man (The Kinks) Video!
A World Aflame (Savage Rose)
A World Left in Peace (Eric Andersen) Video!
A World With No Future (Contravene) Video!
A-Z (Tracey Thorn) Video!
A. E. F. (Carl Sandburg)
A.D.D. (American Dream Denial) (System Of A Down) Video!
A.R.U. (Anonymous)
A.W.O.L.‎ (Paris) Video!
Abattoir Blues (Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds) Video!
Abdul Abulbul Amir (Percy French) Video!
Aberfan (David Ackles) Video!
Abort The System (Poison Girls) Video!
Abraham Lincoln (Clutch) Video!
Abraham, Martin And John (Dion) Video!
Abuelita (Richard Shindell) Video!
Abuso Di Donna (Tallulah Kidd) Downloadable!
Acadian Driftwood (The Band) Video!
Acceptable Risks (Charlie King)
Access Denied (Sara Marlowe) Downloadable! Video!
Accident Waiting To Happen (Billy Bragg) Video!
Accidental Racist (Brad Paisley) Video!
Aces High (Iron Maiden) Video!
Acid Rain (Bob Rivers) Video!
Ack Ack Ack Ack (The Urinals) Video!
Across the Border (Bruce Springsteen) Video!
Across The Borderline (Ry Cooder) Downloadable! Video!
Across the Hills (The Ian Campbell Group)
Across The Lines (Tracy Chapman) Downloadable! Video!
Across the Wire (Calexico) Video!
Act III Scene 2 (Shakespeare) (Saul Williams) Video!
Act of Love (Neil Young) Video!
Act Right Now! (Heideroosjes) Video!
Adam The Inventor (Pete Seeger) Video!
Adana (Daniel Decker) Video!
Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy (The Copper Family) Video!
Adieu, Farewell Earth's Bliss (Thomas Nashe)
Adlai Stevenson (Sufjan Stevens) Video!
Admiral William Brown (Wolfe Tones) Video!
Adrian Belew: Member of the Tribe (GLI EXTRA DELLE CCG / AWS EXTRAS / LES EXTRAS DES CCG) Video!
Adriano (letzte Warnung) (Brothers Keepers) Video!
Advocate Of The Poor (Niss Puk Band) Video!
Aerie (Gang of Eagles) (Jefferson Airplane) Video!
Afghan Lye (ImLen)
Afghanistan (Coolbox) Video!
Afraid To Shoot Strangers (Iron Maiden) Video!
Africa (Maya Angelou) Video!
Africa (Ali Hughes) Downloadable!
Africa (Habib Koité) Video!
Africa (Mama Marjas) Video!
Africa Must Be Free by 1983 (Hugh Mundell) Video!
African (Barclay James Harvest) Video!
African Holocaust (Steel Pulse) Downloadable! Video!
African Lady (Langston Hughes) Video!
Africans (Nneka) Video!
Afrikaans (Resurrection Band) Video!
After Berlin (Neil Young) Video!
After Blenheim (Robert Southey)
After Maralinga (Latin Quarter) Video!
After Shelley (Chumbawamba) Video!
After The Bomb (Warlock) Video!
After the Bombs (The Decemberists) Downloadable! Video!
After The Ceasefire (Marianne Faithfull) Video!
After The Garden (Neil Young) Downloadable! Video!
After the Gold Rush (Neil Young) Video!
After The Holocaust (Nuclear Assault) Downloadable! Video!
After The Parade (Dan Bern) Downloadable! Video!
After The Revolution (David Rovics) Downloadable! Video!
After the Third World War (Citadel®) Downloadable!
After the Victory (Lorcan Otway)
After The War (Asia) Video!
After The War (Gary Moore) Video!
After We Torture Our Prisoners (David Rovics)
Afterglow (Wade Farlowe) Downloadable!
Aftermath (Muse) Video!
Aftermath (Siegfried Sassoon)
Aftershock (Anthrax) Video!
Afterwards (Van Der Graaf Generator) Video!
Against Power Dollar (Gang) Video!
Against The Humans' Evil (Richard Marot)
Age Of Oil (David Rovics) Downloadable!
Age of Reason (Black Sabbath) Video!
Age of the Robber Barons (David Rovics) Video!
Age of Unreason (Bad Religion) Video!
Agent Orange (Pharoahe Monch) Video!
Agent Orange (Tarnfarbe)
Agent Orange (John Warner)
Agents of brutality (Kreator) Video!
Aggression (Ignite) Video!
Aginst Th' Law (Woody Guthrie) Video!
Aguila del norte (Kris Kristofferson) Video!
Ahmed (Lowkey) Video!
Ain't America Beautiful (Joel Mabus) Video!
Ain't Gonna Grieve No More (Bob Dylan)
Ain't Gonna Take It (Tom Robinson Band) Video!
Ain't Got No / I Got Life‎ (Nina Simone) Video!
Ain't No More Cane on the Brazos (Odetta) Downloadable! Video!
Ain't No Reason (Brett Dennen) Video!
Ain't That Fine (Malvina Reynolds)
Ain't That News (Tom Paxton) Video!
Ain't This the Life (Oingo Boingo) Video!
Ain’t We Brothers (Sam Gleaves) Downloadable! Video!
Al Bowlly's In Heaven (Richard Thompson) Video!
Al Pivarol C'al Vin Dal Ciel (The Brave Scottish Piper) (Modena City Ramblers) Video!
Alabama (Neil Young) Video!
Alabama 58 (The Dubliners) Downloadable! Video!
Alabama 69 (Humble Pie) Video!
Alabama Blues (J.B. Lenoir) Video!
Alabama Bus (Brother Will Hairston) Video!
Alabama Earth (at Booker T. Washington’s Grave)‎ (Langston Hughes) Video!
Albright Monument, Baghdad (Propagandhi) Video!
Aleppo (Leyla McCalla) Video!
Aleppo (David Rovics) Video!
Aleppo (Gareth Smit) Downloadable! Video!
Alexis Grigoropoulos (Linos Tombi) Video!
Alice Annie Wheeldon (Robb Johnson) Video!
Alice Was Her Name (Ruth Jacobs)
Alice's Restaurant Massacree (Arlo Guthrie) Downloadable! Video!
Alien (Hold on to Your Dreams) (Gil Scott-Heron) Video!
Alive With the Glory of Love (Say Anything) Video!
All About Preachers (Utah Phillips)
All Africa (Max Roach) Video!
All Against... (Fokkum) Downloadable!
All and Everyone (PJ Harvey) Video!
All Are Equal For The Law (Banda Bassotti) Video!
All Around (Extrema) Video!
All Around The Jail House (Ella Mae Wiggins)
All Around the World (Roger Campo)
All As One (Frank Imburgio) Video!
All Being Well (Wilfrid Wilson Gibson) Video!
All Burns Down (Fundamental Elements) Downloadable! Video!
All Clear in Harrisburg (Tom Paxton) Video!
All Fall Down (Ultravox) Video!
All for You Sophia (Franz Ferdinand) Video!
All Gods Were Immortal (John McClafferty) Video!
All Gone Away (The Style Council) Downloadable! Video!
All Good Soldiers (Bad Religion) Video!
All Hell Can't Stop Us (Ralph Chaplin) Video!
All Hope is Gone (Slipknot) Downloadable! Video!
All I Need (Radiohead) Video!
All I Want (Almanac Singers) Downloadable! Video!
All I Want For Christmas Is World Peace (Timbuk3) Downloadable! Video!
All in All (Nils Wandrey)
All Ireland (Roy Harper) Video!
All Is One (Orphaned Land) Video!
All Mixed Up (Pete Seeger) Video!
All My Children Of The Sun (Pete Seeger) Video!
All My Heroes Are Dead (Dar Williams) Video!
All My Trials, Lord (Pete Seeger) Downloadable! Video!
All Near the Memorials to Vietnam and Lincoln (PJ Harvey) Video!
All of God's Children Ain't Free (Johnny Cash) Video!
All of No Man's Land Is Ours (Einstürzende Neubauten) Video!
All of the same blood (unity) (Kreator)
All Our Dark Tomorrows (Bruce Cockburn) Video!
All Our Trades Are Gone (June Tabor) Video!
All Over the World (Val Davis)
All Over The World (Arlo Guthrie) Video!
All Quiet on the Western Front (Elton John) Video!
All Quiet On The Western Front (Phil Ochs) Video!
All She Wants To Do Is Dance (Don Henley) Video!
All Some Kind of Dream (Josh Ritter) Video!
All Souls Day (Teresa Healy)
All That I Require (Radney Foster) Video!
All the Best Matadors Were Fascists (Arroyo Deathmatch) Downloadable! Video!
All the Blowing-Themselves-Up Motherfuckers (Will Realise the Minute They Die That They ‎Were Suckers)‎ (Julian Cope) Video!
All the Fine Young Men (Eric Bogle) Downloadable! Video!
All The Ghosts That Walk This Earth (David Rovics) Downloadable! Video!
all the good girls go to hell (Billie Eilish) Video!
All the Little Bourgeois Dreams (Nomeansno) Video!
All the Madmen (David Bowie) Video!
All the Pretty Little Horses (Hush-a-Bye) (Anonymous) Video!
All The Tea In India (Jennifer Cutting)
All The Weary Mothers Of The Earth (People's Union #1) (Joan Baez) Video!
All the World Has Gone By (Joan Baez) Video!
All The Young Fascists (Shihad) Video!
All the Young People Must Fall in Love (Morrissey) Video!
All These Things That I've Done (The Killers) Downloadable! Video!
All Things Are Quite Silent (Steeleye Span) Video!
All Those People (David & Jenny Heitler-Klevans)
All Those Years Ago (George Harrison) Video!
All Together Now (The Farm) Video!
All Used Up (Utah Phillips) Video!
All We Need Is Peace and Love (Lady Hagua) Video!
All Work and No Play (Hüsker Dü) Video!
All You Do Is Deny (Tony Smith) Downloadable!
All You Fascists (Woody Guthrie) Video!
All You Need Is Love (Beatles) Video!
All Your Friends (Coldplay) Video!
All Your Questions Answered (McCarthy) Video!
Alla This (Ani DiFranco) Video!
Allagash (Ethan Miller & Kate Boverman) Downloadable! Video!
Allegiance to No-One (B.G.K.) Video!
Allende (Moving Hearts) Video!
Allentown (Billy Joel) Video!
Alma Mater (Chad Mitchell Trio) Video!
Almost Cut My Hair (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young) Video!
Almost Gone (The Ballad of Bradley Manning) (Graham Nash) Video!
Almost Like the Blues (Leonard Cohen) Video!
Along the Drums to Kanesatake (of '90) (S-cuk Gogs) Downloadable!
Along the Miners' Rows (Bill Adair) Video!
Along The Valley (Richard Marot)
Aloysius (Jez Lowe)
Already (Buffalo Nickel) Video!
Already Great (Neil Young) Video!
Alright For Some (Friendly Fire (UK)) Downloadable!
Alternative (The Exploited) Video!
Alternative Ulster (Stiff Little Fingers) Downloadable! Video!
Always At War (Ryan Harvey)
Always Coming Home (Harry Rogers)
Always Look on the Bright Side of Life (Monty Python) Video!
Always Tell the Voter What the Voter Wants to Hear (Chumbawamba) Downloadable! Video!
Always The Cause (Al Stewart) Video!
Always You (Richard Sherwood) Video!
Am I Black Enough For You? (Billy Paul) Video!
Am I Ever Gonna See My Baby Again (The Sweet Inspirations) Video!
Amadou Diallo (Jim Page) Video!
Amal - Hope Of Palestine (Savage Rose) Downloadable!
Amandla! (Dick Gaughan) Downloadable! Video!
Amazin' Man (John Bird) Video!
Amazon (Jim Page) Video!
Ambulance Train (Wilfrid Wilson Gibson)
Ambush (Harry Nilsson) Video!
Ambush (Sepultura) Downloadable! Video!
Ambush in the Night (Bob Marley) Video!
Amedoricca – 8​:​32pm, September 11, 1988 (Nolto) Downloadable!
Amen (Ziggy Marley) Video!
Amen (Sepultura) Downloadable! Video!
Amendment (Ani DiFranco) Video!
Amereicha (Chumbawamba) Downloadable!
America (Agent Orange) Video!
America (Alborosie) Video!
America (Maya Angelou) Video!
America (Allen Ginsberg) Video!
America (Waylon Jennings) Video!
America (Killing Joke) Video!
America (Stephen Lynch) Video!
America (Shawn Phillips)
America (Just Say No) (Alien Stash Tin) Downloadable! Video!
America (Second Amendment) (The Nice) Video!
America Commits Suicide (Subhumans) Video!
America First (Merle Haggard) Downloadable! Video!
America For Beginners (Latin Quarter)
America Has Never Been So Great (David Rovics) Downloadable! Video!
America Here's My Boy (Beck) Video!
America Is (Violent Femmes) Video!
America is not the World (Morrissey) Video!
America the Beautiful (D.O.A.) Video!
America The Beautiful (Neil Young) Video!
America Under Fire (Steel Mill) Video!
America! (Bill Callahan) Video!
America's Children (Sulimon) Downloadable!
American Baby (Dave Matthews Band) Downloadable! Video!
American Blood (Reckless Kelly) Video!
American Boy Soldier (Edgar Broughton Band) Video!
American Errorist (NOFX) Video!
American Farmer (Charlie Daniels Band) Video!
American Flag Pajamas (Sebastian Mendler)
American Hearts (A.A. Bondy) Video!
American Idiot (Green Day) Video!
American Jesus (Bad Religion) Video!
American Land (Bruce Springsteen) Video!
American Life (Madonna) Video!
American Made Death Squad (Behind Enemy Lines) Downloadable! Video!
American Mythology (Ryan Harvey) Downloadable! Video!
American Oxygen (Rihanna) Video!
American Skin (41 Shots) (Bruce Springsteen) Downloadable! Video!
American Soldier (Doc Jazz) Downloadable!
American Soldier (The Old Dada Weatherman) Downloadable!
American Soul (U2) Video!
American Terrorist (Lupe Fiasco) Video!
American Terrorist III (Lupe Fiasco) Video!
American Triangle (Elton John) Video!
American Tune (Paul Simon) Video!
American War (Simone White) Video!
American War Paar Da (Kamaan Singh Dhami) Video!
American Way (Dimpled Chad & the Disenfranchised)
American Woman (The Guess Who) Downloadable! Video!
American-Soviets (C.C.C.P.‎) Video!
Americana (The Kinks)
Americans (Janelle Monáe) Video!
America’s Great National Pastime (The Byrds) Video!
America’s Poor (Hazel Dickens)
Americon (Slayer) Video!
Amerigo (Patti Smith) Video!
Amerika (Rammstein) Video!
Amerika The Brutal (Six Feet Under) Video!
Amerika v. 6.0 (the Best We Can Do) (Steve Earle) Video!
AmeriKKKans (Vo.Caliber) Downloadable!
Amerimacka (Thievery Corporation) Video!
Amnesty Report (The Pop Group) Video!
Among Those Killed In The Dawn Raid Was A Man Aged A Hundred (Maggie Holland)
Amoxicillin...Extermination (Infinite Tales) Downloadable! Video!
Amsterdam (John Lennon) Video!
Amused to Death (Roger Waters) Downloadable! Video!
An Act of State: The Execution of Martin Luther King (Vic Sadot) Downloadable! Video!
An African Song (on That Great Civilized Morning) (Chad Mitchell Trio) Video!
An American Draft Dodger In Thunder Bay (Sam Roberts) Video!
An Anthem for the Space Age (Agnes Cunningham)
An Eye for an Eye (Ed Newbegin) Downloadable!
An I for an I (Roger John) Downloadable!
An Irish Marseillaise (Anonymous)
An Ode for Phil (Richard Marot)
An Undoing World (The Klezmatics) Video!
An Untitled Protest (Country Joe and The Fish) Video!
An' He Never Said a Mumberlin’ Word (Anonymous) Video!
Anam (Clannad) Video!
Anatevka (Jerry Bock) Video!
Ancient Jewish Lullaby (Mary E. Gallagher)
And a-Begging I Will Go (or the Begging Song) (Martin Carthy) Video!
And Freedom Too (Bill Frederick) Video!
And I'm Still Searching (Pete Seeger) Video!
And Jesus Wept (Reg Meuross) Downloadable! Video!
And Saddness Will Sear (Trivium) Video!
And The Flag Unfurls (Rob Lincoln) Downloadable!
And Tomorrow the Stock Exchange Be the Human Race (McCarthy) Video!
And We Thought That Nation-States Were a Bad Idea (Propagandhi) Downloadable! Video!
And What Shall You Say?‎ (Joseph Seamon Cotter, Jr.‎)
And When I Die (Laura Nyro) Video!
And When They Ask Us (Joan Littlewood and her Theatre Workshop)
And Why Did Wardell Gray Die? (Richard Marot)
Andorra (Pete Seeger) Video!
Angel Down (Lady Gaga) Video!
Angel of Death (Slayer) Video!
Angel of War (Cat Stevens / Yusuf Islam) Video!
Angel Wings (Langston Hughes) Downloadable! Video!
Angel's Punishment (Lacuna Coil) Video!
Angela (John Lennon) Video!
Angels Calling (Sabaton) Video!
Angels of the mud (Jurassic Rock)
Anger (Ed Billeaud) Downloadable!
Änglarna Kalla (Rx2) Downloadable! Video!
Angola Here I Come (Champion Jack Dupree)
Angry Flames (Karl Jenkins) Video!
Angry Political Song (Evan Greer) Downloadable!
Ani DiFranco: What If No One's Watching (GLI EXTRA DELLE CCG / AWS EXTRAS / LES EXTRAS DES CCG) Video!
Animal (Suzanna Choffel) Video!
Animal in Man (Dead Prez) Video!
Ankthi Im (My Nightmare) (Ritmi i Rrugës) Downloadable!
Anna Lee (Dream Theater) Video!
Anna Mae Aquash (Jim Page) Video!
Anne (Nigel Thomas) Downloadable! Video!
Anne Braden (Flobots) Video!
Anne Devlin (Pete St. John) Video!
Anne Dunn (Tom Neilson) Downloadable!
Annihilation (Crucifix) Video!
Anniversary (Suzanne Vega) Video!
Anniversary of World War III (The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band) Video!
Anonymous (Desaparecidos) Downloadable! Video!
Anonymous (Dan Kennedy)
Another Age (Phil Ochs) Video!
Another Angry Man, He Goes To War (Chinkees) Downloadable! Video!
Another Bag of Bones (Kevin Devine) Video!
Another Brick In The Wall Part I (Pink Floyd) Video!
Another Bush Bites The Dust (Our Earth Music)
Another Day (Lesya Padalko) Video!
Another Day in Paradise (Phil Collins) Video!
Another Hero (Poison Girls) Video!
Another Holy War (Blind Guardian) Video!
Another Imperial Day (New Model Army) Video!
Another Man Done Gone (Vera Hall) Video!
Another Man's Cause (The Levellers) Video!
Another Mother For Peace (Mark Spoelstra)
Another Soldier Died Today (Judith Edwards) Downloadable!
Another Song For Brad Will (Wherever We May Find Him) (Mitchel Cohen)
Another War (Compassionate Conservatives) Downloadable!
Another War Out There (Peter Hicks)
Another World (Antony & The Johnsons) Downloadable! Video!
Ant Man Bee (Captain Beefheart) Video!
Antfarm (Safer With The Wolves) Downloadable!
Anthem (Leonard Cohen) Video!
Anthem (Greta Van Fleet) Video!
Anthem (Ringo Starr) Video!
Anthem for Doomed Youth (10,000 Maniacs) Video!
Anthem For The New Millennium Generation (Anti-Flag) Downloadable!
Anthrax (Kimya Dawson) Downloadable! Video!
Anti Apartheid (Bert Jansch) Video!
Anti Establishment Man (REO Speedwagon) Video!
Anti War Dub (Digital Mystikz) Video!
Anti War Freestyle (Saul Williams) Video!
Anti-Carol (John Pole) Video!
Anti-Glacier Song (Assgasm) Downloadable!
Anti-Homophobe (Brutal Truth) Video!
Anti-Klan (Part One) (The Dicks) Downloadable! Video!
Anti-Nazi (Angelic Upstarts) Downloadable! Video!
Anti-Orgasm (Sonic Youth) Video!
Anti-Pope (The Damned) Video!
Anti-Violent (Anti-Flag) Video!
Anti-War (DIRT) Video!
Anti-War Americans (Fraze) Downloadable!
Anti-War Song (Someone Knows) (Morgan Heritage) Video!
Antifascist (Enraged Minority) Downloadable! Video!
Antinature (McCarthy) Video!
Antislavery Hymn (Anonymous)
Any Bread? (The Young 'uns) Video!
Any King's Shilling (Elvis Costello) Video!
Any Mick'll Do (Brian McNeill) Video!
Anymore (Travis Tritt) Video!
ANZAC Cove (Chloë and Jason Roweth)
Apache Tears (Johnny Cash) Video!
Apartheid (Dave Gwyther) Downloadable! Video!
Apartheid (Peter Tosh) Downloadable! Video!
Apartheid Is Nazism (Alpha Blondy) Video!
Apartheid Stinx (Oi Polloi) Downloadable! Video!
Apathesia (Sonny Flaharty)
Apathy And Ignorance (World Entertainment War) Video!
Apathy at the UN (Electric Shadow) Downloadable!
Apeman (The Kinks) Video!
Apocalypse Please (Muse) Downloadable! Video!
April 2031 (Warrant) Video!
Aqualast (Rover) Video!
Aqualung (Jethro Tull) Video!
Aquarius (Hair (Musical)) Downloadable! Video!
Arabesque (Coldplay) Video!
Aragon Mill (Si Kahn) Video!
Arbour Hill (Declan Hunt) Video!
Architects of the Apocalypse (Heaven Shall Burn) Video!
Architecture Of Aggression (Megadeth) Video!
Archives of Pain (Manic Street Preachers) Video!
Are My Hands Clean? (Sweet Honey in the Rock) Video!
Are They Gonna Make Us Outlaws Again?‎ (James Talley) Video!
Are We a Nation? (Sweet Honey in the Rock) Video!
Are You a Citizen Or Are You a Slave ? (Vic Sadot) Video!
Are You Bombing With Me, Jesus? (Shurli Grant)
Are You Ready For The Country? (Neil Young) Downloadable! Video!
Are You Ready? (Pacific Gas & Electric) Video!
Are You Walking There for Me? (Malvina Reynolds) Video!
Arise (Bob T. Guevara)
Arkansas Grass (Axiom) Downloadable! Video!
Arlington (Trace Adkins) Video!
Arlington '73 (Crass) Video!
Armageddon Days Are Here (Again) (The The) Video!
Armagh (Au Pairs) Video!
Armagideon Time (Willi Williams) Video!
Armalite Rifle (Gang Of Four) Video!
Armenian Persecution (Integrity) Video!
Armenians (Neverhall) Video!
Arms and the Boy (Wilfred Owen) Downloadable!
Arms Race (B.G.K.) Video!
Arms race (The Partisans) Video!
Armstrong sulla luna (Tj DJ)
Army (Katy Carr) Video!
Army (Ben Folds) Downloadable! Video!
Army (Dream Song) (Boiled in Lead)
Army Ants (Tom Waits) Video!
Army Dreamers (Kate Bush) Downloadable! Video!
Army Life (The Exploited) Video!
Army of Children (Bob Gibson) Downloadable! Video!
Army of Lies (The American Crisis Demo) Downloadable!
Army Of None (Rigamortis Tortus) Downloadable!
Army Of The Damned (Pythia) Video!
Army Reserve (Pearl Jam) Video!
Around the World (Neil Young) Video!
Arrange and Rearrange (Pete Seeger) Video!
Arrested in Shanghai (Rancid) Video!
Arrow (Van Der Graaf Generator) Video!
Arrowhead (Richard Shindell) Video!
Art of Culture War (Thought Crime Collective) Downloadable!
Art of Doubt (Metric) Video!
Arthur McBride (Anonymous) Downloadable! Video!
As Before (Wade Farlowe) Downloadable!
As Fascism Takes Root (Behind Enemy Lines) Downloadable! Video!
As Good As Dead (Forbidden) Video!
As I Roved Out (Planxty) Video!
As It Was Ending (Brian Franklin) Video!
As Long As We Can (Pennywise) Video!
As the Sun (the Emperor Is Naked Today-O!) (Pete Seeger) Video!
As Usual (Rob Lincoln) Downloadable! Video!
Asbestosis (Kev Carmody)
Ashcroft's Army (John McCutcheon) Video!
Ashcroft's Favourite Things (Madeleine Begun-Kane)
Ashes In The Fall (Rage Against The Machine) Downloadable! Video!
Ashes in Your Mouth (Megadeth) Video!
Ashes of American Flags (Wilco) Video!
Ashes Of The Wake (Lamb of God) Downloadable! Video!
Ashes to Ashes (Steve Earle) Video!
Asimbonanga (Mandela) (Johnny Clegg & Savuka) Video!
Assaalam Aleykum (Peace Be Upon You) (Daria A. Marmaluk-Hajioannou) Video!
Assange (Meinhoff)
Asylum (Crass) Video!
Asylum (Lita Ford) Video!
Asylum Seeking Daleks! (Attila the Stockbroker) Downloadable!
At 30,000 Ft (Queensrÿche) Downloadable! Video!
At Mail Call Today (Gene Autry) Downloadable! Video!
At My Job (Dead Kennedys) Downloadable! Video!
At Peace With Woman (The Jones Girls) Video!
At the Peace Camp (Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp Songbook)
At the Purchaser's Option (Rhiannon Giddens) Video!
At War ! (Vo.Caliber)
Atheist Peace (Bad Religion) Video!
Atom and Evil (Golden Gate Quartet)
Atomic Bomb Dome (Wartime) Downloadable!
Atomic Energy (Papa I-ya Bonz) Downloadable! Video!
Atomic Energy (Sir Lancelot) Video!
Atomic Garden (Bad Religion) Video!
Atomic Power (Chester et Lester Buchanan) Downloadable! Video!
Atomic Sermon (Billy Hughes & His Rhythm Buckeroos‎) Video!
Atrocities (Antony & The Johnsons) Video!
Atrocity Exhibition (Joy Division) Video!
Attack (Siegfried Sassoon)
Attack (System Of A Down) Downloadable!
Attack Iraq (Adam McNaughtan)
Attack Of The Peacekeepers (Jello Biafra & D.O.A.) Video!
Attero Dominatus (Sabaton) Video!
Attica Blues (Archie Shepp) Downloadable! Video!
Attica State (John Lennon) Video!
Audience Of One (Rise Against) Video!
August 6, 1945 (Black Rain) (Eric Severson) Downloadable!
Aung San Suu Kyi (Jane Birkin) Video!
Aurora (Dark Lunacy) Video!
Aurora Massacre (David Rovics) Downloadable! Video!
Auschwitz (Abimael) Video!
Auschwitz (Winter Family) Video!
Ausgebombt (Sodom) Video!
Austerity Alphabet (Jez Lowe) Video!
Austin Prison (Johnny Cash) Video!
Autobiography of a Pistol (Ellis Paul) Video!
Autumn (Siegfried Sassoon)
Avdei Far'oh (Revolted Masses) Video!
Ave Dreamer (Benjamin Clementine) Video!
Ave Maria (Noa / נוה) Video!
Avondale (Dominic Behan / Doiminic Ó Beacháin) Video!
Awakening Americans (Alanis Morissette) Video!
Away Away (Ibeyi) Video!
Away From Home Soldiers (Helen DeBaker) Downloadable! Video!
Away in Fallujah (Steve Bell)
B-Movie (Gil Scott-Heron) Video!
B.H.S. (Sleaford Mods) Video!
B.O.B. (Bombs Over Baghdad) (OutKast) Video!
B.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own Bombs) (System Of A Down) Downloadable! Video!
BA77 (Onsind) Downloadable! Video!
Baäl (Exuma) Video!
Baba O'Riley (The Who) Video!
Babies In The Mill (Dorsey Dixon) Video!
Baby Boom Ché (John Trudell) Video!
Baby Boy (Rival Sons) Video!
Baby Elián (Manic Street Preachers) Video!
Baby I'm A Soldier (Kareem Salama) Downloadable! Video!
Baby Joined the Army (Ry Cooder) Video!
Baby, I'm an Anarchist! (Against Me!) Video!
BabyLet'sHaveaBabyBeforeBushDoSomethin'Crazy (The Coup) Video!
Babylon Is Fallen! (Henry Clay Work)
Babylon System (Bob Marley) Video!
Babylon was built on fire / starsnostars (Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La-Band) Video!
Babylon's Burning (The Ruts) Video!
Bach and the Sentry (Ivor Gurney)
Back (Wilfrid Wilson Gibson)
Back Alley Surgery (Malvina Reynolds)
Back From Hell (The Vietnam Veterans) Downloadable!
Back From The War (Grave Digger) Video!
Back Home (Blue Scholars) Video!
Back Home In Derry (Christy Moore) Video!
Back in Control (Sabaton) Video!
Back in Flesh (Wall of Voodoo) Video!
Back in the Days (the Flower) (Marco Buono) Downloadable!
Back in Vietnam (Lenny Kravitz) Downloadable! Video!
Back it up (James Blundell) Downloadable! Video!
Back Of The Bus (Madball) Video!
Back To Iraq (GWAR) Video!
Back To The Stones (Roy Harper) Video!
Back to the World (Curtis Mayfield) Video!
Back to the World (Street Dogs) Video!
Back To Vietnam (Television Personalities) Video!
Back Up Against the Wall (Atlanta Rhythm Section) Video!
Backward Rituals (Fokkum) Downloadable! Video!
Bad Company (Bad Company) Video!
Bad Depression Blues (Josh White) Video!
Bad Dream 2009 (Rude Corps) Downloadable!
Bad Man (Loudon Wainwright III) Video!
Bad Moon Rising (Creedence Clearwater Revival) Downloadable! Video!
Bad News (John D. Loudermilk) Video!
Bad News From Swing Street (Gang) Video!
Bad Time Blues (Barbecue Bob) Video!
Bad Town (Operation Ivy) Video!
Badland (Gang) Video!
Badlands (Marty Stuart) Downloadable! Video!
Badstreet USA (Michael Hayes) Video!
Bagdad Chaos (Jean-Pierre Manel)
Bagenal Harvey's Lament (Anonymous) Video!
Baghdad (Offspring) Video!
Baghdad (This Is Amerika) (Baskabi) Video!
Baghdad Blues (Sabena Boys against the War) Downloadable!
Baghdad Blues (Beverly Watkins) Video!
Baghdad Crusade (The Investment) (Dean Omori) Downloadable!
Baghdad Ska (Attila the Stockbroker) Video!
Balance of Terror (D.R.I.) Downloadable! Video!
Balboa Park (Bruce Springsteen) Video!
Baleerie Baloo (Karine Polwart) Video!
Ball and Chain (Marc Carroll) Video!
Ball Of Confusion [That's What The World Is Today] (The Temptations) Video!
Ballad (O What Is That Sound)‎ (W.H. Auden)
Ballad for a Soldier (The Asylum Choir) Video!
Ballad for Bill Moore (Don West)
Ballad for Mike Brown (Marco Chiavistrelli) Video!
Ballad For The Fallen Soldier (The Isley Brothers) Downloadable! Video!
Ballad for the Rich (Flanders & Swann)
Ballad of '84 (Dick Gaughan) Video!
Ballad of a Cluster Bomb (David Rovics) Video!
Ballad Of A Crystal Man (Donovan) Video!
Ballad of a Deadman (White Buffalo) Video!
Ballad of a Hero, or War Music (After Logue) (Kate Tempest) Video!
Ballad of a Well-Known Gun (Elton John) Video!
Ballad of a Wobbly (David Rovics) Video!
Ballad of Accounting (Ewan MacColl) Video!
Ballad of Anne Frank (Johnny McEvoy) Video!
Ballad of Barney Graham (Della Mae Graham)
Ballad of Birmingham (Tim Ryan)
Ballad Of Bobby Sands (Gerry O'Glacain)
Ballad of CeCe McDonald (David Rovics) Video!
Ballad of Cindy Sheehan (Black 47) Video!
Ballad Of Claudy (James Simmons) Video!
Ballad Of Denshaw Mill (Barclay James Harvest) Video!
Ballad Of Donald White (Bob Dylan) Video!
Ballad of Ella Mae (Malvina Reynolds)
Ballad of Gary Rader (Steve Suffet)
Ballad of Hattie Carroll (Don West)
Ballad Of Ho Chi Minh (Ewan MacColl) Downloadable! Video!
Ballad Of Hollis Brown (Bob Dylan) Downloadable! Video!
Ballad of Hurricane Katrina (Evan Greer) Downloadable! Video!
Ballad of Joan Little (New Harmony Sisterhood Band) Downloadable! Video!
Ballad of Johnny Ramensky (Enoch Kent)
Ballad of Lobo, the King of Currumpaw (Emmett Doyle) Downloadable!
Ballad of Martin Luther King (Michael Borkson) Downloadable!
Ballad of Mohammed Atta (Vic Sadot) Downloadable! Video!
Ballad of Norman Brown (Dorothy Hewett)
Ballad Of October 16th (Almanac Singers) Video!
Ballad Of Oxford, Mississippi (Jimmy Meredith) (Phil Ochs) Video!
Ballad of Paul Robeson (Frederick Douglass Kirkpatrick) Downloadable!
Ballad Of Penny Evans (Steve Goodman) Downloadable! Video!
Ballad Of Richard Campos (Barbara Dane) Downloadable! Video!
Ballad of Rush Limbaugh (Nona Hendryx) Video!
Ballad of Saed Bannoura (David Rovics) Downloadable! Video!
Ballad of Sam Mabrey (Bill McAdoo) Downloadable! Video!
Ballad of Sitting Bull (Bob T. Guevara) Downloadable! Video!
Ballad of Sojourner Truth (Frederick Douglass Kirkpatrick) Downloadable! Video!
Ballad of Song My (Mike Millius)
Ballad of Struggle and Being (Ivan Guillaume Cosenza) Video!
Ballad Of The Battle Of The Ballot and the Bullet - Part 1: Ugly Americans (Michelle Shocked) Video!
Ballad of the Black Gold (Reflection Eternal) Video!
Ballad of the Carpenter (Ewan MacColl) Video!
Ballad Of The Cuban Invasion (Phil Ochs) Video!
Ballad of the Deacons (Frederick Douglass Kirkpatrick) Downloadable! Video!
Ballad Of The ERA (Kristin Lems) Downloadable!
Ballad Of The Fort Hood Three (Pete Seeger) Video!
Ballad Of The Green Berets (A Parody) (Anonymous)
Ballad of the Landlord (Langston Hughes)
Ballad of the Skeletons (Allen Ginsberg) Video!
Ballad of the Student Sit-Ins (Guy Carawan) Video!
Ballad Of The Triangle Fire (Ruth Rubin) Video!
Ballad Of The Unknown Soldier (Barbara Dane) Video!
Ballad of Vic Williams (Robb Johnson) Video!
Ballad of William White (Willow Macky) Video!
Ballad of William Worthy (Phil Ochs) Video!
Ballad of Yvonne Johnson (Eliza Gilkyson) Video!
Balls to the Wall (Accept) Video!
Baltimore (Prince) Video!
Band (New Nobility)
Band of the Hand (It's Helltime, Man)‎ (Bob Dylan) Video!
Bandiera Rossa (KUD Idijoti) Video!
Bang Bang (Green Day) Video!
Bang the Drum All Day (Todd Rundgren) Video!
Bang! Bang! (Le Tigre) Video!
Bangla Desh (George Harrison) Video!
Bangladesh (Joan Baez) Video!
Bankrobber (The Clash) Video!
Banks of Marble (Pete Seeger) Video!
Banks of the Nile (Anonymous) Video!
Banner Year (Five Iron Frenzy) Downloadable! Video!
Barack Obama (David Rovics) Downloadable! Video!
Barbados (Rhiannon Giddens, Amythyst Kiah, Leyla McCalla, Allison Russell) Video!
Barbarism Begins at Home (The Smiths) Video!
Barbed Wire Love (Stiff Little Fingers) Video!
Bard of Armagh (Anonymous) Video!
Barrel of Pain (Graham Nash) Video!
Barrel Of the Gun (The Levellers) Video!
Barry Horne (Inner Terrestrials) Video!
Bascom Lamar Lunsford: Jesse James (GLI EXTRA DELLE CCG / AWS EXTRAS / LES EXTRAS DES CCG) Video!
Bastard Landlord (The Pogues) Video!
Bastard MasterCard (Seize The Day) Video!
Bastard Polluter (Atomic Pollution) Downloadable!
Bath, Michigan (Landis MacKellar) Video!
Battalions of Fear (Blind Guardian) Video!
Battalions of Strangers (Fischer-Z) Video!
Battle (Colbie Caillat) Video!
Battle at Little Big Horn (White Lion) Video!
Battle Cry (Thursday's Child) Downloadable!
Battle Hymn of Ronald Reagan (The Fartz) Video!
Battle Hymn of Toil (Covington Hall)
Battle Hymns (The Nightwatchman) Video!
Battle of Blair Mountain (Louise Mosrie) Video!
Battle of Blair Mountain (David Rovics) Downloadable! Video!
Battle of Blair Mountain (Southern Sun)
Battle of Little Big Horn (Eddy Arnold) Downloadable! Video!
Battle Of Maxton Field (Malvina Reynolds) Downloadable! Video!
Battle Of The Beanfield (The Levellers) Video!
Battle of the World (Chinchilla) Video!
Battlefield (Emerson, Lake & Palmer) Video!
Battleship of Maine (New Lost City Ramblers) Video!
Bayou Boy: Prayer for New Orleans (Black Krishna) Downloadable!
Be a Man (The Heptones) Video!
Be All You Can Be (Joe Hartney)
Be at Peace With Yourself (Bill Fay) Video!
Be Deutsch (Jan Böhmermann) Video!
Be Free (J. Cole) Video!
Be Reasonable (Robb Johnson) Downloadable! Video!
Be the Change (the Story of Mahatma Gandhi) (Mc Yogi) Video!
Be the Light (ONE OK ROCK) Video!
Be the Man (The Young 'uns) Video!
Be the Rain (Neil Young) Video!
Be With You (Chumbawamba) Video!
Beach Party At Vietnam (Dead Milkmen) Video!
Beanie for Peace (David Klein & Beanie the Dog) Downloadable! Video!
Beans and Beer (Bob Leslie) Downloadable! Video!
Beans in My Ears (Pete Seeger) Video!
Beans, Bacon and Gravy (Cisco Houston) Downloadable! Video!
Beasts Of No Nation (Fela Kuti) Downloadable!
Beat Street (Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five) Video!
Beat! Beat! Drums!‎ (Walt Whitman) Downloadable! Video!
Beating Me Blues (Jewell Nelson) Video!
Beatles: Here Comes the Sun (GLI EXTRA DELLE CCG / AWS EXTRAS / LES EXTRAS DES CCG) Video!
Beau John (Tom Paxton) Video!
Beautiful Butterfly (Still on the Hill) Downloadable! Video!
Beautiful Fool (Don Henry) Video!
Beautiful Mother (Joanne McDonnell)
Beautiful Rainbow World (Daria A. Marmaluk-Hajioannou) Video!
Beautiful That Way (Noa / נוה) Downloadable! Video!
Beautiful World (Across the border) Video!
Beautiful World (Devo) Video!
Beautiful World (Dean Omori) Downloadable!
Because All Men Are Brothers (Tom Glazer) Video!
Because He Was Only a Tramp (McGee Brothers)
Become a Cadet (Harry Rogers)
Beds are Burning (Midnight Oil) Video!
Been Down the River Too Long (Woody Guthrie)
Been in the Storm So Long (Anonymous) Video!
Been on the Road so Long (Alex Campbell) Video!
Before Ireland Can Go Free (Tri Yann)
Before the Battle (Siegfried Sassoon) Video!
Before the Oil Wells Ran Dry (David Rovics)
Before the Wall (Kyle Craft) Video!
Behind All Walls - A Song For A New Consciousness (Cri) Video!
Behind That Gate (David Rovics) Downloadable! Video!
Behind The Barricades (David Rovics) Downloadable! Video!
Behind The Crooked Cross (Slayer) Video!
Behind The Wall (Tracy Chapman) Video!
Beirut (Blaggers ITA) Video!
Belfast (Elton John) Video!
Belfast (Mägo de Oz) Video!
Belfast '71 (Allan Taylor) Video!
Belfast Child (Simple Minds) Video!
Belfast Shoemaker (Anonymous)
Believed-to-Be-Linked-to-Al-Qaeda? (Tim Janakos & Richie Gill) Downloadable! Video!
Bella Ciao (Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp Songbook)
Bella Ciao (For Peace And Freedom) (Anonymous)
Belleau Wood (Garth Brooks) Video!
Bells of Rhymney (Pete Seeger) Video!
Bells of San Salvador (Bruce Springsteen)
Bells Of War '03 (Dreas) Downloadable!
Bells Over Belfast (The Irish Rovers) Video!
Belt Line Girl (Agnes Cunningham)
Beluthahatchee Bill (Woody Guthrie)
Ben McCulloch (Steve Earle) Video!
Beneath The Remains (Sepultura) Video!
Benny Got Blowed Up (NOFX) Video!
Bentley and Craig (Ralph McTell) Video!
Berlin (Barclay James Harvest) Video!
Berlin (David Rovics) Downloadable!
Berlin (Father, You Should Have Killed Hitler) (Udo Lindenberg) Video!
Berlin Wall (Johnny Clegg & Savuka) Video!
Berliners (Roy Harper) Downloadable! Video!
Best of All Possible Words (Kris Kristofferson) Video!
Best TIP: No TTIP! (The Swipes) Video!
Bethlehem (Ali Hughes) Downloadable!
Better Days (Victoria Monét) Video!
Better Days (Supertramp) Video!
Better Days Are Coming (Jimmy Cliff) Video!
Better Decide Which Side You're On (Tom Robinson Band) Video!
Better Get It Right the First Time (Rhiannon Giddens) Video!
Better Git Yer Learnin’ (Rhiannon Giddens, Amythyst Kiah, Leyla McCalla, Allison Russell) Video!
Better Is Peace (Karl Jenkins) Video!
Better People (Xavier Rudd) Downloadable! Video!
Better Than Saddam (Rob Lincoln) Downloadable!
Better Than Them (New Model Army) Downloadable! Video!
Better Way (Ben Harper) Video!
Better World a-Coming (Woody Guthrie) Video!
Betting on Terror (Tom Neilson) Downloadable!
Between Me, You & Liberation (Common) Video!
Between the Walls (S-cuk Gogs) Downloadable!
Between The Wars (Billy Bragg) Downloadable! Video!
Beyond The Charcoal Graveyard (Peter Hicks)
Beyond the Hills (Kevin Dardis) Video!
Bicentennial Blues (Gil Scott-Heron) Video!
Bid 'Em In! (Oscar Brown, Jr) Video!
Big Blue Ball of War (Nanci Griffith) Video!
Big Boss Man (Jimmy Reed) Video!
Big Brother (Stevie Wonder) Video!
Big Chimney (Richard Thompson) Video!
Big Country Blues (Townes Van Zandt) Video!
Big Exit (PJ Harvey) Video!
Big Foot (Johnny Cash) Video!
Big Foot (Marty Stuart) Downloadable! Video!
Big Joe Blues (Pete Seeger) Video!
Big Man With a Gun (Nine Inch Nails) Video!
Big Nose George (The Self Help Group) Downloadable!
Big Oil (DJ Monkey) Downloadable!
Big Parade (Damanek) Video!
Big Question (T-Bone Slim [Matti Valentin Huhta])
Big Red (Tip & Tinker)
Big Rock Candy Mountain (Harry McClintock) Video!
Big Time Corporate Blues (Mike Stout) Downloadable!
Big Time In The Jungle (Old Crow Medicine Show) Downloadable! Video!
Bigger Cages, Longer Chains (The (International) Noise Conspiracy) Video!
Bigots Scaring Children (Pól Mac Adaim) Video!
Bikindi (Lorne Clarke & Tom Flannery) Downloadable!
Biko (Peter Gabriel) Video!
Biko Drums (Wally Page) Video!
Biko's Kindred Lament (Steel Pulse) Video!
Bilbo Is Dead (Andrew Tibbs) Video!
Bill and I (a Picket Song) (Frank Wardlaw)
Billy (Lou Reed) Video!
Billy Austin (Steve Earle) Video!
Billy Boy (Almanac Singers) Video!
Billy Don't Be A Hero (Paper Lace) Video!
Billy Hughes (Chloë and Jason Roweth)
Bin Laden (Immortal Technique) Downloadable! Video!
Binary (Ani DiFranco) Video!
Biological Speculation (George Clinton and The Funkadelics) Video!
Birds Of Death (Diamanda Galás) Video!
Birds of War (Sabaton) Video!
Birkenau (the Birch Meadow) (Daniel Kahn & The Painted Bird) Video!
Birmingham Six (The Pogues) Video!
Birmingham Sunday (Richard Fariña) Video!
Birth, School, Work, Death (The Godfathers) Video!
Birthday Boy (Pet Shop Boys) Video!
Biscuits And Milo (Daniel Cheong) Downloadable! Video!
Bite The Hand That Feeds You (Electric Shadow) Downloadable!
Bitter Branches (PJ Harvey) Video!
Bitter Fruit (Steven Van Zandt) Video!
Bitter Peace (Slayer) Video!
Black & White (Janis Ian) Video!
Black and White (Ewan MacColl) Video!
Black and White America (Lenny Kravitz) Downloadable! Video!
Black Athena (Almamegretta) Video!
Black Betty (Lead Belly) Downloadable! Video!
Black Boys On Mopeds (Sinéad O’Connor) Video!
Black Christmas (The Harlem Children’s Chorus) Video!
Black Christmas (Poly Styrene) Video!
Black Cross (Hezekiah Jones) (Bob Dylan) Downloadable! Video!
Black Crow (Jamiroquai) Video!
Black Day In July (Gordon Lightfoot) Video!
Black Deaths in Custody (Kev Carmody) Video!
Black Doves (goes out to those left behind in their beds from this war) (Amelia White)
Black Elk Speaks (David Huebner) Downloadable! Video!
Black Eye (Tin Pot Operation) Video!
Black Flag Flying (David Rovics) Video!
Black Gold (Steely James) Downloadable! Video!
Black Gold (Soul Asylum) Video!
Black Gold (Esperanza Spalding) Video!
Black Is the Color (of My True Love's Hair) (GLI EXTRA DELLE CCG / AWS EXTRAS / LES EXTRAS DES CCG) Video!
Black Lung (Hazel Dickens) Video!
Black Lung Blues (Anonymous)
Black Lung Song (Nimrod Workman)
Black Man's Rights (No Fixed Address) Downloadable! Video!
Black Market (Marlene Dietrich) Video!
Black Moon (Emerson, Lake & Palmer) Video!
Black Myself (Rhiannon Giddens, Amythyst Kiah, Leyla McCalla, Allison Russell) Video!
Black Oil (Mandolin' brothers) Video!
Black Panther (Mason Jennings) Video!
Black Pearl (Checkmates, Ltd.) Video!
Black President (Brenda Fassie) Video!
Black Rage (Lauryn Hill) Video!
Black Rain (Ben Harper) Video!
Black Rain (Keane) Video!
Black Rain (Ozzy Osbourne) Video!
Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys (The Equals) Video!
Black Sky (Sam Phillips) Video!
Black Spartacus Heart Attack Machine‎ (The Nightwatchman) Video!
Black Star Line (Portugnol connection) Downloadable! Video!
Black Steel In The Hour of Chaos (Public Enemy) Video!
Black Stitchel (Wilfrid Wilson Gibson) Video!
Black Sunday (Mephistofeles) Video!
Black the Night (God Unlimited) Video!
Black Tie White Noise (David Bowie) Video!
Black Velvet Band (Ewan MacColl) Video!
Black Waters (Jean Ritchie) Video!
Black, Brown and White (Big Bill Broonzy) Video!
Black-White Calypso (Jeremy Taylor) Downloadable! Video!
Blackbird (Beatles) Video!
Blackbirds and Thrushes (Anonymous) Video!
Blackened (Metallica) Video!
Blackfella/Whitefella (Warumpi Band) Video!
Blackleg Miner (Anonymous) Video!
Blackness of the Night (Cat Stevens / Yusuf Islam) Video!
Blame Canada (South Park) Video!
Blank Stare (Sharp Shot) (B.G.K.) Video!
Blantyre Explosion (Christy Moore) Video!
Blasphemy (Covington Hall)
Blast Against Blackguards (or Some Cautionary Verses Against the Vile Villains Who Would Take Freedom From Its Rightful Owners) (Ewan MacColl) Video!
Blasting Through the City (Thievery Corporation) Video!
Bleed For Me (Dead Kennedys) Video!
Bleed From Within (The Music) Video!
Bleed Red (Ronnie Dunn) Video!
Bleeding Hearts (Si Kahn)
Bleeding to Death (Heaven Shall Burn) Video!
Bless the Beasts and Children‎ (Carpenters) Video!
Bless the Ladies (Mama Marjas) Video!
Blessed Are the Land-Mines (Brave Saint Saturn) Video!
Blessed are They Who Bash Your Children's Heads Against A Rock (Dälek) Video!
Blind Man (Charlie Daniels Band) Video!
Blind Curve (Marillion) Downloadable! Video!
Blind Faith (The Levellers) Downloadable! Video!
Blind Faith (The Pop Group) Video!
Blind Fiddler (Eric Andersen) Video!
Blind Willie McTell (Bob Dylan) Video!
Blinded By Rainbows (Rolling Stones) Video!
Blinded By The Right (David & Jenny Heitler-Klevans) Downloadable!
Blink (Blue Scholars) Video!
Bliss (Muse) Video!
Blitzkrieg Baby (You Can't Bomb Me)‎ (Una Mae Carlisle) Video!
Blood (Algiers) Video!
Blood (The Astronauts) Video!
Blood and Bones (Rhiannon Giddens, Amythyst Kiah, Leyla McCalla, Allison Russell) Video!
Blood and Fire (Kobo Town) Downloadable!
Blood And Gold / Mohacs (The Silly Sisters) Video!
Blood Brothers (Foddershock) Downloadable!
Blood Brothers (Iron Maiden) Video!
Blood for Oil (Attila the Stockbroker) Downloadable! Video!
Blood For Oil (Larry Mitchell)
Blood for Oil (Sonic Boom Six) Video!
Blood for Poppies (Garbage) Video!
Blood Is On The Square (Philip Morgan) Downloadable! Video!
Blood Is Thicker Than Oil (Billy Rowan) Downloadable!
Blood Money (Nitzer Ebb) Video!
Blood Money (The Pop Group) Video!
Blood of the Lamb (Woody Guthrie) Video!
Blood of the Sun (Mountain) Video!
Blood On My Hands (The King Blues) Video!
Blood On The Rocks (Mike Stout) Downloadable!
Blood on the Valley Floor (Soundgarden) Video!
Blood On The World's Hands (Iron Maiden) Video!
Blood On Your Hands (Sara Marlowe) Video!
Blood on Your Hands (Primal Fear) Video!
Blood on Your Hands (The Proclaimers) Video!
Blood Quantum (Indigo Girls) Video!
Blood Red (Slayer) Video!
Blood Stained (Judas Priest) Video!
Blood Upon the Risers (Anonymous) Downloadable! Video!
Blood-Red, White & Blue (Rise Against) Video!
Bloodshed In Africa (Alpha Blondy) Video!
Bloodsport For All (Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine) Video!
BloodSports (New Model Army) Video!
Bloody Border (Manu Chao) Video!
Bloody Minds (Bob A. Feldman) Video!
Bloody Revolutions (Crass) Video!
Bloody Sunday (Cruachan) Video!
Bloody Sunday (Stiff Little Fingers) Downloadable! Video!
Blossom And Blood (Midnight Oil) Video!
Blowback (Simple Tools)
Blowback or Bloody Treason (Vic Sadot) Video!
Blowin' in the Wind (Bob Dylan) Video!
Blowin’ Down the Road (I Ain’t Going to Be Treated This Way)‎ (Woody Guthrie) Video!
Blue Diamond Mines (Jean Ritchie) Video!
Blue Murder (Alistair Hulett) Video!
Blue Murder (Tom Robinson Band) Video!
Blue Planet (Donna Lewis) Video!
Blue Sky Mine (Midnight Oil) Video!
Blue Spirit Blues (Bessie Smith) Video!
Blue Tattoo (Joe Crookston) Video!
Blues Around the World (Richard Marot)
Blues for Emmett Till (Aaron Kramer)
Blues for Martin Luther King (Otis Spann) Video!
Blues for Peace (Hairy Larry and The Flying Hungarians) Downloadable! Video!
Boat People (Fred Stanton) Downloadable!
Bob Cooney’s Miracle (The Young 'uns) Video!
Bob Dylan: All Along the Watchtower (GLI EXTRA DELLE CCG / AWS EXTRAS / LES EXTRAS DES CCG) Video!
Bob Dylan: Forever Young (GLI EXTRA DELLE CCG / AWS EXTRAS / LES EXTRAS DES CCG) Downloadable! Video!
Bob Dylan: Subterranean Homesick Blues (GLI EXTRA DELLE CCG / AWS EXTRAS / LES EXTRAS DES CCG) Video!
Bobby Cortez (Jim Page) Video!
Bobby Sands (Polverfolk)
Bobby Sands From Belfast (Anonymous)
Body Count (R.E.M.) Video!
Bodyguard (Steel Pulse) Video!
Boeing 737 (The Low Anthem) Video!
Bogey, Bogey, One Pound Ten (The Chartists) Video!
Bogside Volunteers (Owen McDonagh) Downloadable! Video!
Boikott Israel (Don Martin) Video!
Bold as Brass (Gary Miller) Downloadable! Video!
Bold Marauder (Richard Fariña) Video!
Bom Bom Bom (Living Things) Video!
Bomb Day In Paris (Wayne Kramer) Video!
Bomb Iran (Rachel Stone) Downloadable!
Bomb Iraq (Vennaskond) Video!
Bomb Ourselves (David Rovics) Video!
Bomb The World (Michael Franti & Spearhead) Downloadable! Video!
Bomb Yourself (TV On The Radio) Downloadable! Video!
Bombardier (Harry Rogers) Downloadable! Video!
Bombed Last Night (Anonymous) Video!
Bomber's Moon (Mike Harding) Video!
Bombers (Tubeway Army) Video!
Bombes du Mensonge (Richard Marot)
Bombing for Peace (Keegan McInroe) Downloadable! Video!
Bombing Over Baghdad (Electric Belly Dance) Video!
Bombs (Faithless) Video!
Bombs & Silences (Robb Johnson)
Bombs (End This War) (Golden State) Video!
Bombs Away (Blow Up Hollywood) Downloadable! Video!
Bombs Away (The Police) Video!
Bombs Away (Ratcliff Bailey) Downloadable! Video!
Bombs Away Boys (Red Zelenka)
Bombs Make Terrorists (Dave Gwyther) Downloadable! Video!
Bombs of Peace (Upright Citizens) Video!
Bombs on Fallujah (Vicki Ryder) Video!
Bombs or Bread (Ethan Miller & Kate Boverman) Downloadable! Video!
Bombs Over Baghdad (John Trudell) Video!
Bone Bomb (Brian Eno) Video!
Bone Soldiers (Baby Eagle and the Proud Mothers)
Bone Yard Parade (This Side Of Sanity) Downloadable!
Bones of Saints (Robert Plant) Video!
Boney was a Warrior (Anonymous) Video!
Bonny Woodhall (Andy Irvine) Video!
Bonobo power (CapaRezza) Video!
Bonobo Song (David Rovics) Downloadable! Video!
Boolavogue (Patrick Joseph McCall) Video!
Boom! (System Of A Down) Video!
Boonaroo (Don Henderson)
Boraxo (Malvina Reynolds) Video!
Border Guard (Bruce Springsteen) Video!
Border Song (Elton John) Video!
Border Wars (Sepultura) Video!
Borderline (Chris De Burgh) Video!
Borders Are (Serj Tankian [Serž T'angean] / Սերժ Թանգեան) Video!
Boris Yeltsin (Peter Hicks)
Born Dead (Body Count) Video!
Born Dead (J.B. Lenoir) Video!
Born Fe Rebel (Steel Pulse) Video!
Born Free (M.I.A.) Video!
Born Free (Matt Monro) Video!
Born in a Prison (Yoko Ono) Video!
Born in Chicago (Bruce Hornsby) Video!
Born in East L.A. (Cheech Marin) Video!
Born In The U.S.A. (Bruce Springsteen) Video!
Born in Xixax (Nina Hagen) Video!
Born on the Fourth of July (Tom Paxton) Video!
Born This Way (Lady Gaga) Video!
Born To Die (MDC) Video!
Born to End (Manic Street Preachers) Video!
Born to Follow (Rob Lincoln) Downloadable!
Born To Win (Woody Guthrie)
Born-Again Cretin (Robert Wyatt) Video!
Borneo (Firewater) Video!
Bosko and Admira (Universal Dice)
Bosnia (Cranberries) Video!
Bosnia Tune (Iosif Aleksandrovič Brodskij / Иосиф Алексaндрович Бродский) Video!
Bossmans Bleeding (King Prawn) Video!
Both Sides Of The Gun (Ben Harper) Video!
Botha the Mosquito (Bunny Wailer) Video!
Bottom Of Your Soul (Toto) Video!
Bound for Botany Bay (Anonymous) Video!
Bound for Freedom (Pat Humphries) Video!
Bound For Glory (Phil Ochs) Video!
Bourgeois Blues (Lead Belly) Video!
Boy (Tip & Tinker)
Boy Blue (Electric Light Orchestra) Downloadable! Video!
Boy in Pain (Julie Christensen) Video!
Boy in the Hell (Phonetic Lennys) Downloadable! Video!
Boy Soldier (Johnny Clegg & Savuka) Video!
Boys of Mullaghbawn (Anonymous) Video!
Boys Who Rape (Should All Be Destroyed)‎ (The Raveonettes) Video!
Brad (David Rovics) Downloadable! Video!
Brainwashing Our Fighting Boys (They Might Be Giants)
Brand New Day (Van Morrison) Video!
Brand New Life (Terry Scott)
Branded Man (Merle Haggard) Downloadable! Video!
Brandon (JPNSGRLS) Video!
Brave as a Pigeon (Country For Syria) Downloadable! Video!
Brave New World (Clark Ford) Video!
Brazen Hussies (Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp Songbook)
Bread and Roses (Judy Collins) Downloadable! Video!
Bread and Roses (Martin Whelan) Video!
Break Down the Wall (Creamy Ewok Baggends) Downloadable!
Break the Chain (Tena Clark) Video!
Break The Law (World Entertainment War) Downloadable!
Break the Silence (Doc Jazz) Downloadable!
Break the Silence, Stop the Violence (Anna Fisher) Downloadable! Video!
Breaker (Low) Video!
Breakfast (Wilfrid Wilson Gibson) Video!
Breakfast in Gaza (Coolbox) Video!
Breakfast in Mayfair (Fairport Convention) Video!
Breaking Down the Walls (Richard Thompson)
Breaking the Law (Judas Priest) Video!
Breaking the Silence (Loreena McKennitt) Video!
Breathing (Kate Bush) Video!
Bredon Hill (A. E. Housman)
Breed the Killer (Downset) Video!
Breezes Of Patchulie (Donovan) Downloadable! Video!
Breivik (David Rovics) Downloadable! Video!
Bremen Song (Poison Girls) Video!
Brennan on the Moor (The Clancy Brothers) Video!
Brides for Sale (Sonita Alizadeh) Video!
Bridge For Peace (Foreign Policy) Downloadable!
Bridge of Hope (Lara Fabian) Video!
Brighter Than A Thousand Suns (Iron Maiden) Video!
Brighton Bomb (Angelic Upstarts) Video!
Bring Back Nelson Mandela (Bring Him Home) (Hugh Masekela) Video!
Bring Back The Bomb (GWAR) Video!
Bring Down The Wall (Doc Jazz) Downloadable!
Bring Down the Wall (Piers Faccini) Downloadable! Video!
Bring Him Home (Billy G-III)
Bring On The Lucie (Freeda Peeple) (John Lennon) Video!
Bring Our Brothers Home (The Covered Wagon Musicians) Video!
Bring The Boys Back Home (Pink Floyd) Video!
Bring The Boys Home (Freda Payne) Video!
Bring Them Home (Paddy McGuigan) Video!
Bring Them Home (Chaz Schillinger) Downloadable! Video!
Bring Them Home (Bring Back Our Girls) (Kaliné) Downloadable! Video!
Bring Them Home (If You Love Your Uncle Sam) (Pete Seeger) Downloadable! Video!
Bring Them Home Now (Vicki Ryder) Video!
Bring ‘Em Down (Fairport Convention) Video!
British Bombs (Declan McKenna) Video!
British Colonialism and the Bbc (Chumbawamba) Video!
Broad Old River (Pete Seeger) Video!
Broke And Out of Gas (Ray of De Earth) Downloadable!
Broken Arms (Mr Pity) Downloadable!
Broken Bones (Roger Waters) Video!
Broken English (Marianne Faithfull) Video!
Broken Freedom Song (Kris Kristofferson) Video!
Broken Heroes (Saxon) Video!
Broken Hymns (Dropkick Murphys) Video!
Broken Promise Land (Marty Stuart) Downloadable! Video!
Broken Rainbow (Laura Nyro) Video!
Broken Soldier (The Black Angels) Video!
Bronco Buster Flynn (Joe Hill)
Brother (Ofer Golany / עופר גולני) Downloadable!
Brother Against Brother (L'Âme Immortelle) Video!
Brother In Korea (Lou Osborne)
Brother Is Gone (Ry Cooder) Downloadable! Video!
Brother Louie (Hot Chocolate) Video!
Brother Martin (Nashville Session Players) Downloadable! Video!
Brother My Brother (Blessid Union Of Souls) Video!
Brother Where You Bound (Supertramp) Video!
Brother's Gonna Work It Out (Willie Hutch) Video!
Brother, Can You Spare A Dime? (Harburg & Gorney) Downloadable! Video!
Brother, Did You Weep? (Ewan MacColl) Downloadable! Video!
Brother, Where Are You? (Oscar Brown, Jr) Video!
Brother, Won't You Join In The Line? (Peggy Seeger) Downloadable! Video!
Brotherhood (Santana) Video!
Brothers (Mary Gauthier) Video!
Brothers (Randy Newman) Video!
Brothers and Sisters (Mavis Staples) Video!
Brothers In Arms (Dire Straits) Downloadable! Video!
Brothers Under The Bridge (Bruce Springsteen) Video!
Brown Baby (Nina Simone) Video!
Brown Girl (John D. Loudermilk) Video!
Brown Skin Baby (They Took Me Away) (Bob Randall) Video!
Brown Sugar (Rolling Stones) Video!
Brown-Eyed Children of the Sun (Daniel Valdez) Video!
Brown-Skinned Cow (The Jesters) Downloadable!
Browned Off (Ewan MacColl) Video!
Bruce Springsteen: 57 Channels (and Nothin' On)‎ (GLI EXTRA DELLE CCG / AWS EXTRAS / LES EXTRAS DES CCG) Video!
Bruce Springsteen: Streets of Philadelphia (GLI EXTRA DELLE CCG / AWS EXTRAS / LES EXTRAS DES CCG) Video!
Bruce Springsteen: Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out (GLI EXTRA DELLE CCG / AWS EXTRAS / LES EXTRAS DES CCG) Video!
Brutal (The Mekons) Video!
Bruton Town (Martin Carthy) Video!
Bu$hleaguer (Pearl Jam) Video!
Buddy Won't You Roll Down the Line (Uncle Dave Macon) Video!
Buffalo Holler (Peggy Seeger) Video!
Buffalo Skinners (Anonymous) Video!
Buffalo Soldier (Bob Marley) Downloadable! Video!
Bugger the Bankers (The Austerity Allstars) Video!
Building A Bridge (Gypsy Switch) Downloadable! Video!
Building Bridges (Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp Songbook) Downloadable!
Bullet (David Byrne) Video!
Bullet (Rhymefest) Video!
Bullet In The Head [Bullet In Your Head] (Rage Against The Machine) Downloadable! Video!
Bullet The Blue Sky (U2) Downloadable! Video!
Bulletproof (George Clinton and The Funkadelics) Video!
Bullets Included, No Thought Required‎ (Ignite) Video!
Bullets Of Mexico (Phil Ochs) Downloadable! Video!
Bulls On Parade (Rage Against The Machine) Downloadable! Video!
Bully Boys (Poison Girls) Video!
Bummer (Harry Chapin) Video!
Bunch of Damned Whores (Ted Egan) Video!
Bunker Soldiers (Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark) Downloadable! Video!
Burden Of Shame (UB40) Downloadable!
Burden of the Pacifist (Betrayer) Downloadable! Video!
Burn (Bruce Cockburn) Video!
Burn (Killer Mike) Video!
Burn Again (Latin Quarter) Video!
Burn America Burn (The Levellers) Video!
Burn the Castle (New Model Army) Video!
Burn the Flag (Passion Fodder) Video!
Burn the Witch (Queens of the Stone Age) Video!
Burn the Witch (Radiohead) Video!
Burn The World (Roy Harper) Video!
Burn, Baby, Burn (Bill Frederick) Video!
Burnin' and Lootin'‎ (Bob Marley) Video!
Burning Bush (Seize The Day) Video!
Burning temples (The Vietnam Veterans) Video!
Burning Times (Christy Moore) Video!
Burnsome (The Ex) Video!
Bury Me Deep (Chumbawamba) Video!
Bury Me Far (From My Uniform)‎ (Joe Pug) Video!
Bury My Heart (Risk) Video!
Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee (Luka Bloom) Downloadable! Video!
Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee (Buffy Sainte-Marie) Downloadable! Video!
Bush (Compassionate Conservatives) Downloadable!
Bush & Blair (Life) Video!
Bush And Saddam (Everton Blender) Downloadable! Video!
Bush Can Eat My Bush (Tanya Janca) Video!
Bush Doctor (Peter Tosh) Video!
Bush History Lesson (Les Visible) Downloadable!
Bush It! (Darryl Cherney) Downloadable! Video!
Bush Lies in Bed (Neil Conway) Downloadable!
Bush Must Be Defeated (Dan Bern) Downloadable! Video!
Bush Song (Macklemore) Video!
Bush War Blues (Billy Bragg) Video!
Bush War Shoes (Riccardo Scocciante)
Bushbusters (Our Earth Music)
Bushism (Kai Kreowski)
Bushonomics (Talib Kweli) Video!
Bushwhacked (Tom Chelston) Video!
Business as Usual (Eric Greene)
Business as Usual (ZSK) Video!
Business Goes On As Usual (Fred Hellerman) Video!
Busted (Harlan Howard) Video!
Butcher For Hire (David Rovics) Video!
Butterflies (Ziggy Marley) Video!
Butterfly (Indina Menzel) Video!
Buy a Gun for Your Son (Tom Paxton) Downloadable! Video!
Buy Nothing Day (Chumbawamba) Video!
Buy War Toys For Christmas (Roy Zimmerman) Video!
By and By (Chumbawamba) Video!
By Foot, By Boat, By Train (Bocephus King) Video!
By Memory inspired (Frank Harte) Video!
By the Time I Get to Arizona (Public Enemy) Video!
By The Time They Nuke D.C. (David Rovics) Video!
By the Waters of Babylon (Will Butler) Video!
Bye Bye Badman (Stone Roses) Video!
C For Conscription (Almanac Singers) Downloadable! Video!
C. O. (Mick Terry)
C.I.A. Criminals In Action (Zack De La Rocha) Video!
C.R.A.B. (Cheney, Rumsfeld, Ashcroft & Bush) (Todd Samusson)
Cable Street (The Young 'uns) Video!
Cadaver Pouch Conveyor System (Carcass) Video!
Cadillac Assembly Line (Albert King) Video!
Caesar (Iggy Pop) Video!
Cake Parade (Georgie James) Video!
Cakewalk to Baghdad (Country Joe and The Fish) Video!
Caleb Meyer (Gillian Welch) Video!
Calico Indians (Rasputina) Video!
Calico Skies (Paul McCartney) Downloadable! Video!
California (Joni Mitchell) Video!
California Über Alles (Dead Kennedys) Video!
Call for Peace (Sarah Richardson) Downloadable!
Call It Democracy (Bruce Cockburn) Downloadable! Video!
Call It Freedom (Dick Gaughan) Downloadable! Video!
Call It What It Is (Ben Harper) Video!
Call Me The Whale (Paul Kaplan)
Call To Arms (Ryan Harvey) Downloadable!
Call To Arms (Richard Mills)
Call to Arms (Saxon) Video!
Call to Arms (Sturgill Simpson) Video!
Call to Destruction (NIle) Video!
Calley (Dog Faced Hermans) Video!
Calling All the Children Home (John McCutcheon) Downloadable! Video!
Calling Around the World (Thomas Donovan) Video!
Calling Mumia (Massive Attack) Video!
Calling Steeler Nation (Mike Stout) Downloadable! Video!
Calm Before The Storm (Genocide (Jusuf Džilić)) Downloadable!
Calm Like a Bomb (Rage Against The Machine) Downloadable! Video!
Cambodia (Joan Baez) Video!
Cambodia (Bruce Cockburn)
Cambodia (Kim Wilde) Video!
Camilo (State Radio) Downloadable! Video!
Camp Casey Is Here to Stay (Maioan Person)
Campaigner (Neil Young) Video!
Can Anybody Tell Me Where Osama Has Gone? (Skisics Surus)
Can We Go Higher ? (Nenad Bach) Video!
Can You Blame The Poor Miner? (Maria Dunn) Downloadable! Video!
Can't Find Osama, Bomb Iraq (Anonymous) Video!
Can't Happen Here (Atreyu) Video!
Can't Stop Fighting (Sheer Mag) Video!
Can't Stop It (Liquid Blue) Video!
Can't Stop the One World Order (Steely James) Downloadable!
Can't Take My Eyes Off You (Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons) Video!
Can't Truss It (Public Enemy) Video!
Canción de Alicia en el país (Serú Girán) Video!
Candle For Durruti (Al Grierson) Downloadable! Video!
Candles for Giordano Bruno (Omnium gatherum) Downloadable! Video!
Candy (Albert Wood)
Candyland (Tabitha Elkins) Video!
Candyman (Siouxsie and the Banshees) Video!
Cane Cutter's Lament (Anonymous) Video!
Cannibals (Mark Knopfler) Video!
Cannon Fodder (Laura Veirs) Downloadable! Video!
Cannonball (Story Of The Year) Video!
Cannons (Kaiser Chiefs) Video!
Cannot Buy My Soul (Kev Carmody) Downloadable! Video!
Cans (Rich Minus) Video!
Canzone per Beirut (Eugenio Bennato) Video!
Can’t Pay The Bill (The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band) Video!
CapaRezza: Legalize The Premier (GLI EXTRA DELLE CCG / AWS EXTRAS / LES EXTRAS DES CCG) Video!
Caped Crusader (Jello Biafra) Video!
Capetown (Harry Belafonte) Video!
Capital G (Nine Inch Nails) Video!
Capital Will Kill You (Chris Good)
Capitalism (Sinva) Downloadable!
Capitalism (a Song of Protest) (Clifford Babcock) Video!
Capitalism Kills (Sara Marlowe) Video!
Capitalism Stole My Virginity (The (International) Noise Conspiracy) Video!
Capitalistic Boss (Saul Aarons) Video!
Capitol Air (Allen Ginsberg) Video!
Captain Car, Or Edom O'Gordon (Anonymous) Video!
Captain Kennedy (Neil Young) Video!
Captain Sterling's Little Problem (The Coup) Downloadable! Video!
Captain Swing (Graham Moore) Video!
Captain Walker/ It’s a Boy (The Who) Video!
Captive Song of Mary Queen of Scots (Jean Redpath)
Captured (Malevolent Creation) Video!
Caravan of Love (Isley-Jasper-Isley) Video!
Carbon Monoxide (CAKE) Video!
Cardinal Law (Mick Terry)
Career Opportunities (The Clash) Downloadable! Video!
Carlo Giuliani (Lynched) Video!
Carry Greenham Home (Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp Songbook) Downloadable! Video!
Carry It On (Joan Baez) Downloadable! Video!
Carry the Earth (Trio Joubran / الثلاثي جبران) Video!
Carrying No Cross (U.K.) Video!
Carrying the Coffin (The Young 'uns) Video!
Carving Up the World Again... a wall and not a fence (Robert Plant) Video!
Caryl Chessman (Bill McAdoo) Downloadable! Video!
Casey Jones, the Union Scab (Joe Hill) Video!
Casey Sheehan Didn't Die for Nothing (James Gordon) Video!
Cash/Crash (Sliver) Video!
Casino (Marty Stuart) Video!
Castlebar (Anonymous)
Castles Burning (Savatage) Video!
Casualties Of War (Eric B. & Rakim) Video!
Cat Stevens: If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out (GLI EXTRA DELLE CCG / AWS EXTRAS / LES EXTRAS DES CCG) Video!
Cat's In The Well (Bob Dylan) Video!
Cathedral (Crosby, Stills & Nash) Video!
Cause (Sixto Rodriguez) Video!
Cavatina (Stanley Myers) Video!
CCRAP (Sara Marlowe) Downloadable! Video!
Ce que nous chantions en prison (Clovis Hugues)
Cease Firing (Carlovian Sunset) Downloadable!
Ceasefire (Colum Sands) Video!
Cedars of Lebanon (U2)
Celebration (Fred Stanton)
Celebration Guns (Stars) Video!
Celia (Phil Ochs) Video!
Cellblock Door (Mudcat) Video!
Cenotaph (This Heat) Video!
Censorshit (The Ramones) Video!
Centralia, 1989 (Linda Allen) Downloadable! Video!
Centuries of Pain: the Ballad of Amadou Diallo (Lorcan Otway)
Century Girl (Fred (Iain Campbell) Smith) Downloadable!
Century of the Living Dead (Eval Herz) Downloadable!
Ceremony After a Fire Raid (Dylan Thomas) Video!
Certainly, Lord! (Anonymous) Video!
Cesspool (Atomic Pollution) Downloadable!
Chain Gang (Sam Cooke) Video!
Chain Gang Boun’ (Josh White) Video!
Chain of Fools (Aretha Franklin) Video!
Chain of Keys (PJ Harvey) Video!
Chains (Usher) Video!
Chains of Gold (David Kilpatrick) Downloadable! Video!
Chalabi (Compassionate Conservatives) Downloadable!
Chamber Lye (John Haralson)‎ (Thomas B. Wetmore)
Champion at Keeping Them Rolling (Eric Andersen) Video!
Change (Christina Aguilera) Video!
Change (Mavis Staples) Video!
Change Is Now (The Byrds) Downloadable! Video!
Changes (Joy Denalane) Video!
Changes (Tupac Shakur) Video!
Changes Comin' On (Alabama) Video!
Changing World (Ryan Harvey) Downloadable! Video!
Channel Firing (Thomas Hardy)
Channel Z (B-52’s) Video!
Chant (Sipho Mabuse) Video!
Chant Down Babylon (Feb. 15th) (Ken Tancrus) Downloadable!
Chant Down Greenham (Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp Songbook)
Chaos From Within (Bad Religion) Video!
Chaplain (Lisa Godino) Video!
Chaplain Of The War (Phil Ochs) Video!
Charge (Blow Up Hollywood) Downloadable! Video!
Charity (Citizen Fish) Video!
Charles Windsor (McCarthy) Video!
Charleston Town (Rob Lincoln) Downloadable! Video!
Charlie Birger Time (The Copyrights) Video!
Charlie Boy (Lumineers) Video!
Charlie Chaplin: The final speech from "The Great Dictator" / Il discorso finale da "Il Grande Dittatore" (LA CCG NUMERO 7000 / AWS NUMBER 7000) Video!
Charlie Don't Surf (The Clash) Video!
Chartist Song (Thomas Cooper)
Chartists Anthem (Ben Boucher)
Chastity Belt (Anonymous) Video!
Che (Judy Collins) Video!
Che Guevara T-Shirt (Richard Shindell) Video!
Cheap License to Kill (PaxAmerikana) Downloadable!
Cheap The Bullet (Barclay James Harvest) Video!
Checkpoint (Jasiri X ) Video!
Checkpoint Charlie (Steven Van Zandt) Video!
Chemical Bomb (The Aquabats) Video!
Chemical Warfare (Dead Kennedys) Downloadable! Video!
Chemical Warfare (John Lewis Smith)
Chemtrails (Beck) Video!
Cheney's in the Bunker (Vic Sadot) Downloadable! Video!
Cheney's Toy (James McMurtry) Video!
Chernobyl (Dead Unicorn) Video!
Chernobyl (Kristin Lems) Downloadable! Video!
Cherokee (Europe) Video!
Cherokee Bend (Gordon Lightfoot) Video!
Cherokee Louise (Joni Mitchell) Video!
Cherry Blossom Trees (Rob Lincoln) Video!
Cheshire Cat Cry (Yoko Ono) Video!
Cheyenne Spirit (Edenbridge) Video!
Chicago (We Can Change The World) (Graham Nash) Downloadable! Video!
Chicken Farm (Dead Kennedys) Downloadable! Video!
Chickenhawk (Roy Zimmerman) Video!
Chief Aderholt (Ella Mae Wiggins)
Chienne2Guerre (Le Peuple de l'Herbe) Downloadable! Video!
Child In Time (Deep Purple) Downloadable! Video!
Child in War (West&Coast) Downloadable! Video!
Child of A Fallen Soldier (Den Hollinden)
Child Of The Universe (Barclay James Harvest) Video!
Child of the Universe (Seize The Day) Video!
Child Prisoners (Doc Jazz) Downloadable!
Child Soldier (Funker Vogt) Downloadable! Video!
Childe Waters (Anonymous)
Childhood's End (Pink Floyd) Video!
Children (Frances Rae Key) Downloadable!
Children Are Crying (Johnny Osbourne) Video!
Children Eyes (The Vietnam Veterans) Video!
Children for Flags (Tom McInerney) Downloadable! Video!
Children Of Abraham (Arlo Guthrie) Downloadable! Video!
Children Of Darkness (Richard Fariña) Downloadable! Video!
Children of Gaza (Doc Jazz) Downloadable! Video!
Children Of Jerusalem (David Rovics) Video!
Children Of Kosovo (Kelly Family) Downloadable! Video!
Children Of The Cold War (Dan Bern) Downloadable!
Children of the Cross (Crazy Lixx) Video!
Children Of The Delta (The Covered Wagon Musicians) Video!
Children of the Dole (Tommy Sands) Video!
Children of the Grave (Black Sabbath) Video!
Children of the Nuclear Age (James Jackson Holmes) Downloadable!
Children Of The Revolution (Kirsty MacColl) Video!
Children Of The World (Eileen Penman) Downloadable!
Children Of War (God Of Lies) Video!
Children Of War (Puppy Soldiers) (Mick Terry) Video!
Children's Crusade (Sting) Video!
Children's Crusade, Op. 82 [Der Kinderkreuzzug] (Benjamin Britten) Downloadable! Video!
Children's Poem (Ursula Rucker) Video!
Chile Under Pinochet (Rumble Militia) Video!
Chile Your Waters Run Red Through Soweto (Sweet Honey in the Rock) Downloadable! Video!
Chili TT (Gilles Servat) Video!
Chimes Of Freedom (Bob Dylan) Video!
Chimp In A 3 Piece Suit (The King Blues) Video!
China (Joan Baez) Video!
Chinaman, Laundryman (Ruth Crawford Seeger) Video!
Chocolate City (Parliament) Video!
Chocolate Kings (Premiata Forneria Marconi) Video!
Chodźmy, Partyzanci! (Let's Go Partisans!) (Katy Carr) Video!
Choice of Colors (The Impressions) Video!
Choice of Weapons (Guru) Video!
Cholera Camp (Peter Bellamy) Video!
Choose (Carl Sandburg)
Christ For President (Billy Bragg) Video!
Christian Militia (New Model Army) Video!
Christians At War (John F. Kendrick) Video!
Christians Murdered Indians (Corporate Avenger) Video!
Christians Throwing Stones (Devastation Masters)
Christmas 1914 (Mickey MacConnell) Downloadable! Video!
Christmas 1914 (Keegan McInroe) Downloadable! Video!
Christmas at Ground Zero (Weird Al Yankovic) Video!
Christmas at Home (Webb Pierce) Video!
Christmas Card From a Hooker in Minneapolis (Tom Waits) Video!
Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24) (Savatage) Video!
Christmas In Baghdad (Black Lips) Video!
Christmas In Fallujah (Billy Joel) Downloadable! Video!
Christmas In Fallujah (Jefferson Pepper) Video!
Christmas In Kigali (Lorne Clarke & Tom Flannery) Downloadable!
Christmas In My Soul (Laura Nyro) Video!
Christmas in the Old Man’s Hat (Celtic Tradition) Video!
Christmas In The Trenches (John McCutcheon) Video!
Christmas in Washington (Steve Earle) Video!
Christmas Morning (Loudon Wainwright III) Video!
Christmas Sucks (Porn orchard) Video!
Christmas Time This Year (Ry Cooder) Video!
Christmas With The Yours (Elio e le Storie Tese) Video!
Church and State (MDC) Video!
CIA (State Radio) Video!
CIA Dope Calypso (Allen Ginsberg) Video!
CIA Man (The Fugs) Video!
Cinco minutos con vos (Elvis Costello) Video!
Cindy Sheehan Song (Don't You Cry No More) (Paul Dylin) Video!
Cinnamon Girl (Prince) Video!
Circle of Peace (Ziggy Marley) Video!
Circus Show (Keyon Harrold) Video!
Citizen C.I.A. (Dropkick Murphys) Video!
Citizen of the Planet (Paul Simon) Video!
Citizen Ship (Patti Smith) Video!
City of Chicago (Christy Moore) Video!
City of Gold (Bob Dylan)
City Of Immigrants (Steve Earle) Downloadable! Video!
City Of Lakes (Autorickshaw) Downloadable! Video!
City With No Children (Arcade Fire) Video!
Civil Disobedience (Funk Vigilante) Video!
Civil War (Guns N' Roses) Video!
Civil War (Immortal Technique) Video!
Civil War (Motörhead) Video!
Civil War (Paddy Schmidt)
Civil War Correspondent (PJ Harvey) Video!
Civil War pt. 1 (Avogadro) Downloadable! Video!
Civil War Song (Shel Silverstein) Video!
Civil Wrongs (Frederick Roussel)
Civilian Ways (Rancid) Video!
Civilisation Street (Culture Shock) Video!
Civilize (Luna Sea) Video!
Civilized Men (Don Sechelski) Downloadable!
Clampdown (The Clash) Video!
Clang Bang Bang (the Iron Door) (Charles Manson) Video!
Classified 1A (Cher) Video!
Clay (Goldfrapp) Video!
Clay County Miner (Hazel Dickens) Video!
Clean Monday (Will Butler) Video!
Clean-Cut Kid (Bob Dylan) Video!
Cleaning my gun (Mark Knopfler) Video!
Clear Blue Skies (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young) Video!
Clenching the Fists of Dissent (Machine Head) Video!
Clever Tom Clinch Going to Be Hanged (Jonathan Swift)
Clifford Glover (The Human Condition) Video!
Cliffs of Dover (SEDATIVA) Downloadable! Video!
Cliffs of Gallipoli (Sabaton) Video!
Clinton Got A Blowjob (Eric Schwartz) Video!
Close Your Eyes (and Count to Fuck) (Run The Jewels) Video!
Close Your Eyes and Point Your Finger (The Jesters) Downloadable!
Closure (War Crimes) (Doc Jazz) Downloadable! Video!
Cloth on a Pole (OrionStar) Downloadable!
Clouds again are drawing nearer (Krysztof Daletski) Video!
Club Foot (Kasabian) Video!
Clusterbombs (of peace and love) (Jim Casper)
Coachella - Woodstock in My Mind (Lana Del Rey) Video!
Coal Black Mining Blues (Nimrod Workman) Video!
Coal Creek Troubles (Jilson Setters) Video!
Coal Miner's Blues (The Carter Family) Video!
Coal Miner's Daughter (Loretta Lynn) Video!
Coal Miner's Grave (Hazel Dickens) Video!
Coal Mountain Blues (Sonny Scott) Video!
Coal Not Dole (Norma Waterson) Video!
Coal Owner and Pitman's Wife (Ewan MacColl) Video!
Coal Tattoo (Billy Edd Wheeler) Video!
Coal War (Joshua James) Video!
Coalition of the Willing (John Warner)
Coat of Arms (Sabaton) Video!
Coat of Many Colors (Dolly Parton) Video!
Coca-Colanisation (Chumbawamba) Video!
Cochise (Audioslave) Video!
Coffee An' (Joe Hill)
Coffin for Head of State (Fela Kuti) Video!
Cold and Fake Part I (Mike 3rd) Downloadable!
Cold and Fake Part II (Mike 3rd) Downloadable!
Cold Dead Hand (Jim Carrey) Downloadable! Video!
Cold February (Incredible String Band) Video!
Cold Grey Fairyland (Déanta) Video!
Cold Steel (Nuclear Assault) Downloadable! Video!
Cold War (Barclay James Harvest) Downloadable! Video!
Cold War (Funker Vogt) Video!
Cold War Twist (Rob Lincoln) Downloadable!
Cold Wind (Sara Marlowe) Downloadable!
Collapse (Post-Amerika) (Rise Against) Video!
Collateral Damage (War in Iraq) (Dan Sheehan) Video!
Collateral Damage in Kosovo (John Tomlinson)
Colonial Mentality (Fela Kuti) Video!
Colony (Damien Dempsey) Video!
Color Blind Angel (Robin Rogers) Video!
Colore (A Tea with Alice)
Colors (Ice-T) Video!
Colors of the Wind (Judy Kuhn) Video!
Coloured Bows (Tony Smith) Downloadable!
Columbus Stockade (No Blues) Video!
Columbus Stockade Blues (Tom Darby & Jimmie Tarlton) Video!
Comanche (the Brave Horse) (Johnny Horton) Video!
Combat (Heaven Shall Burn) Video!
Combat Rock (Sleater-Kinney) Video!
Come a Day (Bill Fay) Video!
Come All You Coal Miners (Sarah Ogan Gunning) Downloadable!
Come Away, Melinda (Fred Hellerman) Video!
Come Back Jesus (Alpha Blondy) Video!
Come Back Stronger (Ryan Harvey, Kareem Samara, & Shireen Lilith) Video!
Come Back To Me (Big Country) Video!
Come by Here, Martin Luther King (Kristin Lems) Downloadable! Video!
Come Fi Di Youth (The King Blues) Downloadable! Video!
Come Fill Up Your Glasses (Peggy Seeger) Video!
Come Home (Ethan Miller & Kate Boverman) Downloadable!
Come Home Soon (SHeDAISY) Video!
Come in Out of the Rain (Parliament) Video!
Come Inside (Afterhours) Video!
Come Join the Army Son (Alun Parry) Video!
Come Love Come (Rhiannon Giddens) Video!
Come On Home (Oliver Southgate) Downloadable!
Come on Over to Your Own Side (Matt Jones and Elaine Laron)
Come On Then, Conscript Me! (Paul Spencer)
Come Out (Steve Reich) Video!
Come Out and Play (Keep 'Em Separated) (Offspring) Video!
Come Out Ye Black And Tans (Dominic Behan / Doiminic Ó Beacháin) Video!
Come Sunday (Duke Ellington) Video!
Come The Day (The Seekers) Video!
Come Together (Beatles) Video!
Come una pietra scalciata (Articolo 31) Video!
Come Up From the Fields Father (Walt Whitman) Downloadable! Video!
Come Ye (Nina Simone) Video!
Comets of Kandahar (David Rovics) Downloadable! Video!
Comin' Apart at Every Nail (Neil Young) Video!
Coming Home (John Legend) Video!
Coming Home Again (Jack Knight)
Coming Together (Sam Melville) Video!
Commander (Girlyman) Video!
Comment on War (Langston Hughes)
Commodicide (Mudcat) Video!
Common Ground (I.Q.)
Communist aulabi (Communist Is Coming) (Anonymous)
Como estais amigos (Iron Maiden) Video!
Company Policy (Martin Carthy)
Compared To What (Eugene McDaniels) Downloadable! Video!
Complaint in the System (Veronica Guerin) (Savatage) Video!
Complicated Situation (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club) Video!
Compulsory Hero (1927) Video!
Concentration Moon (Frank Zappa) Video!
Conchiglie (Massimo Liberatori) Video!
Concrete Angel (Martina McBride) Video!
Concrete Malformation (Stone) Video!
Condamnés (Graeme Allwright) Video!
Condi, Condi (Steve Earle) Downloadable! Video!
Condoleezza (Peter Kastner)
Confession (Lorne Clarke & Tom Flannery)
Confessions of an Economic Hit Man (Anti-Flag) Video!
Confrontation (Otep) Video!
Congratulations (You Sure Made a Man Out of Him) (Arlene Harden) Downloadable! Video!
Conquistador (Procol Harum) Video!
Conquistadors (Afghanistan) Downloadable!
Conscientious Aggressor (Mark Spoelstra)
Conscientious Objector (I Shall Die) (Mary Travers) Video!
Conscription of Wealth! (Tony Smith) Downloadable!
Conspiracy of Hate (Tank)
Conspiracy of Silence (John Kasper)
Conspiracy Theory (Steve Earle) Video!
Constantine's Dream (Patti Smith) Video!
Constellation Blues (The Wallflowers) Video!
Constitution blues (Tuesdays robot)
Consumerism (Ari Lesser) Video!
Contempt Breeds Contamination (Trivium) Video!
Context (Blackfire) Downloadable! Video!
Continuing War on Stupidity (Napalm Death) Video!
Contraband Now (Frank Wardlaw)
Contras, Kings And Generals (David Rovics) Video!
Conversation Peace (Stevie Wonder) Video!
Convoy (C.W. McCall) Video!
Cookhouse (Anonymous) Downloadable!
Cool Disposition (Arthur 'Big Boy' Crudup) Video!
Copii Romania (Barclay James Harvest) Video!
Copperhead Road (Steve Earle) Downloadable! Video!
Cops of the World (Ryan Harvey) Downloadable! Video!
Cops Of The World (Phil Ochs) Video!
Cops Pigs Murderers (Karysun) Downloadable! Video!
Corbeaux Following (Kobo Town) Downloadable! Video!
Cordova (David Rovics) Downloadable! Video!
Corporal Clegg (Pink Floyd) Downloadable! Video!
Corporate Cannibal (Grace Jones) Video!
Corporation Offenders (Counter Flow)
Corpse #564 (Mick Harvey & Christopher Richard Barker) Downloadable!
Cortez The Killer (Neil Young) Downloadable! Video!
Cotton Fields (Lead Belly) Video!
Cotton Mill Colic (Dave McCarn) Video!
Could You Please Oblige Us With A Bren Gun? (Noël Coward) Downloadable! Video!
Countdown to Zero (Asia) Video!
Counterstrike (Sabaton) Video!
Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rhythm Of The War Drums (A Perfect Circle) Video!
Counting The Dead (Ryan Harvey) Downloadable!
Country Boy (Chris Busby) Downloadable! Video!
Countrycide (Alvin Youngblood Hart) Video!
Courage to Resist (Vic Sadot) Downloadable! Video!
Cover Stories. An Album to Benefit War Child (Brandi Carlile) Video!
Coward of the County (Kenny Rogers) Video!
Cowboy On The Run (Quicksilver Messenger Service) Video!
Cowboys (Portishead) Video!
Cowper Wharf (Phyl Lobl) Downloadable!
Coyote, My Little Brother (Peter La Farge) Downloadable! Video!
Cradle of Civilization (Lowkey) Downloadable! Video!
Cranes over Hiroshima (Fred Small) Video!
Crash! Bang! I Want to Go Home (or the Black-Out Song) (Gracie Fields)
Crawling (Linkin Park) Video!
Crazy Baldheads (Bob Marley) Video!
Crazy Governments (Conflict) Video!
Crazy Horse (Miles Beyond) Downloadable! Video!
Crazy Horse (John Trudell) Video!
Crazy Life (Toad The Wet Sprocket) Video!
Crazy Train (Ozzy Osbourne) Video!
Crazy World (Lucky Dube) Video!
Crazyman Dance (George Michael) Video!
Creek Mary's Blood (Nightwish) Video!
Creepin' (Grand Funk Railroad) Video!
Cries of Help (Discharge) Video!
Crime to Be Broke in America (Michael Franti & Spearhead) Video!
Crime's Shelter (Richard Marot)
Crimes (Alan Stivell) Video!
Criminals (Uncle Tupelo) Video!
Cripple Crow (Devendra Banhart) Video!
Crisi (Jaka) Video!
Crisis (Anohni) Video!
Crisis (Bob Marley) Video!
Crisis (Spanner) Video!
Cropduster (Pearl Jam) Video!
Crossbone Skully (Aunt Molly Jackson)
Crossfire (Scorpions) Video!
Crossroads (Roger Lucey) Downloadable! Video!
Cruel Slavery Days (Fields Ward & His Buck Mountain Band) Video!
Cruel War (Peter, Paul and Mary) Downloadable! Video!
Cruel Willie (or Willie Duncan) (Howdy Forrester)
Cruel World (Seeb & Skip Marley) Video!
Cruell Farewell (Cloud) Downloadable!
Cruise (David Gilmour) Video!
Cruise Missiles (Fischer-Z) Video!
Crusade (Voltaire) Video!
Crusader (Babylon Mystery Orchestra)
Cry Cry (Grant-Lee Phillips) Video!
Cry for Freedom (Helloween) Video!
Cry Freedom (Dave Matthews Band) Video!
Cry Murder! (The Men of No Property) Video!
Cry of My People (Cal Massey) Video!
Cryin' In The Streets (George Perkins & The Silver Stars) Video!
Cryin' Shame (Donovan) Video!
Cryin' Who? Cryin' You! (Part I & II) (Josh White) Downloadable!
Crying Shame (Jack Johnson) Video!
Crystal Blue Persuasion (Tommy James & The Shondells) Downloadable! Video!
Crystal Eastman (Mike Stout) Downloadable!
Crystal Night (Masterplan) Video!
Cuba (Bill McAdoo) Downloadable! Video!
Cuban Missile Crisis (Bob Dylan) Video!
Cuddle (Against the War) (Nancy Nicolson)
Cul-De-Sac Conquistadors (Ryan Harvey) Downloadable! Video!
Culloden's Harvest (Alastair McDonald) Video!
Cult (Slayer) Video!
Cult of Personality (Living Colour) Video!
Culture of Fear (Thievery Corporation) Video!
Culturecide (Primal Scream) Video!
Curse You, Salem (Wolf) Video!
Custer (Peter La Farge) Video!
Custer (Susan's Room)
Custer Died for Your Sins (Floyd "Red Crow" Westerman) Video!
Custer Got His... (Anti-Custer Song) (S-cuk Gogs) Downloadable!
Custer's Blues (The Waterboys) Video!
Cut-Price Hero (Ewan MacColl) Video!
Cuyahoga (R.E.M.) Video!
Cycle of Violence (Behind Enemy Lines) Video!
Cyclone (Upright Citizens) Downloadable! Video!
Cygnet Committee (David Bowie) Video!
Cynicism Or Truth (Dean Omori) Downloadable!
Czechoslovakia (Julie Driscoll) Video!
D.I.Y. (The Proclaimers) Video!
Da Capo (Emilíana Torrini Daviðsdóttir) Video!
Da Do Ron Ron (Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp Songbook)
Da-Da: War is On (If The War is On Then The Head is Off) (Charles Tyler) Downloadable!
Dachau Blues (Captain Beefheart) Video!
Dad (Nomeansno) Video!
Dad's Gonna Kill Me (Richard Thompson) Video!
Daddy (Korn) Video!
Daddy What Did You Do in the Strike?‎ (Ewan MacColl) Video!
Daddy Won't Be Home Anymore (Dolly Parton) Video!
Daddy's Li’l Girl (Bikini Kill) Video!
Dade County Jail (Fred Neil) Video!
Dade’s Massacre (Will McLean) Video!
Daily News (Tom Paxton) Video!
Dakota Sunset (Big Country)
Dale Farm (Jack Warshaw) Downloadable!
Dalton Trumbo: Johnny Got His Gun / E Johnny prese il fucile. Page 250 / Pagina 250. (LA CCG NUMERO 10000 / AWS NUMBER 10000 - 6 dicembre 2009 - December 6, 2009) Video!
Dambala (Exuma) Video!
Damien Rice: Eskimo (GLI EXTRA DELLE CCG / AWS EXTRAS / LES EXTRAS DES CCG) Downloadable! Video!
Damn Nam (Ain't Going To Vietnam) (Leon Thomas) Video!
Damn Redskins (Peter La Farge) Video!
Damn That Valley (U.S. Girls) Video!
Damned Era (Doom Wheel)
Damned Religion (Artillery) Video!
Dan O'Hara (Delia Murphy) Downloadable! Video!
Dance Around My Atom Fire (Woody Guthrie) Video!
Dance Me to the End of Love (Leonard Cohen) Video!
Dance of Electricity (for Nikola Tesla) (Laurie Anderson) Video!
Dances of Resistance (Babylon Circus) Video!
Dancing at Whitsun (Shirley Collins) Downloadable! Video!
Dancing in a Hurricane (Epica) Video!
Dancing in Survival (Shawn Phillips) Video!
Dancing in the Street (Martha and the Vandellas) Video!
Dancing On The Berlin Wall (Rational Youth) Video!
Dancing With Tears in My Eyes (Ultravox) Video!
Dandelions (Steve O'Donoghue) Video!
Danger Danger (Janis Ian) Video!
Danger Line (Avenged Sevenfold) Video!
Dangerous Beauty (Rolling Stones) Video!
Dangerous Dave (Spirogyra) Downloadable! Video!
Dangerous Dreams (Fred Stanton) Downloadable!
Dangerous Night (David Crosby) Video!
Daniel (Elton John) Video!
Danny Boy (Frederick Weatherly) Downloadable! Video!
Danny Deever (Rudyard Kipling) Video!
Darfur (Tom Flannery)
Darfur: The Song Of Adam (Adam)
Daring to Speak (Sharleen Leahey) Downloadable! Video!
Dark Ages (World Entertainment War) Downloadable!
Dark and Bloody Ground (Joe Grushecky) Video!
Dark As A Dungeon (Merle Travis) Video!
Dark Corners of Your Mind (Genaro) Video!
Dark Days (Wade Farlowe) Downloadable!
Dark Days (The Slow Death) Video!
Dark Horse on the Wind (Liam Weldon) Downloadable! Video!
Dark Side of the Sun (Tori Amos) Video!
Dark Time in the Revolution (Laurie Anderson) Video!
Dark-Eyed Daughter (Phyl Lobl) Downloadable! Video!
Darker Than A Shadow (Terry Callier) Downloadable! Video!
Darkness, Darkness (The Youngbloods) Video!
Darlin' Be Home Soon (The Lovin' Spoonful) Video!
Darling Betsy Gray (Anonymous) Video!
Daughters and Sons (Tommy Sands) Downloadable! Video!
Daughters of the Taliban (Peter Hicks)
Daughterson (Coyote Grace) Video!
David Guest (The Young 'uns) Video!
Day After Tomorrow (Tom Waits) Video!
Day Is Done (Ryan Bingham) Video!
Day Is Done (Peter, Paul and Mary) Video!
Daybreak (Stone Roses) Video!
Daybreak in Alabama (Langston Hughes) Video!
Daylight Again (Crosby, Stills & Nash) Video!
Days Of Decision (Phil Ochs) Video!
Days of Fire (Nitin Sawhney) Downloadable! Video!
Days of the Theocracy (Kristin Lems) Downloadable! Video!
Days of Wonder (The Wallflowers) Video!
Days That Used to Be (Neil Young) Video!
De Profundis (Oscar Wilde) Downloadable! Video!
Dead American (Lars Frederiksen & The Bastards) Video!
Dead Blood (Upright Citizens) Video!
Dead Cities of Syria (Virus) Video!
Dead End Street (The Kinks) Video!
Dead Iraqis (George Mann)
Dead Kennedys: Religious Vomit (GLI EXTRA DELLE CCG / AWS EXTRAS / LES EXTRAS DES CCG) Video!
Dead Man Walkin' (Bruce Springsteen) Video!
Dead Man's Boots (Sting) Video!
Dead Man's Dump (Isaac Rosenberg)
Dead Man, Dead Man (Bob Dylan) Video!
Dead Nation (Useless Eaters) Downloadable!
Dead Nigga Blvd. (Pt. 1)‎ (Meshell Ndegeocello) Video!
Dead President$ (Sliver) Video!
Dead Soldier's Prayer (Sandro Tskitišvili / Сандро Цкитишвили) Downloadable!
Dead Soldiers’ Wives Don’t Dance (Bill Adair) Video!
Dead Yankee Drawl (Manic Street Preachers) Video!
Deadly Skies (Hüsker Dü) Video!
Dear America (N.EX.T) Video!
Dear Darcy (Joshua James) Video!
Dear Diary (Moody Blues) Video!
Dear Diary (Tom Paxton) Video!
Dear England (Lowkey) Video!
Dear God (XTC) Video!
Dear Mr. Bush (Ralph Buckley) Downloadable! Video!
Dear Mr. Kissinger (Bee Gees) Video!
Dear Mr. Man (Prince) Video!
Dear Mr. President (Pink) Video!
Dear Mr. President (The S.T.O.P. Movement) Video!
Dear Uncle Sam (Loretta Lynn) Video!
Dear Uncle Sam (Colum Sands) Video!
Death (White Lies)
Death & Destruction (Ministry) Video!
Death 'n' Glory Boys (Ian Hunter) Video!
Death Before Revenge (Pangur Bán) Video!
Death come easy (Harvey Andrews) Video!
Death Dealers (Discharge) Video!
Death Doesn't Care (No Use For A Name) Video!
Death Is a Star (The Clash) Video!
Death Is Imminent (Broken Bones) Downloadable! Video!
Death March (Black Label Society) Video!
Death March (Immortal Technique) Video!
Death Of A Soldier (Ron Trueman-Border)
Death of Ben Hall (Gary Shearston) Video!
Death of Ellenton (The Johnson Family Singers) Video!
Death Of Martin Luther King (Champion Jack Dupree) Video!
Death of Medgar Evers (Tom Paxton)
Death Of Mother Jones (David Rovics)
Death of Mother Nature Suite (Kansas) Video!
Death or Glory (Motörhead) Video!
Death Or Life We Want You (The Dears) Video!
Death Row (Judas Priest) Video!
Death to My Hometown (Bruce Springsteen) Video!
Death Toll (The Casualties) Video!
Death Toll (Electric Shadow) Downloadable! Video!
Death Train Blues (Anonymous)
Decades (Joy Division)
Declaration Of Rights (The Abyssinians) Video!
Declaration Of War (Ethan Miller & Kate Boverman) Downloadable! Video!
Declare Guerre Nucleaire (The Hives) Video!
Declare Independence (Björk) Video!
Declaring Peace (Danbert Nobacon)
Deep Blue Sea (Anonymous) Downloadable!
Deep Blue Sea (Pete Seeger) Video!
Deeply Ordered Chaos (The Cult) Video!
Deer Dance (System Of A Down) Downloadable! Video!
Defense Factory Blues (Josh White) Video!
Deify (Disturbed) Video!
Deir Ez-Zor (Lucia Moon) Video!
Déjà vu (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young) Video!
Déjà Vu (Roger Waters) Video!
Deja Vu (All Over Again) (John Fogerty) Downloadable! Video!
DeKalb Chain Gang (Fred McMullen) Video!
Deliverance Will Come (Dennis Brown) Video!
Demagogue (Franz Ferdinand) Video!
Democracy (Art Bears) Video!
Democracy (Leonard Cohen) Downloadable! Video!
Democracy (Langston Hughes)
Democracy (Rev1)
Democracy (Or Lack Thereof) (Lisa Rein) Downloadable!
Democracy Coma (Manic Street Preachers) Downloadable! Video!
Democratic Way (Laurie Anderson) Video!
Democrats Are Guilty Too! (Ryan Harvey)
Denmark 1943 (David Rovics) Downloadable! Video!
Denmark 1943 (Fred Small) Video!
Depleted Uranium Is A Warcrime (Anti-Flag) Video!
Depleted Uranium Is Nuclear War (Mike Stout) Downloadable!
Depleted Uranium Story (Corneilius) Downloadable!
Deportees (Woody Guthrie) Downloadable! Video!
Depression (Agron Belica) Downloadable! Video!
Depreston (Courtney Barnett) Video!
Der Fuehrer's Face (Spike Jones & His City Slickers) Video!
Derek Bentley (Ewan MacColl) Video!
Derry Streets (Summerfly)
Desaparecidos (Diskarte Namin) Downloadable! Video!
Desert Sunrise (Beltaine's Fire) Video!
Desert! (Bulldozer) Video!
Deserter (The Great Constantini) Downloadable!
Deserter's Song (Blackout Beach) Video!
Deserter's Song (Mean Lawyers) Video!
Déserteur (Melissmell) Video!
Deus Ibi Est (Isobel Campbell) Video!
Deuteronomy: Niggerman (Meshell Ndegeocello) Video!
Devil In The Business Class (Emir Kusturica & The No Smoking Orchestra) Video!
Devil's Arcade (Bruce Springsteen) Video!
Devils & Dust (Bruce Springsteen) Downloadable! Video!
Devol’s Last Farewel (Containing an Account of Many Frolicksom Intriegues and Notorious ‎Robberies Which He Committed: Concluding With His Mournful Lamentation, on the Day of His ‎Death.)‎ (Anonymous)
Di Eagle an' di Bear (Linton Kwesi Johnson) Video!
Di pane di vino la vita (Crifiu)
Dialectic (Malvina Reynolds) Downloadable! Video!
Diallo (Wyclef Jean) Video!
Dialogue [Part II] (Chicago) Downloadable! Video!
Dialogue [Part I] (Chicago) Video!
Diamond Joe (Harry Belafonte) Downloadable! Video!
Diamond Mountain (Luka Bloom) Video!
Diamonds Of Anger (Fred Small) Video!
Diamonds of Sierra Leone (Kanye West) Downloadable! Video!
Diary of Anne Frank (RusselInCountry) Downloadable!
Dictator (The Clash) Video!
Dictatorship of Capital (Alistair Hulett) Video!
Dictatorshit (Sepultura) Video!
Did You Hear What They Said? (Gil Scott-Heron) Video!
Did You Know? (Malvina Reynolds)
Did You Like The Battle, Sir? (John Richards) Video!
Didn't We (Jim Page) Video!
Didn't You Mean to Say (Holly Near)
Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel? (Paul Robeson) Video!
Die for B.P. (Oi Polloi) Video!
Die For Me (TSOL) Video!
Die for Oil, Sucker! (Jello Biafra) Downloadable!
Die For Your Government (The Varukers) Video!
Die Hard the Hunter (Def Leppard) Video!
Die Like A Dog (Curve) Video!
Die Nigga!!! (The Last Poets) Video!
Die to Defend Chevron (Bob A. Feldman) Video!
Different (Burna Boy) Video!
Different Drum (Dick Gaughan) Video!
Different Trains (Steve Reich) Video!
Dig A Hole In The Ground (Fred Small) Video!
Dig for Victory (Public Service Broadcasting) Video!
Digging Coal (Bill Adair) Video!
Dim Prospects (The Living Fields) Downloadable!
Ding Dong Dollar (Glasgow Song Guild) Downloadable! Video!
Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead (Judy Garland) Video!
Direction of the Wind (Ryan Bingham) Downloadable! Video!
Dirty Blvd.‎ (Lou Reed) Video!
Dirty Dollar (Kev Carmody)
Dirty Harry (Gorillaz) Downloadable! Video!
Dirty Old Town (Ewan MacColl) Downloadable! Video!
Dirty Work (Poison Girls) Video!
Disarm or Die (Political Asylum) Video!
Disarmament (Dan Bern)
Disaster At The Mannington Mine (Hazel Dickens) Downloadable! Video!
Discipline (Rational Thought Neglect) Downloadable!
Disinformation (Buffy Sainte-Marie) Video!
Disposable Heroes (Metallica) Video!
Disraeli's Problem (Spirogyra) Video!
Distant Drums (Roy Orbison) Video!
Distant Drums (The Vietnam Veterans) Video!
Distant Early Warning (Rush) Video!
Distant Shore (Billy Bragg) Video!
Distant Shore (Robert Cray) Video!
Dives and Lazarus (Alex Comfort)
Divide and Conquer (Epica) Video!
Divide And Conquer (Hüsker Dü) Video!
Divide and Conquer (Malevolent Creation) Video!
Divide and Conquer (Yellow Pearl) Downloadable! Video!
Dividing You (Daniel Gannaway) Video!
Do as the Doukhobors Do (Malvina Reynolds) Video!
Do it Like a G.O. (Geto Boys) Video!
Do Or Die (Dropkick Murphys) Downloadable! Video!
Do Re Mi (Woody Guthrie) Video!
Do The Evolution (Pearl Jam) Video!
Do They Know It's Christmas? (Band Aid) Video!
Do You Ever Wonder? (Lorne Clarke & Tom Flannery) Downloadable!
Do You Hear Me Now?‎ (Bert Jansch) Video!
Do You Hear What I Hear? (Noël Regney) Video!
Do You Remember The Riots? (Jens Lekman) Video!
Do You See My Skin Through the Flames? (Blood Orange) Video!
Do You Want To Start A War? (Frenzal Rhomb)
Doctor Tell The World (Doc Jazz) Downloadable!
Doctor, My Eyes (Jackson Browne) Video!
Doctrines Outdated (Tossers) Downloadable!
Dodgin' the Draft (Allan Sherman) Video!
Does Anybody Know I'm Here? (The Dells) Video!
Does Anybody Out There Even Care?‎ (Lenny Kravitz) Video!
Does Anyone Know Where the March Is?‎ (The Newtown Neurotics) Video!
Doesn't Anybody Know My Name (Rod McKuen) Video!
Doesn't Make It Alright (The Specials) Video!
Doesn't Matter Anyway (Savatage) Video!
Doesn't Remind Me (Audioslave) Video!
Dog of the System (Atomic Pollution) Downloadable! Video!
Doggone, Occupation Is On (Peggy Seeger) Downloadable! Video!
Dogs (Pink Floyd) Video!
Dogs at Midnight (Tom Paxton) Video!
Dogs Of War (The Exploited) Downloadable! Video!
Dogs of War (Jon Harflett & John Perkins) Video!
Dogs Of War (Saxon) Video!
Doin' All Right (The Fugs) Video!
Dollar A Day (Ryan Bingham) Video!
Dollar, Dollar (PJ Harvey) Video!
Dollars And Cents (Radiohead) Downloadable! Video!
Domestic Terror (Tony Smith) Downloadable!
Domination (Nora Roman and the Border Busters) Downloadable! Video!
Dominion (Latin Quarter) Video!
Domino (Genesis) Video!
Don Quixote (Nik Kershaw) Video!
Don' Let Yo' Watch Run Down (Anonymous)
Don't Misunderestimate Me! (Vicki Ryder) Video!
Don't Obey (Scott Ainslie) Downloadable! Video!
Don't Ask (Bernard Carney)
Don't Be a Hero (Anna Lang) Downloadable!
Don't Beat the Girl Out of My Boy (Anna Calvi) Video!
Don't Bomb When You're the Bomb (Blur) Video!
Don't Burn It (Barons) Video!
Don't Burn the Witch (Oi Polloi) Downloadable! Video!
Don't Call It Zuccotti, Call It Liberty (Anti-Flag)
Don't Call Me Buckwheat (Garland Jeffreys) Video!
Don't Close Your Eyes (Graziano Romani) Video!
Don't Come Crying to Me (Lorne Clarke & Tom Flannery)
Don't Come Home a' Drinkin' (With Lovin' on Your Mind)‎ (Loretta Lynn) Video!
Don't Cry (the Breakup of the World) (Sandra Cretu) Video!
Don't Cry My Love (The Impressions) Video!
Don't Dance (Warrick Sony)
Don't Die a Martyr for Me (Dawnstar) Video!
Don't Drag Me Down (Social Distortion) Video!
Don't drop that bomb on me (Bryan Adams) Video!
Don't ever cry (Put) Video!
Don't Ever Take Away My Freedom (Peter, Paul and Mary) Video!
Don't Fall In (Kate Tempest) Video!
Don't Forget The Guns (Cheryl Wheeler) Video!
Don't Get Me Started (Rodney Crowell) Video!
Don't Give Up (Peter Gabriel) Video!
Don't Give Up (Noisettes) Video!
Don't Go (Cosmo's Dad) Downloadable!
Don't Go Near the Water (Beach Boys) Video!
Don't Kill the Whale (Yes) Video!
Don't Learn War (Guy Michetti) Video!
Don't Let Daddy Kiss Me (Motörhead) Video!
Don't Let It Bring You Down (Neil Young) Video!
Don't Let The Bastards (Get You Down) (Kris Kristofferson) Video!
Don't Lie to Me (Barbra Streisand) Video!
Don't Look Back In Anger (Oasis) Video!
Don't Make Me a Target (Spoon) Video!
Don't Say (Almamegretta) Downloadable! Video!
Don't Sleep at the Palestine Hotel (Paul Henry Dallaire) Downloadable! Video!
Don't Take My Darling Boy Away (Will Dillon) Downloadable!
Don't Take My Papa Away From Me (Joe Hill) Video!
Don't Take Your Guns To Town (Johnny Cash) Downloadable! Video!
Don't Talk to Me About Work (Lou Reed) Video!
Don't Tell Me You Care (Crass) Video!
Don't Think Twice (John Kasper) Downloadable!
Don't Wake The Lion (Too Old To Die Young) (Magnum) Downloadable!
Don't Wanna Give That Up (for the Miners in Chile) (Rich Green) Downloadable!
Don't Want No Gun (The Fartz) Video!
Don't You Go (John Martyn) Video!
Don't You Push Me Down (Woody Guthrie) Video!
Don't You Think This Outlaw Bit's Done Got Out of Hand (Waylon Jennings) Video!
Don't You Wish It Was True (John Fogerty) Video!
Donald Rumsfeld (Skisics Surus)
Donald Trump Makes Me Wanna Smoke Crack (Daniel Ledinsky) Video!
Dondestan (Robert Wyatt) Video!
Done With Bonaparte (Mark Knopfler) Video!
Don’t Call Me Nigger, Whitey (Sly and the Family Stone) Video!
Don’t Kill My Baby and My Son (Woody Guthrie) Video!
Don’t Let My Marigolds Die (Bill Fay) Video!
Don’t Say It So Slow (Mark Spoelstra) Downloadable! Video!
Don’t Shoot (The Game) Video!
Don’t Sign Up for War (Alistair Hulett) Video!
Don’t Speak (I Come to Make a BANG!) (Eagles of Death Metal) Video!
Don’t Volunteer (Song of Maria) (Harry Rogers)
Don’t Wanna Fight (Alabama Shakes) Video!
Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker) (Rolling Stones) Video!
Doom and Gloom (Rolling Stones) Video!
Doomsday Clock (Smashing Pumpkins) Video!
Doubleplusgood (Eurythmics) Video!
Dover Beach (The Fugs) Downloadable! Video!
Dover, Delaware (Jez Lowe) Downloadable! Video!
Down (Bindi Blacher)
Down and Out In Paradise (John Mellencamp) Video!
Down By The Riverside (Anonymous) Video!
Down for Some Ignorance (Saul Williams) Video!
Down in Mississippi (J.B. Lenoir) Video!
Down in the Brunner Mine (Anonymous) Video!
Down in the Hole (Bruce Springsteen) Video!
Down in the Mine (Dierks Bentley) Video!
Down in the Old Dark Mills (Joe Hill)
Down In The Park (Tubeway Army) Video!
Down on Penny's Farm (Pete Seeger) Video!
Down on the Picket Line (Sarah Ogan Gunning) Video!
Down to Earth (Peter Gabriel) Video!
Down Where the River Bend (Jim Anglin) Video!
Down With Us (The S.T.O.P. Movement) Video!
Down, Down, Down (Anonymous) Video!
Downtown Baghdad Blues (Black 47) Downloadable! Video!
Downward Hostility (Carl Gunther) Downloadable!
Dr. King (Mason Jennings) Video!
Dr. Martin Luther King (Freedom Song) (Barbara Speicher) Downloadable!
Draft Dodger Rag (Phil Ochs) Video!
Draft Dodger's Farewell (Charlie Ipcar)
Draft Morning (The Byrds) Video!
Draft Resister (Steppenwolf) Video!
Draglines (Deborah Silverstein) Video!
Dragonfly Pie (Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks)
Dreadful Memories (Aunt Molly Jackson) Video!
Dream (Common) Video!
Dream of a Miner's Child (Andrew Jenkins) Video!
Dreamer (Ozzy Osbourne) Video!
Dreamer (Prince) Video!
Dreaming of Waltzing (Edith Segal)
Dreaming on a World (Tracy Chapman) Video!
Dreams (Langston Hughes)
Dreams of Peace (Bryan David Knight) Downloadable!
Dresden (Tommy Sands)
Dress Blues (Jason Isbell) Video!
Dressed to Kill (Davy Steel) Downloadable!
Drifter's Escape (Bob Dylan) Video!
Drifting Mine (Skydog) Video!
Drifting Through the Days (Richard Thompson) Video!
Drill Sergeant (N.E.R.D.) Downloadable! Video!
Drink Before The War (Sinéad O’Connor) Video!
Drink Of The Death Squads (David Rovics) Video!
Driva’ Man (Max Roach) Video!
Drive On (Johnny Cash) Downloadable! Video!
Drive the Yankee from Your Door (Peter Hicks)
Drive to the Ocean (Michael Stipe) Video!
Driven To Tears (The Police) Video!
Driving Through Mythical America (Pete Atkin) Video!
Drone (Piers Faccini) Downloadable! Video!
Drone Bomb Me (Anohni) Video!
Drone Warfare (DJ Shadow) Video!
Drop Your Weapon (Soldièse) Downloadable! Video!
Drowning in the Sound (Amanda Palmer) Video!
Drug War (David Rovics)
Drugstore Truck Drivin' Man (The Byrds) Downloadable! Video!
Drummer Hodge (Thomas Hardy) Video!
Drums (Peter La Farge) Video!
Drums of War (Son of Nun)
Drunk On Oil (Lorne Clarke & Tom Flannery)
Drunken Lullabies (Flogging Molly) Video!
Dry Drunk Emperor (TV On The Radio) Downloadable! Video!
Dub Fi Mumia (Radici nel Cemento) Video!
Dub Like Blood (Shakerman) Downloadable! Video!
DubAmerika (Uncle Teds Garage)
Dubbya Luvya? (Kev Carmody)
Dublin City 1913 (Ballad of Larkin and Connolly) (Dick Gaughan) Video!
Dubya Can't Wait (Norm Jenson)
Duck And Cover (The King Blues) Video!
Duct And Cover (A Catacalypso) (Mark Levy)
Duct Tape (John McCutcheon) Video!
Duct Tape! (Steve Suffet)
Duffy Square (D. Brooks)
Dulce Et Decorum Est (Kevin Littlewood)
Dulce Et Decorum Est (Wilfred Owen)
Dulce Et Decorum Est Pro Patria Mori (Regina Spektor) Downloadable! Video!
Dumb All Over (Frank Zappa) Video!
Dump The Bosses Off Your Back (Anne Feeney) Downloadable! Video!
Dungeons of War (Citadel®) Downloadable! Video!
Dunlavin Green (Anonymous) Video!
Dunn, Gilbert and Ben Hall (Martyn Wyndham-Read)
Dust (Mr. Mister) Video!
Dust and Diesel (Bruce Cockburn) Video!
Dust Bowl Refugee (Woody Guthrie) Downloadable! Video!
Dust Can't Kill Me (Woody Guthrie) Video!
Dust of Uruzgan (Fred (Iain Campbell) Smith) Downloadable! Video!
Dutiful Servants and Political Masters (Chumbawamba) Video!
Duty Called (Greg Wilson) Downloadable! Video!
Dyin' to Make a Livin' (Foddershock) Video!
Dying Down in Africa (Eric Severson) Downloadable!
Dying for Love (Harry Rogers)
Dying Soldier (Christy Moore) Downloadable! Video!
E a Maronn’ accumparett’ in Africa (Enzo Avitabile) Video!
E Pluribus Unum (The Last Poets) Video!
E-mail to Bosnia (Nalini Lasiewicz) Video!
E.Z.L.N. (Enraged Minority) Downloadable! Video!
Each Dollar A Bullet (Stiff Little Fingers) Video!
Each One Lost (Bruce Cockburn) Video!
Each Small Candle (Roger Waters) Video!
Eagle Fly Free (Helloween) Video!
Earache My Eye (Alice Bowie) Video!
Early (Run The Jewels) Video!
Earth Anthem (Stephen Longfellow Fiske) Downloadable! Video!
Earth Anthem (The Turtles) Video!
Earth Blues (Jimi Hendrix) Video!
Earth Child (Malvina Reynolds)
Earth Crisis (Steel Pulse) Video!
Earth Dies Screaming (UB40) Video!
Earth Song (Michael Jackson) Video!
Ease My Revolutionary Mind (Woody Guthrie) Video!
Easily (Red Hot Chili Peppers) Downloadable! Video!
East Kilbride (David Rovics) Downloadable! Video!
East Texas Red (Cisco Houston) Video!
East Timor (Morten Harket) Video!
East Timor (Robert Wyatt) Video!
East Timor Betrayed (Peter Hicks)
Easter Mourn (In For a Penny) Video!
Easter Mourning (Henry Snow) Video!
Easter Parade (Faith Brothers) Video!
Easter, 1916 (William Butler Yeats)
Easter? (Jefferson Airplane) Video!
Easy to Lose Hope (Eleanor McEvoy) Downloadable! Video!
Easy/Lucky/Free (Bright Eyes) Video!
Echoes (Leon Thomas) Video!
Economical Slavery (Misty in Roots) Video!
Ecowar (Heaven Shall Burn) Downloadable! Video!
Ecumenical March (Chad Mitchell Trio) Video!
Egypt (Mark Tindall) Downloadable!
Eight Hour Day (Pete Seeger) Video!
Eight Hours (Cincinnati’s University Singers)
Eighteen (Alice Cooper) Video!
Eighteen Soldiers (Pennywise) Downloadable! Video!
Eisenhower Blues (J.B. Lenoir) Video!
Eisler on the Go (Woody Guthrie) Video!
El Corrido De Jesse James (Ry Cooder) Video!
El Coyote (Guy Clark) Video!
El Demagogo (Lila Downs) Video!
El Fusilado (Chumbawamba) Downloadable! Video!
El Gitano, or Gypsy (Holly Near)
El miedo nos separa (Radici nel Cemento) Video!
El Mozote (Screeching Weasel) Video!
El patriarca de mi pueblo es el amor (Alurista)
El Salvador (Jackson Browne) Video!
El Salvador (Garland Jeffreys) Video!
El Salvador (Christy Moore) Downloadable! Video!
El Salvador (Noel Paul Stookey) Video!
El Salvador (White Lion) Video!
Elaine Brown (Interlude) (Alicia Keys) Video!
Electioneering (Radiohead) Video!
Electric Eye (Judas Priest) Video!
Electric Funeral (Black Sabbath) Video!
Electric Spanking Of War Babies (George Clinton and The Funkadelics) Video!
Electronic Plantation (No W.T.O. Combo) Video!
Electronic Warfare (50 Caliber Fist FK) Downloadable!
Eleven Cent Cotton, Forty Cent Meat (Bob Miller) Video!
Eleven Eleven (Garnet Rogers)
Eli Geva (Birgitte Grimstad) Video!
Elijah Good (Wesley Houston) Downloadable! Video!
Elizabeth Clarke (Darren Hayman) Downloadable!
Ella Ellison (New Harmony Sisterhood Band) Downloadable! Video!
Ella’s Song (Sweet Honey in the Rock) Video!
Ellis Island (Roberto Alajmo e Giovanni Sollima) Video!
Ellis Island (Mau Mau) Video!
Ellis Unit One (Steve Earle) Video!
Elvis Presley: Jailhouse Rock (GLI EXTRA DELLE CCG / AWS EXTRAS / LES EXTRAS DES CCG) Video!
Embarcation (Thomas Hardy)
Embarrassment (Madness) Video!
Emergency (Adriano Bono) Video!
Emigration song (Gang) Video!
Emigre (Anti-Flag) Video!
Emily (Manic Street Preachers) Video!
Emily (Peggy Seeger) Video!
Emily’s Bridge (Krysia Mansfield)
Eminence Front (The Who) Video!
Empire (Bomb The Bass) Video!
Empire (Kasabian) Video!
Empire (Dar Williams) Video!
Empty Sky (Bruce Springsteen) Video!
Empty Walls (Serj Tankian [Serž T'angean] / Սերժ Թանգեան) Video!
End of History (Bad Religion) Video!
End Of The Rainbow (Niss Puk Band) Downloadable! Video!
End of the Road - Song for Vittorio Arrigoni (Agron Belica) Downloadable! Video!
End of War (Eric Colville) Video!
End of War (UB40) Video!
Endangered Species (Dianne Reeves) Video!
Endangered Species (Esperanza Spalding) Video!
Endless Ways (Ryan Bingham) Video!
Endpeace (Juliana Marx) Downloadable!
Enemy (John Beeney) Downloadable!
Enemy Maker (Dub War) Video!
Enemy Me (PeaceSong) Downloadable!
Enemy of the Enemy (Asian Dub Foundation) Video!
England (Ralph McTell) Video!
England 1914 (Ralph McTell) Video!
England Loves a Poor Boy (Lizzie Nunnery) Downloadable! Video!
England's Broken Doll (A. E. Andrews)
England's Power and Glory (Maggie Holland)
England, Half English (Billy Bragg) Video!
England’s Vietnam (The Men of No Property) Downloadable! Video!
English Civil War (The Clash) Video!
Enlightened - No War (Ben Tanler) Downloadable! Video!
Enola Gay (Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark) Downloadable! Video!
Enola Gay (Utah Phillips) Video!
Enough is Enough (Doc Jazz) Downloadable!
Enough Is Enough (Mike Marino & His Restless Soul) Video!
Enough Said (Devo) Video!
Enticing Surrender (Miriam Green) Downloadable!
Entropy (Research) Downloadable! Video!
Epilogue (Alan Louis Smith)
Epitaph (King Crimson) Video!
Epitaph on a Tyrant (W.H. Auden)
Equal Rights (Mikey Dread) Downloadable! Video!
Equal Rights (The Lonely Island) Video!
Equal Rights (Peter Tosh) Downloadable! Video!
Erin Go Bragh (Peadar Kearney [Peadar Ó Cearnaígh]) Video!
Erin on the Rhine (Nuala Kennedy) Video!
Erin's Lovely Home (Anonymous) Video!
Erin’s Lovely Home (Anonymous) Video!
Ermeneutica (Franco Battiato) Video!
Erupt and Matter (Moby) Video!
Escape (Thirty Seconds to Mars) Video!
Escape From Planet Earth (The Alley Cats) Video!
Eternal Life (Jeff Buckley) Video!
Eternal Peace (Johnny Osbourne) Video!
Ether (Gang Of Four) Video!
Ethiopia (Joni Mitchell) Video!
Eunice and Pablo (Sheila Simon)
Eureka Rebellion (Johnny B) Downloadable! Video!
Euro Neuro (Rambo Amadeus) Video!
Europa (Globus) Video!
Europe Is Lost (Kate Tempest) Video!
Evacuation (Tom Paxton) Video!
Evacuee (Enya) Video!
Eve Of Destruction (Barry McGuire) Video!
Eve of War (Davey Ray Moor)
Even Flow (Pearl Jam) Video!
Evenin' Air Blues (Langston Hughes)
Evening News (Chamillionaire) Video!
Evening News (David Rovics) Downloadable! Video!
Ever Since the World Began (The Yardbirds) Video!
Everlasting peace (Crash Test Dummies)
Every Bloody Emperor (Van Der Graaf Generator) Video!
Every Bomb You Make (Spitting Image) Video!
Every Grain of Sand (Bob Dylan) Video!
Every Living Thing (Rod MacDonald) Video!
Every Man Is A King (The Pogues) Video!
Every Sperm Is Sacred (Monty Python) Video!
Everybody Cryin' About Vietnam (J.B. Lenoir) Video!
Everybody Dreams On... (Richard Marot)
Everybody Knows (Leonard Cohen) Video!
Everybody Loves a Holy War (Mark Heard) Video!
Everybody Loves Me, Baby (Don McLean) Video!
Everybody Must Get Bombed (Ray Sweatman)
Everybody Ought to Treat a Stranger Right (Blind Willie Johnson) Video!
Everybody Wake Up (Our Finest Hour Arrives) (Dave Matthews Band) Video!
Everybody Wants Freedom (Anonymous) Downloadable! Video!
Everybody's Changing (Keane) Video!
Everybody's Crying Mercy (Elvis Costello) Video!
Everybody's Gone To War (Nerina Pallot) Video!
Everybody's Got A Right To Live (Pete Seeger) Video!
Everybody's Joining It (Joe Hill)
Everyday People (Sly and the Family Stone) Video!
Everyday Robots (Damon Albarn) Video!
Everything Can Change (Gotthard) Video!
Everything Is Beautiful in Its Own Way (Ray Stevens) Video!
Everything Is Broken (Bob Dylan) Video!
Everything You Know Is Wrong (Chumbawamba) Video!
Everything's Fine (Ethan Miller & Kate Boverman) Downloadable!
Everywhere (Greg Trooper) Video!
Everywhere Is My Nation (The Vietnam Veterans) Downloadable! Video!
Evil Minds (Ken Pinkstaff, Chuck Blaser & James Salazar)
Evil That Men Do (Queen Latifah) Video!
Evolution (and Flashback) (Gil Scott-Heron) Video!
Evolve (Ani DiFranco) Video!
Ewell T. Otis (Bob Connelly) Downloadable! Video!
Ex-Service (Siegfried Sassoon)
Excuse Me Mr. (Ben Harper) Video!
Execution (Anohni)
Exhuming McCarthy (R.E.M.) Video!
Exile (Blackfire) Downloadable! Video!
Exile (Anne Hills) Video!
Exorcising the Evil Spirits From the Pentagon Oct. 21, 1967‎ (The Fugs) Video!
Expendable Youth (Slayer) Video!
Explicit (ILLigitt) Downloadable!
Exploitation Blues (Bill Frederick) Video!
Explosion in the Fairmount Mines (Blind Alfred Reed) Video!
Exterminator (Primal Scream) Video!
Eye for an Eye (UNKLE) Video!
Eye for Eye (Captain SKA)
Eye of the Wound (Dissident Clone) Downloadable!
Eyeless in Gaza (Wildcat)
Eyes of the Immigrant (Eric Andersen) Downloadable! Video!
Eyes of the Insane (Slayer) Video!
EZLN (Hyades) Video!
F the CC (Steve Earle) Downloadable! Video!
F.M.U.S.A. (Gang Of Four)
F.U.B.U. (Solange) Video!
Façade Of Reality (Epica) Video!
Faccia a faccia (Klasse Kriminale) Video!
Face To Face (Mick Terry) Video!
Facendo la storia/Making history (99 Posse) Video!
Faces In The Dark (Peter Hicks)
Facing The Chair (Andy Irvine) Downloadable! Video!
Factory (Bruce Springsteen) Video!
Factory (Wall of Voodoo) Video!
Factory Girl (Ralph McTell) Video!
Factory Town (Dan Seals) Video!
Fadwa Soliman (Johnny Punish) Video!
Fail (Orphaned Land) Video!
Failed State (David Rovics) Video!
Faith (Ms. Dynamite) Video!
Faith And Hope (Pennywise) Video!
Falklands Song (Mabsant)
Fall Dog Bombs the Moon (David Bowie) Video!
Fall of Heroes (1974) Downloadable!
Fall of The Peacemakers (Molly Hatchet) Video!
Fallen Angels (Buffy Sainte-Marie) Video!
Fallen Fallen Is Babylon (Brygada Kryzys) Video!
Fallen Hero (Funker Vogt) Video!
Fallen Man (Funker Vogt) Video!
Fallen Marines' Hymn (Ronald Mulero) Downloadable!
Fallen Soldier (John Ashby) Downloadable!
Fallen Soldier (MacTheDiablo) Downloadable!
Fallen Soldiers (Clair Marlo) Video!
Falling for It (David Wilcox) Downloadable! Video!
Falling Leaves (The Refugees) (John Denver) Video!
Falling Space Junk (Jello Biafra) Video!
Falluja (David Rovics) Video!
Fallujah (
Fallujah (Terry Sutton Conspiracy) Downloadable!
False Flags (Massive Attack) Video!
False From True (Pete Seeger) Video!
Families (Neil Young) Video!
Family Promise (Holly Near) Video!
Famine (Richard Marot)
Famine (Sinéad O’Connor) Video!
Famine Song (Vida) Video!
Fanfare for a Conscious Man (Enter Shikari) Video!
Fannie Sellins (Anne Feeney) Downloadable! Video!
Fantastic Voyage (David Bowie) Video!
Far Amerikay (Solas) Downloadable! Video!
Far Away (Sleater-Kinney) Video!
Far Away Boys (Flogging Molly)
Far Away Coasts (Dropkick Murphys) Video!
Far Far from Wipers (Joan Littlewood and her Theatre Workshop)
Far From Home (Five Finger Death Punch) Video!
Far, Far From Wipers (Anonymous) Video!
Fare You Well, My Darling (Anonymous)
Farewell (Ballads of Joe Hill) Downloadable!
Farewell Address (Anonymous)
Farewell Angelina (Joan Baez) Video!
Farewell Captain (The Kingston Trio)
Farewell Johnny Miner!‎ (Ed Pickford) Video!
Farewell Shalabiye (No Blues) Video!
Farewell To Arms (Baron) Video!
Farewell to Arms (Emerson, Lake & Palmer) Video!
Farewell to the Fairground (White Lies) Video!
Farewell to the Land (Peter Bellamy) Video!
Farewell, Farewell, Rachel Corrie (Holly Gwin Graham)
Farewell, Frank Little (Gerard Lively)
Farewell, Mr. Charlie (Frederick Douglass Kirkpatrick) Video!
Fascist (Minutemen) Video!
FatHead Fascist (Neil Conway) Downloadable!
Father Abraham (Rob Lincoln) Downloadable!
Father Explains (Daniel Amos) Video!
Father Was Killed by the Pinkerton Men (William W. Delaney)
Father's Field (Traci Lords) Video!
Fatima (K'naan) Video!
Fayette County (Pete Seeger) Video!
FDT (Fuck Donald Trump) (YG) Video!
Fear (Lenny Kravitz) Video!
Fear (Rod MacDonald) Video!
Fear (Zounds) Downloadable! Video!
Fear Made The World Go 'Round (The Dears) Downloadable! Video!
Fed To The Wolves (Peter Hammill) Downloadable! Video!
Fed Up With War (Nonsense) Downloadable! Video!
Feed of Man (Woody Guthrie) Video!
Feed the Hungry (The Pop Group) Video!
Feed the People (Stephen Stills) Video!
Feel Like a Number (Bob Seger) Video!
Feel The Shame (Fokkum) Downloadable!
Feeling Good (Nina Simone) Downloadable! Video!
Felix the Soldier (Anonymous) Downloadable! Video!
Fenario (Richard Shindell) Video!
Fence (Blackfire) Downloadable! Video!
Fernando (ABBA) Downloadable! Video!
Few Are the Proud and the Many Are Dead (Paul Ethix) Downloadable!
Few of Them Are Scabbing It (Anonymous)
Field Of Poppies (Dave Gwyther) Downloadable! Video!
Fields of Agony (No Use For A Name) Video!
Fields Of France (Al Stewart) Video!
Fields of Mars (Bad Religion) Video!
Fields of St. Etienne (Benny Gallagher) Video!
Fieldworker (Crosby & Nash) Video!
Fifteen Months (Joan Baez) Video!
Fifty Thousand Lumberjacks (Anonymous) Video!
Fight (The Cure) Video!
Fight Back (Holly Near) Video!
Fight Back (Son of Nun)
Fight Fire With Fire (Metallica) Video!
Fight For Freedom (Dave Gwyther) Video!
Fight No More (Maeran) Downloadable!
Fight No More (State Radio) Video!
Fight the Fight (Living Colour) Video!
Fight the Fight! (Pipes and Pints) Video!
Fight The Good Fight (Egin) Video!
Fight The Power (Public Enemy) Video!
Fight The Power Pts. 1 & 2 (The Isley Brothers) Video!
Fight Till You Die (Pennywise) Video!
Fight War, Not Wars (Crass) Downloadable! Video!
Fight Your War (Across the border) Video!
Fighter (Christina Aguilera) Video!
Fighter Pilot (John Cale) Video!
Fighting For Strangers (Steeleye Span) Video!
Fighting Whities (Tom Neilson) Downloadable!
Filled With Love (Joyce Andersen) Downloadable! Video!
Final Solution (Black Label Society) Video!
Final Straw (R.E.M.) Downloadable! Video!
Final Transmission (Street Dogs) Video!
Final War (Agnostic Front) Video!
Find Peace (Hannah Peel) Video!
Find the Cost of Freedom (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young) Video!
Fingerprint File (Rolling Stones) Video!
Finnish Farmers (Laurie Anderson) Video!
Fire (Kimya Dawson) Video!
Fire & Forget (Funker Vogt) Downloadable! Video!
Fire Don't Know (White Buffalo) Video!
Fire Fire (Blake) Downloadable!
Fire in Manilla (Peter Hicks)
Fire in my mouth (Julia Wolfe) Video!
Fire in the Hole (Hazel Dickens) Video!
Fire in the Sky (Mark Ellis) Downloadable! Video!
Fire In The Sky (Saxon)
Firecracker (Strung Out) Video!
Fired Up! (Holly Near) Downloadable! Video!
Fires Burning (Alan Kirk) Downloadable! Video!
Fires of Hell (Your Only Son) (or the Futility of War) (Uriah Heep) Video!
Firestorm (Sabaton) Video!
First Republic (Manic Street Preachers) Video!
First Thing I Learned About a Gun (Tom Neilson) Downloadable!
First Time at a War (Si Kahn)
Fishing (Richard Shindell) Downloadable! Video!
Fite dem Back (Linton Kwesi Johnson) Video!
Fitter Happier (Radiohead) Video!
Fitzwilliam (Chumbawamba) Video!
Five Hundred Miles (Peter, Paul and Mary) Downloadable! Video!
Five Minutes (Bonzo Goes To Washington) Downloadable! Video!
Five Minutes From America (Kevin Costner & Modern West) Video!
Five Nights of Bleeding (Linton Kwesi Johnson) Video!
Five To One (The Doors) Video!
Five Ways To Kill A Man (Iain MacKintosh) Video!
Five Years (David Bowie) Video!
Five-Dollar Coal (Fred Stanton) Downloadable!
Flag Day (The Housemartins) Video!
Flags Of Freedom (Neil Young) Downloadable! Video!
Flat of the Blade (Massive Attack) Video!
Flesh and Blood and Feelings (Danbert Nobacon)
Flesh Storm (Slayer) Downloadable! Video!
Flight of the Earls (Wolfe Tones) Video!
Flight Of The Enola Gay (Blue Cheer) Video!
Flight Of The Witch (Ralph Buckley) Video!
Floating Down (Cheap Trick)
Floating Down the River (David Rovics) Video!
Flodden Field (Anonymous)
Floods (Pantera) Video!
Flora Sandes (Reg Meuross) Video!
Flotilla (Eval Herz) Downloadable!
Flower Child (Lenny Kravitz) Video!
Flower Lady (Phil Ochs) Video!
Flower Stand (Dan & David Raymer) Downloadable!
Flowers Are Red (Harry Chapin) Video!
Flowers In Bloom (Tristan Clopet) Downloadable!
Flowers of Filastin (Al Mukawama) Video!
Flowers of freedom (a song for Kurdistan) (Pino Libonati) Downloadable! Video!
Flowers of Guatemala (R.E.M.) Video!
Flowers of Peace (Pete Seeger) Video!
Flowers of Saskatchewan (David Francey)
Flowers Of The Night (Kantner, Slick & Freiberg) Video!
Fly In The Soup (Doc Jazz) Downloadable!
Fly Over (New Nobility) Downloadable!
Fly the Flag (Stiff Little Fingers) Video!
Flying (Living Colour) Video!
Fog of War (AGNT 008) Downloadable!
Folded Flags (Roger Waters) Video!
Folk Against the Fascism (Hombre all'ombra) Video!
Follow Me Up to Carlow (Patrick Joseph McCall) Video!
Follow the Drinking Gourd (Anonymous) Downloadable! Video!
Follow The Leader (Pete Kronowitt) Downloadable! Video!
Follow Your Girl (Soldier John) (Across the border) Video!
Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash) Video!
Food for Thought (UB40) Video!
Fool Me Fool You (Terry Callier) Downloadable! Video!
Foolish Man (Crosby & Nash) Video!
Foolish Notion (Holly Near) Video!
Fools Rule The World (Judith Jobse) Downloadable! Video!
For All the World's Children (Daria A. Marmaluk-Hajioannou) Video!
For All Women in Struggle (Kristin Lems) Downloadable! Video!
For America (Jackson Browne) Downloadable! Video!
For Anja (Moscaburro) Downloadable! Video!
For Blood, Under God (Intro5pect) Video!
For Everyone (Philip Riddle) Downloadable!
For God and Country (SkankinDaddy) Downloadable!
For How Much Longer Do We Tolerate Mass Murder? (The Pop Group) Video!
For Joan (Richard Marot)
For Joe Slovo (David Heavenor) Downloadable! Video!
For King And Country (Eric Bogle)
For No One (Barclay James Harvest) Video!
For Our Children's Children (Lame Johnny Creek) Downloadable! Video!
For Peace (Lionder) Video!
For Peace And Plenty (Maria Dunn) Video!
For R.F.K., J.F.K., and M.L.K. (Shawn Phillips)
For Sarah Baartman (Nitty Scott) Video!
For Sasha (Joan Baez) Video!
For Sophie (This Beautiful Day) (Reg Meuross) Video!
For The Fallen (Tim O'Brien)
For the Good of America (Rod MacDonald) Downloadable! Video!
For The Greater Good Of God (Iron Maiden) Video!
For the People (Rod MacDonald) Downloadable! Video!
For the Rich Man (Desert Rose Band) Video!
For The Sake Of Example (The House Band) Video!
For the Taking (IQ) Video!
For the Union Dead (Robert Lowell) Video!
For this Apartheid (Peter Hicks)
For Those About to Rot (Soulfly) Video!
For Those Who Disappeared (Rai Ko Ris) Video!
For What Died the Sons of Róisín (The Dubliners) Video!
For What It's Worth (Buffalo Springfield) Downloadable! Video!
For What Was Gained (Eric Andersen) Video!
For Whom The Bell Tolls (Metallica) Video!
For Women (Talib Kweli) Video!
For Women (Ursula Rucker) Downloadable! Video!
Forbidden Colours (Ryuichi Sakamoto / 坂本 龍 ) Video!
Forbidden Fruit (Nina Simone) Video!
Forces of Oppression (The Pop Group) Video!
Forecast Fascist Future (of Montreal) Video!
Foreign Accents (Robert Wyatt) Video!
Foreign Fighters (Sue Jeffers) Downloadable!
Forest (Robert Wyatt) Video!
Forever In My Mind (Christy Moore) Video!
Forever Palestine (Sami Yusuf) Video!
Forever Young (Alphaville) Video!
Foreword (Country Joe McDonald) Video!
Forget About the Future (Sting) Downloadable! Video!
Forgive Us, Anita Dewan (Kabir Suman) Video!
Forgive Them Father (Lauryn Hill) Video!
Forgive [Never Forget Amin Dadá] (Richard Marot)
Forgiveness & Love (Meshell Ndegeocello) Video!
Forgotten Sons (Marillion) Video!
Forgotten Children (Tokio Hotel) Video!
Forgotten Continent (Heideroosjes) Video!
Forgotten Genocide (Blacbloc) Downloadable!
Forgotten Hero (A-Heads) Video!
Forgotten Terrorists (Kamikazi64) Downloadable!
Forgotten Years (Midnight Oil) Downloadable! Video!
Fort Dix Stockade (Bob Lusk)
Fortress Europe (Asian Dub Foundation) Downloadable! Video!
Fortunate Son (Creedence Clearwater Revival) Video!
Fortune Of Soldiers (Judy Collins) Video!
Fortunes of War (The Brandos) Downloadable! Video!
Fortunes of War (Funker Vogt) Video!
Fortunes Of War (Iron Maiden) Downloadable! Video!
Forty Acres And A Mule (Oscar Brown, Jr) Video!
Forty-Two Years (Nimrod Workman) Video!
Forward Jah, Jah Children (Jacob Miller) Video!
Forward Joe Soap's Army (Anonymous)
Fotheringay (Sandy Denny) Video!
Found in a Pocket (Will McLean)
Four Blank Slates (David Rovics) Downloadable! Video!
Four Enclosed Walls (Public Image Ltd. (PiL)) Video!
Four Green Fields (Tommy Makem) Video!
Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse (Chris Lindsay) Downloadable!
Four Minutes (Roger Waters) Video!
Four Minutes to Midnight (Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp Songbook) Downloadable!
Four Preludes on Playthings of the Wind (Carl Sandburg) Downloadable!
Four Strong Women (Maurie Mulheron)
Four Women (Nina Simone) Video!
Four-Loom Weaver (June Tabor) Video!
Four-Minute Warning (Peggy Seeger) Video!
Fourpence a Day (Ewan MacColl) Video!
Fourth Day Of July (Tom Rapp) Downloadable! Video!
Fox News Is My Muse (Theo Hakola) Video!
Foxhole (Television) Video!
Fragile (Sting) Video!
Frailty (The Way Of Rome) (Andy Laverghetta) Downloadable!
Framed (Cheech & Chong) Video!
France, Having Survived the Normandy Invasion, D-Day (Alan Louis Smith)
Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle (Nirvana) Video!
Franco Un-American (NOFX) Downloadable! Video!
Frank, Dennis, And Me (Jim Hinde) Video!
Frankie Domagala (Mike Stout) Downloadable!
Frankie Teardrop (Suicide) Video!
Frankland Prison Blues (Onsind) Downloadable! Video!
Frat Boy (Compassionate Conservatives) Downloadable!
Freckle-Faced Soldier (Colleen Lovett) Video!
Fred Karno's Army (Anonymous) Video!
Free (Sami Yusuf) Downloadable! Video!
Free ? (Atomic Pollution) Downloadable!
Free Abu Sakha (David Rovics) Downloadable! Video!
Free Africa (The Twinkle Brothers) Video!
Free All the People (South Africa) (Santana) Video!
Free Bobby Now (The Lumpen) Downloadable!
Free Fire Zone (Kerry Livgren) Video!
Free Gaza Song (Anis Hamadeh)
Free Iraq!! (Disciples of Wilayah) Downloadable!
Free Jerusalem (Doc Jazz) Downloadable! Video!
Free Mandela (Yami Bolo) Video!
Free Palestine (Doc Jazz) Downloadable! Video!
Free Palestine (Genocide (Jusuf Džilić)) Video!
Free Palestine (Raised Voices) Video!
Free Palestine (RocÆstik) Downloadable!
Free Palestine (Son of Nun) Video!
Free Palestine! (Hammer Bros.) Downloadable!
Free Rappaz (Faye) Downloadable!
Free Satpal Ram (Asian Dub Foundation) Video!
Free the Children (Keith and Renée)
Free The Dove (Karie Hillery & Charles Lamont) Downloadable!
Free the Land (Yellow Pearl) Downloadable! Video!
Free the People (The Dubliners) Downloadable! Video!
Free Tibet (Vino Rosso) Video!
Free Trade (Ryan Harvey) Downloadable!
Free Until They Cut Me Down (Iron&Wine) Video!
Free Will (Marc Elusse Nemorospo) Downloadable!
Free World (Kirsty MacColl) Video!
Free Yourself (The Chemical Brothers) Video!
Free.mp3 (The Pirate Bay Song) (Dubioza Kolektiv) Video!
Freeborn Man (Ewan MacColl) Video!
Freedom (Art Bears) Video!
Freedom (Beyoncé) Video!
Freedom (Kev Carmody) Video!
Freedom (Genocide (Jusuf Džilić)) Downloadable!
Freedom (Anthony Hamilton) Video!
Freedom (Richie Havens) Video!
Freedom (The Housemartins) Video!
Freedom (The Isley Brothers) Video!
Freedom (Jurassic 5) Video!
Freedom (Amos Lee) Video!
Freedom (Rob Lincoln) Downloadable!
Freedom (Paul McCartney) Video!
Freedom (Charles Mingus) Video!
Freedom (Morgan Heritage) Video!
Freedom (Rage Against The Machine) Video!
Freedom (Marisa Ronstadt) Video!
Freedom (SevenGates) Downloadable! Video!
Freedom (Maher Zain / ماهر زين) Video!
Freedom (a Soldier's Letter Home) (Penny's Scar) Downloadable!
Freedom (Freestyle) (Joe Budden) Video!
Freedom (Is the Word of Today) (Dean Reed)
Freedom Believer (for Ibrahim) (Enda Reilly) Downloadable!
Freedom Blues (Little Richard) Video!
Freedom Cadence (Bruce Springsteen) Video!
Freedom Day (Max Roach) Downloadable! Video!
Freedom Death Dance (Eugene McDaniels) Downloadable! Video!
Freedom Fighters (Carol Ichinose) Downloadable!
Freedom Flotilla (Doc Jazz) Video!
Freedom for Palestine (One World) Video!
Freedom for the Stallion (Hues Corporation) Video!
Freedom Freedom Rider (Marilyn Eisenberg) Video!
Freedom Here (Maria Dunn) Video!
Freedom Highway (Staple Singers) Video!
Freedom is a Constant Struggle (The SNCC Freedom Singers) Downloadable! Video!
Freedom is Humanity (Blacbloc) Downloadable!
Freedom Now (Tracy Chapman) Video!
Freedom of Speech (Chris Lindsay)
Freedom of Speech (Rootwords) Downloadable! Video!
Freedom Of Speech Won't Feed My Children (Manic Street Preachers) Video!
Freedom Riders (Phil Ochs) Video!
Freedom Road (Donovan) Video!
Freedom Song (Thin Lizzy) Downloadable! Video!
Freedom Train (James Carr) Video!
Freedom Train (Paul Robeson) Video!
Freedom Walk (Outlaws) Video!
Freedom! (Pharrell Williams) Video!
Freedom's Road (John Mellencamp) Video!
Freedom's Star (Anonymous)
Freedoms We've Been Fighting For (Tom Parrott) Video!
Freefall (Simone Sahyouni) Downloadable!
Freeman's Farm (David Elon Preston) Downloadable! Video!
Freeze Up (Operation Ivy) Downloadable! Video!
Freight Elevator (Latin Quarter) Video!
French in America (Josée Vachon) Video!
French Letter (Herbs) Video!
Fresh-Garbage (Spirit) Video!
Friday 14th May (Chloë and Jason Roweth)
Friday Morning (Sydney Carter) Video!
Frieden Und Freiheit (David Rovics) Downloadable! Video!
Friend of Mine (Cohen Brothers) Video!
Friendly Fascism (Consolidated) Downloadable! Video!
Friendly Fire (Funker Vogt) Downloadable! Video!
Friendly Fire (Lorne Clarke & Tom Flannery)
Friends in the Armed Forces (Thursday) Video!
Friendship Train (Gladys Knight & The Pips) Video!
Frijolero (Molotov) Video!
From A Distance (Bette Midler) Video!
From a Distant Shore (Willard Grant Conspiracy) Video!
From Auschwitz to Ipswich (Jarvis Cocker) Video!
From Border to Border (Paul Robeson) Video!
From Clare to Here (Ralph McTell) Video!
From Enslavement to Obliteration (Napalm Death) Video!
From Her Lips to God's Ears (the Energizer) (Against Me!) Video!
From Jenin (Fred Stanton)
From Kabul To Khartoum (David Rovics) Downloadable! Video!
From Little Things Big Things Grow (Paul Kelly) Video!
From Omiecourt (Ivor Gurney)
From the Barrel of a Gun (Avalanche) Downloadable!
From The Cradle To The Grave (Subhumans) Video!
From the Plantation to the Penitentiary (Wynton Marsalis) Video!
From Way Up Here (Malvina Reynolds) Video!
Front Line (Stevie Wonder) Video!
Frozen (Within Temptation) Video!
Frozen Warnings (Nico) Video!
Fruit Trader (John Mellencamp) Video!
Fuck 'em All (Anonymous)
Fuck a War (Geto Boys) Video!
Fuck All the Perfect People (Chip Taylor) Video!
Fuck Anita Bryant [Fuck Aneta Briant] (David Allan Coe) Video!
Fuck Armageddon... This Is Hell! (Bad Religion) Video!
Fuck Or Kill (Peaches) Video!
Fuck Police Brutality (Anti-Flag) Downloadable! Video!
Fuck Religion (The Exploited) Video!
Fuck the U.S.A. (The Exploited) Downloadable! Video!
Fuck The War (Ralph Buckley) Downloadable! Video!
Fuck the War (Undesirables) Video!
Fuck You (Guess Who Batman) (Lily Allen) Downloadable! Video!
Fuck Your Ethnicity (Kendrick Lamar) Video!
Fuel (Ani DiFranco) Video!
Fuel Funeral (Lisa Rein) Downloadable!
Fugitive (Lucky Dube) Video!
Fuhrer (Josh White) Video!
Full Metal Jackoff (No W.T.O. Combo) Video!
Full Spectrum Dominance (Vic Sadot) Downloadable! Video!
Fun and Games (Barenaked Ladies) Video!
Funeral Pyre (The Jam) Video!
Funeral Train (Scofield Mine Disaster) (Utah Phillips) Video!
Funky Dollar Bill (George Clinton and The Funkadelics) Video!
Funny Names (Big Audio Dynamite) Video!
Fuori gli U.S.A. dall'Iraq (Rocky Horror Fuckin' Shit) Video!
Further Down the Line (Mick Harvey & Christopher Richard Barker) Downloadable! Video!
Fussing And Fighting (Bob Marley) Video!
Future (Madonna) Video!
Future's So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades (Timbuk3) Downloadable! Video!
G's Song (Crass) Video!
G. I. Jive (Johnny Mercer) Video!
G. K. Chesterton: A Ballade of an Anti Puritan (GLI EXTRA DELLE CCG / AWS EXTRAS / LES EXTRAS DES CCG)
G.I. Blues (Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine) Video!
G.I. Blues (Elvis Presley) Video!
Galleria Del[l]e Armi (Terry Allen) Video!
Gallipoli (M. Swan and D. Doyle) Video!
Gallows Pole (Led Zeppelin) Video!
Galveston (Glen Campbell) Video!
Galveston Bay (Bruce Springsteen) Video!
Games (David Crosby) Video!
Games People Play (Joe South) Video!
Games Without Frontiers (Peter Gabriel) Video!
Gandhi (Patti Smith) Video!
Garbage! (Bill Steel) Video!
Garden Of Peace (America) Video!
Gary Gilmore's Eyes (The Adverts) Video!
Gary Got a Gun (Sonic Boom Six) Video!
Gassed Last Night (Joan Littlewood and her Theatre Workshop)
Gates Of Eden (Bob Dylan) Video!
Gates Of The Promised Land (Bob Leslie) Downloadable!
Gather 'Round The Stone (Ben Harper) Downloadable! Video!
Gather Round (David Rovics) Video!
Gay, Gypsy and Jew (Rotfront) Video!
Gaza (Marillion) Video!
Gaza (David Rovics) Downloadable! Video!
Gaza City (Johnny Punish) Video!
Gaza's Protest Song (Richard Marot)
Ge8 (Zero Plastica) Downloadable! Video!
Gears of war (Megadeth) Video!
Gee, but I’d Like to Be a G-Man (Harold Rome)
Gee, Ma, I Want To Go Home (Anonymous)
Gematria (The Killing Name) (Slipknot) Video!
General Custer (Tom Paxton) Downloadable! Video!
General De Gaulle (Anonymous)
General Ludd (Seize The Day) Downloadable! Video!
General Ludd's Triumph (Anonymous) Video!
General Munro (Anonymous) Video!
General Programming (Sliver) Video!
General Shute (Alan Patrick Herbert)
General, Your Tank is a Powerful Vehicle (The Prince Myshkins)
Generals (Charged GBH) Video!
Generals (The Damned) Video!
Generals And Majors (XTC) Downloadable! Video!
Genesis Hall (Fairport Convention) Video!
Genocide (Offspring) Video!
Genocide (Running Wild) Video!
Genocide (Us Mob) Downloadable! Video!
Genocide (Wolf) Downloadable! Video!
Genocide (Xanthe) Downloadable! Video!
Genocide (The Killing of the Buffalo) (Thin Lizzy) Downloadable! Video!
Genocide for the Holidays ( Downloadable!
Genozid (Funker Vogt) Video!
Gentle Willie (Bill Fay) Video!
Geoff Hurst's Goal (Chumbawamba) Downloadable!
Geordie [My Geordie Will Be Hanged In A Golden Chain] (Anonymous) Video!
George Bush (The Legendary Jones Gang) Downloadable!
George Bush is an Islamic Fundamentalist (The Rub) Video!
George Gershwin: Summertime (GLI EXTRA DELLE CCG / AWS EXTRAS / LES EXTRAS DES CCG) Video!
George Jackson (Bob Dylan) Video!
George Shrub's Double-Dealing Arms For Ayatollahs, Cash For Contras, Scam Caper Crisis Affair Rap-Up (Dave Lippman)
George Shrub's U.S. History Rap-Up (Dave Lippman)
George Stinney (P-Dash) Video!
George W. Told The Nation... (Tom Paxton) Downloadable! Video!
Get 'em Out By Friday (Genesis) Video!
Get Cha Issue (Bun B) Video!
Get Down (The Proud and Noble Savage) (Allan Taylor)
Get Down Moses (Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros) Video!
Get It While You Can (Janis Joplin) Video!
Get Killed (B.G.K.) Video!
Get Me To My War On Time (Vicki Ryder)
Get On Your Boots (U2) Video!
Get Ourselves Together (Delaney & Bonnie) Video!
Get Out! (John Hamilton)
Get Up Off Our Knees (The Housemartins) Video!
Get Up, Stand Up (Bob Marley) Downloadable! Video!
Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert (Pink Floyd) Video!
Get Your Rights Jack (CORE Freedom Singers) Video!
Gethsemane (Rudyard Kipling) Video!
Getting Things Done (The Astronauts) Video!
Gettysburg (The Brandos) Video!
Ghafoor’s Bus (The Young 'uns) Downloadable! Video!
Ghetto (Akon) Video!
Ghetto (Delaney & Bonnie) Video!
Ghetto Defendant (The Clash) Downloadable! Video!
Ghetto Gospel (Tupac Shakur) Video!
Ghetto of the City (Misty in Roots) Video!
Ghetto Youth (Tricky) Video!
Ghost Army Of Korea (Anonymous)
Ghost Blues For Nina (Richard Marot)
Ghost Dance (Robbie Robertson) Video!
Ghost Dance (Patti Smith) Downloadable! Video!
Ghost Division (Sabaton) Video!
Ghost Rider (Suicide) Video!
Ghost Town (The Specials) Video!
Ghost Town (for the Victims of Chernobyl) (Huns & Dr Beeker) Downloadable! Video!
Ghosts of Dachau (The Style Council) Video!
Ghosts of the Past (Across the border) Video!
Gideon (My Morning Jacket) Video!
Gilbert Bécaud: Charlie, t'iras pas au paradis ! (GLI EXTRA DELLE CCG / AWS EXTRAS / LES EXTRAS DES CCG) Video!
Gimme a Revolution (The Groovers) Downloadable! Video!
Gimme Hope Jo'anna (Eddy Grant) Video!
Gimme Peace (Tom T. Hall) Video!
Gimme Shelter (Rolling Stones) Video!
Gimme Some Truth (John Lennon) Video!
Giorgio Perlasca (Sandy Cash) Video!
Gipsy Biker (Bruce Springsteen) Video!
Girl In The War (Josh Ritter) Video!
Girl Soldier (Bikini Kill) Video!
Girls Don't Cry (Pet Shop Boys) Video!
Girls Gone Wild (Konrad) Downloadable! Video!
Girls Like Me (Summertime) (Coyote Grace) Video!
Giroflée Girofla (Rosa Holt) Video!
Git Gone! (Len Chandler)
Gitmo Bay (T Fredric Jones) Downloadable!
Give a Boy a Gun (Harvey Andrews)
Give Him Time (Steven Clark) Downloadable!
Give Ireland Back To The Irish (Paul McCartney) Video!
Give me Love, Give me Peace On Earth (George Harrison) Video!
Give Me the Good News (Crocodile Harris) Video!
Give Me Three Grains of Corn, Mother (Amanda M. Edmond)
Give My Love to Marie (James Talley) Video!
Give Peace A Chance (Joe Cocker) Video!
Give Peace A Chance (John Lennon) Video!
Give the People What They Want (The Kinks) Video!
Give Yourself A Chance (DJ Bobo) Video!
Glacier (John Grant) Video!
Glad It's All Over (Captain Sensible) Video!
Glad to Be Gay (Tom Robinson Band) Video!
Gladiators (Andy Irvine) Video!
Glasgerion [Jack Orion] (Anonymous) Video!
Glen of Aherlow (Patrick Sheehan) (Joe Heaney (Seosamh Ó hÉanaí))
Glencoe (Alastair McDonald) Downloadable! Video!
Glencoe (Bitter Cold) (Colin Wilkie)
Global Cremation Suicide (Aeturnus Dominion) Downloadable! Video!
Global Nuclear Holocaust (Mordagoth) Downloadable!
Global War (Alborosie) Video!
Global Warning Is Real (Mike Stout) Downloadable!
Globalism (Sinva) Downloadable! Video!
Gloria Gaynor: I Will Survive (GLI EXTRA DELLE CCG / AWS EXTRAS / LES EXTRAS DES CCG) Video!
Glorified G (Pearl Jam) Video!
Glorious Days (Wong Ka Kui) Video!
Glorious Fool (John Martyn) Video!
Glory (John Legend) Video!
Glory And Fame (David Rovics) Video!
Glory Hallelujah (Frank Turner) Video!
Go Away You Bomb (Bob Dylan)
Go Back (Public Image Ltd. (PiL)) Video!
Go Down Old Hannah (Lead Belly) Video!
Go Down You Broken Old Man (Paul Arenson) Video!
Go down, Moses (Anonymous) Video!
Go Home, George (Whisky Rebellion) Downloadable!
Go Limp (Matt McGinn) Video!
Go on Home British Soldiers (Tommy Skelly) Video!
Go Tell It on the Mountain (Fannie Lou Hamer) Video!
Go, Move, Shift (Ewan MacColl) Video!
God (John Lennon) Video!
God & the FBI (Janis Ian) Video!
God Bless America (The Damnwells) Video!
God Bless America (Tom Harker)
God Bless America (ILLigitt) Downloadable!
God Bless America (for What) (Swamp Dogg) Video!
God Bless Amerika (Lil Wayne) Video!
God Bless BS (Chemical Mike)
God Bless Our Dead Marines (Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La-Band) Video!
God Bless Robert E. Lee (Johnny Cash) Video!
God Bless the Grass (Malvina Reynolds) Video!
God Bless the USA (David Rovics) Downloadable! Video!
God Bless This Mess (Sheryl Crow) Video!
God Bless Your Family (NanaKojo Adu) Video!
God Damn Job (The Replacements) Video!
God Damn Mistake (Wildman) Downloadable!
God Damn the War (Fr. Christoforos Schuff) Video!
God Gave Me a Gun (Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers) Video!
God Is a Bullet (Concrete Blonde) Video!
God Is a DJ (Faithless) Video!
God Is Dead (Ralph Buckley) Downloadable!
God Is Not With You ! (Ira Dei) Downloadable!
God is One (Alpha Blondy) Downloadable! Video!
God Is Watching (Paula Cole) Video!
God Knows I'm Good (David Bowie) Video!
God Made the Virus (McCarthy) Video!
God Made Us All (Ode to the Negro Race) (Lord Invader)
God Save the Hungry (Grace Petrie) Downloadable! Video!
God Save the People (Australian Women's Peace Army)
God Save The Queen (Sex Pistols) Video!
God Save The USA (Pennywise) Video!
God to a Hungry Child (Langston Hughes) Video!
God Was Never on Your Side (Motörhead) Video!
God's Counting on Me, God's Counting on You (Pete Seeger) Video!
God's Gift to the Caliphate (David Rovics) Video!
God's on Our Side Not Yours! (Andy Xport) Downloadable!
Goddamned (Jay Brannan) Video!
Gods (Langston Hughes)
Gods Of War (Def Leppard) Video!
Gods Of War (Bruce Dickinson) Video!
Gods of War (Lars Frederiksen & The Bastards) Video!
Godspeed (The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus) Video!
Godzilla (Blue Öyster Cult) Video!
God’s Song (That’s Why I Love Mankind) (Randy Newman) Video!
Goin' Down to Mississippi (Phil Ochs) Video!
Goin' Home Boys (Josh White) Downloadable! Video!
Going Down in Flames (Three Doors Down)
Going Down to Liverpool (Katrina and the Waves) Video!
Going Home (Lex Zaleta) Video!
Going Home (1918) (Randy Newman)
Going to a Town (Rufus Wainwright) Video!
Going to California (Led Zeppelin) Video!
Going to the Mine (Whisky Priests) Video!
Going Underground (The Jam) Video!
Going Up The Country (Canned Heat) Video!
Gold Against the Soul (Manic Street Preachers) Video!
Gone With the Draft (Nat King Cole) Video!
Good Christian Soldier (Kris Kristofferson) Video!
Good Evening Mr. Waldheim (Lou Reed) Video!
Good Kurds, Bad Kurds (David Rovics) Video!
Good Morning Britain (Aztec Camera) Video!
Good Morning Revolution (Langston Hughes)
Good Music Against Grief (Richard Marot)
Good Old Flag (The Orphan Brigade) Video!
Good Planets Are Hard to Find (Steve Forbert) Video!
Good Shepherd (Jefferson Airplane) Video!
Good-Bye Portland (David Rovics) Video!
Goodbye and Hello (Tim Buckley) Video!
Goodbye Blue Sky (Pink Floyd) Video!
Goodbye Earl (Dixie Chicks) Video!
Goodbye Joe Hill (Utah Phillips) Video!
Goodbye Mick (Wolfe Tones) Video!
Goodbye My Friends (Gang) Video!
Goodman and Schwerner and Chaney (Tom Paxton) Video!
Goodnight Mary (The Orphan Brigade)
Goodnight Saigon (Billy Joel) Downloadable! Video!
Goon Squad (Elvis Costello) Video!
Goose Green (Taking Tea With Pinochet) (Christy Moore) Video!
Gory Gory In Fallujah (Sebastian Mendler)
Got The Sun In The Morning And The Wind At Night (Carole Rose Livingston)
Got To Bring This Wall Down (Leah Levane)
Gotcha (Crass) Video!
Gotta Get a Grip (Mick Jagger) Video!
Gotta Go (Can`t Wage A War) (Kingdom Come)
Gotta Have the Balls (Tom Neilson) Downloadable!
Gotta Keep Movin' (MC5) Video!
GöTterdäMmerung ( Zenith of Power) (Stratovarius) Video!
Government Men (Paul Arenson)
Government Surplus (Roy Harper) Video!
Governor Wallace (The SNCC Freedom Singers) Downloadable! Video!
Grace (Within Temptation) Video!
Graffiti Limbo (Michelle Shocked)
Grafted Into the Army (Henry Clay Work) Downloadable! Video!
Grandad (Spirogyra) Video!
Grandfather and Me (Tom Neilson) Downloadable!
Grass (Carl Sandburg) Video!
Grass Stopped Growing (MaryK) Video!
Gravedigger (Cletus Got Shot) Video!
Graves Nation (Blatoidea) Downloadable! Video!
Graveyard Shift (Uncle Tupelo) Video!
Great Atomic Power (The Louvin Brothers) Video!
Great Big Lies (Dumb Presidents) Downloadable!
Great Dictator (Of the Free World) (Kula Shaker) Video!
Great Expectations (Tank) Video!
Great Imperialist State (Simone White) Video!
Great What? (Conflict) Video!
Greatest Man in America (Moxy Früvous) Video!
Grecia (Das Kapital) Video!
Greedy Blade (Mastercastle) Downloadable! Video!
Greek Debt Song (Merle Hazard) Video!
Green Grow The Rushes (R.E.M.) Video!
Green Heaven (Red Hot Chili Peppers) Video!
Green Is Blue (Neil Young) Video!
Green Rolling Hills (Utah Phillips) Video!
Green Shirt (Elvis Costello) Video!
Green, Green Grass of Home (Porter Wagoner) Video!
Greensboro Massacre (Bob A. Feldman) Video!
Greetings (This Is Uncle Sam)‎ (The Valadiers) Video!
Grenadier (A. E. Housman) Downloadable!
Grensvegter (Warrick Sony)
Grey October (Peggy Seeger)
Grey Victory (10,000 Maniacs) Video!
Grievance (Pearl Jam) Video!
Grindstone (Uncle Tupelo) Video!
Grizzly Bear (Harry Belafonte) Video!
Ground Zero (Chris Cornell) Video!
Ground Zero (David Kilpatrick) Downloadable!
Grow (Algee Smith) Video!
Guadalupe (Gretchen Peters) Video!
Guanajuato (David Rovics) Video!
Guantanamo (Stephen R. Coffee)
Guantanamo (Ry Cooder) Downloadable! Video!
Guantanamo (State Radio) Video!
Guantanamo (Pete Townshend) Video!
Guantanamo (Executive Privilege) (Joe Solo) Downloadable!
Guantánamo Bay (Compassionate Conservatives) Downloadable!
Guantanamo Bay (John Robin Devany) Video!
Guantanamo Bay (Barry Kerr)
Guantanamo Bay (Planet Potato)
Guantanamo Bay (David Rovics) Downloadable!
Guantanamo Bay (J.D. Sage) Video!
Guantanamo Bay (Slon in Sadež)
Guantanamo Bay / Club X-Ray (Seize The Day)
Guantanamo Bay! (Cameron Bastedo) Downloadable!
Guantanamo Will Be Free (Jack Warshaw) Downloadable!
Guatemala (Pete Sears) Video!
Guerrilla Radio (Rage Against The Machine) Video!
Guerrilla Soldier (Lawrence Gowan) Video!
Guess I’m Doing Fine (Bob Dylan)
Guess Who Comes Tonight (Richard Marot)
Guided by Hate (Bob A. Feldman) Video!
Guiltiness (Bob Marley) Video!
Gul Mudin (Xiu xiu) Video!
Gulf of Araby (Katell Keineg) Video!
Gulf War Song (Moxy Früvous) Video!
Gun (Doomtrain) Downloadable!
Gun (Madness)
Gun (Iggy Pop) Video!
Gun (Gil Scott-Heron) Video!
Gun Control (Ian Hunter) Video!
Gun In Your Hand (Rx Bandits) Video!
Gun No Kill (Three Shoes Posse) Downloadable!
Gun Rap (Gerry Dempsey) Downloadable!
Gun Shy (10,000 Maniacs) Video!
Gung Ho (Patti Smith) Video!
Gunman (Adrian Belew) Video!
Gunner Joe (Jules Jackson)
Gunpowder (Wyclef Jean) Video!
Guns (Coldplay) Video!
Guns and Bombs (Janet Russell) Video!
Guns And The Young (The Mighty Mighty Bosstones) Video!
Guns Are The Tongues (Richard Thompson) Video!
Guns At My School (Hüsker Dü) Video!
Guns Before Butter (Gang Of Four) Video!
Guns for the Afghan Rebels (Angelic Upstarts) Video!
Guns in the Distance (Maverick Sabre) Video!
Guns in the Sky (INXS) Video!
Guns of love (Moffats) Video!
Guns On The Roof (The Clash) Downloadable! Video!
Guns, Abuse and Belief (Myth of Democracy) Downloadable!
Guns, Guns, Guns (The Guess Who) Video!
Gunships (Bedouin Soundclash) Video!
Gunslinger (Avenged Sevenfold) Video!
Gurindji Blues (Ted Egan) Video!
Guy Fawkes' table (Attila the Stockbroker) Video!
Gypsy (Ralph McTell) Video!
Gypsy Reggae (Adriano Bono) Video!
H-Block Escape (The Templars of Doom) Downloadable! Video!
H2OGaTe Blues‎ (Gil Scott-Heron) Video!
Had Any Lately (Mother of Three) Video!
Hadda Been Playin' On The Jukebox (Rage Against The Machine) Video!
Haditha (David Rovics)
Haemoglobin (Placebo) Video!
Haider! (Attila the Stockbroker) Downloadable! Video!
Hail to the Chief (John McCutcheon)
Hail to the Chief (Prophets Of Rage) Video!
Haiphong-1972 (Psychedelic Cowboys)
Haiti (Arcade Fire) Video!
Halabja (Banner Theatre) Video!
Half A Life Away (Stiff Little Fingers) Video!
Half Your Angels (Crosby & Nash) Video!
Half-Breed (Cher) Video!
Halfway Round the World (Val Davis) Video!
Hallelujah (Deep Purple) Video!
Hallelujah and Fallujah (Lorne Clarke & Tom Flannery)
Hallelujah Money (Gorillaz) Video!
Hallelujah, I'm a Bum (Barbara Dane) Downloadable! Video!
Hallelujah, I'm a Bum (Joe Hill)
Halliburton Boardroom Massacre (David Rovics) Downloadable! Video!
Hallie Does Hebron (Propagandhi) Video!
Hallowed Be Thy Name (Iron Maiden) Video!
Halt Right (Otep) Video!
Hammer Man (Anonymous)
Hammer To Fall (Queen) Video!
Hammerhead (Offspring) Downloadable! Video!
Hammerhead (Rare Bird) Video!
Han' a Fascist on a Tree (Bob T. Guevara) Downloadable!
Hand on Your Gun (Lowkey) Downloadable! Video!
Hand to Mouth (George Michael) Video!
Hand-Loom Weaver’s Lament (Harry Boardman) Video!
Handlebars (Flobots) Video!
Hands (UWCers) Video!
Hands (a Song for Orlando) (Autori Vari / Different Authors / Différents Auteurs) Video!
Hands All Over (Soundgarden) Video!
Hands Held High (Linkin Park) Downloadable! Video!
Hands Like Gloves (Barna Howard) Video!
Hands Off (Flying Folk Army) Downloadable! Video!
Hands Off Nkrumah (Jimmy Collier) Downloadable! Video!
Hands On You (Ethan Miller & Kate Boverman)
Hands Up (Uncle Murda) Video!
Hands-Off Nicaragua (Oi Polloi) Video!
Handsome Johnny (Richie Havens) Video!
Handsworth Revolution (Steel Pulse) Video!
Hang 'em High (Kingdom Come)
Hang A Flag In The Window (David Rovics) Downloadable! Video!
Hang Me, Oh Hang Me (Dave Van Ronk) Video!
Hangar 18 (Megadeth) Downloadable! Video!
Hanging in the Wire (PJ Harvey) Video!
Hanging on a Tree (Vanessa Redgrave)
Hanging On The Old Barbed Wire (Anonymous) Video!
Hangknot, Slipknot (Woody Guthrie) Video!
Hangman (Roy Harper) Video!
Hangman's Blues‎ (Blind Lemon Jefferson) Video!
Hangman’s Boogie (Cowboy Copas) Video!
Happening At Home (Ask Murt) Downloadable!
Happiness (Tanzania Albinism Collective) Downloadable!
Happiness and Sunshine (Exuma) Video!
Happiness is a Warm Gun (Beatles) Video!
Happy Birthday (Stevie Wonder) Video!
Happy Easter (War Is Coming) (Robbie Williams) Video!
Happy Xmas (War is Over) (John Lennon) Video!
Harakiri (Serj Tankian [Serž T'angean] / Սերժ Թանգեան) Video!
Hard Case (Ewan MacColl) Downloadable! Video!
Hard Hard Times (Eric Bogle) Video!
Hard Time Blues (Josh White) Video!
Hard Times (Public Image Ltd. (PiL)) Video!
Hard Times Are Fightin' Times (Mike Stout) Downloadable! Video!
Hard Times Come Again No More (Stephen Collins Foster) Video!
Hard Times in a Cotton Mill (Cotton Mill Blues) (Anonymous) Downloadable! Video!
Hard Times in Colman's Mines (Aunt Molly Jackson) Downloadable! Video!
Hard Times in the Mill (Anonymous) Video!
Hard Times of Old England (The Copper Family) Video!
Hard Travelin' (Woody Guthrie) Downloadable! Video!
Hard-On For War (Mudhoney) Downloadable! Video!
Harlan County Blues (George Davis) Video!
Harlan Man (Steve Earle) Video!
Harlem Renaissance (Immortal Technique) Video!
Harmony (NeverShoutNever!) Video!
Harold Land (Yes) Video!
Harriet Tubman (Frederick Douglass Kirkpatrick) Downloadable! Video!
Harriet Tubman (Holly Near) Video!
Harriet Tubman's Ballad (Woody Guthrie) Downloadable! Video!
Harris And The Mare (Stan Rogers) Downloadable! Video!
Harrowdown Hill (Thom Yorke) Video!
Harry Farr (Stray) Downloadable! Video!
Harry Patch (In Memory of) (Radiohead) Video!
Harvest for the World (The Isley Brothers) Video!
Harvest Land (Anonymous)
Hate And War (The Clash) Downloadable! Video!
Hate G8 (Los Fastidios) Video!
Hate The Police (The Dicks) Downloadable! Video!
Hateful Hate (10,000 Maniacs) Video!
Haunts Of Ancient Peace (Van Morrison) Video!
Havana Affair (The Ramones) Video!
Have Another (Aus-Rotten) Video!
Have I Got It Right? Talking 9/11 Blues (Les Visible)
Have You Been To Jail For Justice ? (Anne Feeney) Downloadable! Video!
Have You Ever Seen the Rain? (Creedence Clearwater Revival) Video!
Have You Forgotten (Darryl Worley) Video!
Have You Seen the Saucers? (Jefferson Airplane) Video!
Haven't We Learned (Randy Gould) Downloadable!
Hawks And Eagles Fly Like Doves (Ian Walker) Video!
Hay Una Mujer Desaparecida (Holly Near) Video!
Haymatlos (Bandista) Video!
Hazard, Kentucky (Phil Ochs) Video!
He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother (The Hollies) Video!
He Bombed My Daddy (Hillbilly Democrats) Downloadable!
He Fades Away (Alistair Hulett) Downloadable! Video!
He Fell With Honor (Cephus McGoogle) Downloadable!
He Had a Long Chain On (Jimmy Driftwood) Video!
He Is Coming To Us Dead, or The Express Office (Anonymous) Video!
He is my Brother (Antoni Słonimski) Video!
He Lies in the American Land (Pete Seeger) Video!
He Said He Had a Friend (Doc Williams) Video!
He Was Alone (Cat Stevens / Yusuf Islam) Video!
He Was My Brother (Simon & Garfunkel) Video!
He's Gonna Step On You Again (John Kongos) Video!
Head, Chest or Foot? (Propagandhi) Video!
Headless Heroes (Eugene McDaniels) Video!
Heal The World (Michael Jackson) Video!
Heal These Global Wounds (Clan Dyken)
Healing the Nations (SkankinDaddy) Downloadable!
Health of Freedom (Moan) Video!
Hear the Missiles Go (Paddy Schmidt)
Heard Somebody Say (Devendra Banhart) Video!
Heart Of Darkness (Grave Digger) Video!
Heart of Indochine (Nanci Griffith)
Heart of Leningrad (Dark Lunacy) Video!
Heartbeat (David Elon Preston) Downloadable!
Heartland (Willie Nelson) Video!
Heartland (The The) Video!
Hearts and Minds (Jill Sobule) Downloadable! Video!
Heatseeker (AC/DC) Video!
Heaven (The Psychedelic Furs) Video!
Heaven Help the Working Girl (Norma Jean) Video!
Heaven help us all (Stevie Wonder) Downloadable! Video!
Heaven Is Falling (Bad Religion) Video!
Heaven's Here On Earth (Tracy Chapman) Video!
Heavy Artillery (Tank) Downloadable! Video!
Helicopter (Bloc Party) Downloadable! Video!
Hell Broke Luce (Tom Waits) Video!
Hell Hound on My Trail (Robert Johnson) Video!
Hell Is For Children (Pat Benatar) Video!
Hell Is War (Discharge) Video!
Hell No (I'm Not Alright) (Nanci Griffith) Video!
Hell No, I Ain’t Gonna Go! (Matthew Jones) Downloadable! Video!
Hell You Talmbout (Janelle Monáe) Video!
Hell's Ditch (The Pogues) Video!
Hell, No, I Won't Go (Paul Arenson)
Hellnation (Dead Kennedys) Downloadable! Video!
Hello Bonjour (Michael Franti & Spearhead) Downloadable! Video!
Hello Central! Give Me No Man's Land (Al Jolson) Video!
Hello In There (John Prine) Video!
Hello Mama (Ray Stevens) Video!
Hello Sailor (Liz Phair) Video!
Hello Stranger (The Carter Family) Video!
Hello Vietnam (Johnnie Wright) Video!
Hello, Coal Miner (Sarah Ogan Gunning)
Hello, USA: We're Screwed (Douglas Stambler (D. Glas)) Video!
Help Help (Pearl Jam) Video!
Help Is Coming (Crowded House) Video!
Help Save The Youth of America (Billy Bragg) Downloadable! Video!
Helpless (Neil Young) Video!
Hemlock (Peter Hammill) Video!
Henry Ford Was A Fascist (David Rovics) Video!
Henry Joy (Anonymous) Video!
Henry K (The Ex) Downloadable! Video!
Henry Martin (Anonymous) Video!
Her Majesty (Chumbawamba) Downloadable! Video!
Herbman Smuggling (Yellowman) Video!
Hercules (Midnight Oil) Video!
Here (Awa Ly) Downloadable! Video!
Here and Now (Rob Lincoln) Downloadable!
Here At Greenham On A Spree [Layabout Song] (Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp Songbook)
Here at the End of the World (David Rovics) Video!
Here Come Cowboys (The Psychedelic Furs) Video!
Here Come the Americans (Urban Guerrillas) Video!
Here Come the Cowboys (Fairport Convention) Downloadable! Video!
Here Comes President Kill Again (XTC) Video!
Here Comes the Judge (Pigmeat Markham) Video!
Here Comes The War (New Model Army) Video!
Here I Am (Craig Wasson) Video!
Here in Silence (Sandy Denny) Video!
Here It Comes Slowly (Noir Désir) Downloadable! Video!
Here We Are Nowhere (Stiff Little Fingers) Video!
Here We Go Again (Ethan Miller & Kate Boverman) Downloadable!
Here's Adieu to All Judges and Juries (Anonymous) Video!
Here's the Tender Coming (Anonymous) Video!
Here's To The State Of Mississippi (Phil Ochs) Video!
Here's To The State Of Richard Nixon (Phil Ochs) Video!
Heresy (Rush) Video!
Here’s Your Future (The Thermals) Video!
Hero (Lucky Dube) Video!
Hero (Michael Kiwanuka) Video!
Hero Blues (Bob Dylan) Video!
Hero of The War (Scott Walker) Video!
Hero Of War (Rise Against) Video!
Hero's Death (Roamin' Jack) (Anonymous)
Heroes (David Bowie) Video!
Heroes (Jill Sobule) Video!
Heroin Wars (Ryan Harvey) Video!
Heros (Cum Home In Boxes) (The Fartz) Video!
Heros Of America (August Bullock) Downloadable! Video!
Hero’s Song (Brendan James) Video!
Hevi (Amore curdo) (Gasparazzo) Video!
Hey Biladi (Dean Reed) Video!
Hey Blue Eyes (Bruce Springsteen) Video!
Hey Brother (Avicii) Video!
Hey Clown (Firewater) Video!
Hey Dick! (Jkirks) Downloadable!
Hey Hey Hurray (Ryan Bingham) Video!
Hey Hey Sam (Microdisney)
Hey Hey U.S.A. (Ginger Tom) Video!
Hey Ho (Tracy Grammer) Video!
Hey Joe (Just Say NO Posse)
Hey Ma (James) Video!
Hey Mon Senior (Roger John) Downloadable!
Hey President Don't You Kill For Me (Anti-Idiot-President-Coalition Band)
Hey Sandy (Harvey Andrews) Downloadable! Video!
Hey World (Don't Give Up) (Michael Franti & Spearhead) Video!
Hey! Fascist (The Fall) Video!
Hey, It's Not Me (Mick Terry)
Hey, Mr. President (Peter La Farge) Video!
Hey, Mr. Rockefeller! (Mike Millius) Downloadable! Video!
Hey, Nelly Nelly (Judy Collins) Video!
Heysel Stadium (Chumbawamba) Downloadable!
HFFK (Biohazard) Video!
Hi-Ro-Jerum (the Rich Man and the Poor Man) (Anonymous) Video!
Hic Jacet (Chloë and Jason Roweth) Video!
Hiç kimsenin şarkısı (Bandista) Downloadable! Video!
Hidden Dictator (Kreator) Video!
Hiding in the Ammunition Van (Chloë and Jason Roweth)
Higgs Boson Blues (Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds) Video!
High Germany (Anonymous) Downloadable! Video!
High Hopes (Tim Scott McConnell) Downloadable! Video!
High Hoss (Wade Farlowe) Downloadable!
High Pressure Low (Against Me!) Video!
High Society (Daniel Ledinsky) Video!
High-Flying Bird (Judy Henske) Video!
High-minded castle (Songs Against the Carnage)
Higher Ground (Rasmussen) Video!
Higher Than Mercy (Kobo Town) Downloadable!
Higher Wall (New Model Army) Video!
Highway 61 Revisited (Bob Dylan) Video!
Highway Dream (Bucky Halker) Video!
Highwayman (The Highwaymen) Video!
Highwire (Rolling Stones) Video!
Highwomen (Brandi Carlile) Video!
Hillcrest Mine (James Keelaghan) Video!
Hills of Virginia (David Ferrard) Video!
Him (Lily Allen) Video!
Hinky Dinky Parlez-Vous (Anonymous)
Hippie From Olema (The Youngbloods) Downloadable! Video!
Hiroshima (Dan Bern)
Hiroshima (Dead Unicorn) Downloadable! Video!
Hiroshima (Flower Travellin' Band) Video!
Hiroshima (Will James) Downloadable!
Hiroshima (Gary Moore) Video!
Hiroshima (David Rovics) Video!
Hiroshima (Subhumans) Video!
Hiroshima (Utopia) Video!
Hiroshima (Wishful Thinking) Video!
Hiroshima & Nagasaki (Is This Mankind?) (Flashback Of Anger) Video!
Hiroshima (B B B Benny Hit His Head) (Ben Folds) Video!
Hiroshima (Never Again) (Pak Poe / 朴 保)
Hiroshima (Pax Americana Mix) (Sleiboi G) Downloadable!
Hiroshima and Nagasaki (Carol Ichinose) Downloadable!
Hiroshima mon amour (Alcatrazz) Video!
Hiroshima Nagasaki Russian Roulette (Moving Hearts) Video!
Hiroshima's Grave (MetalAeons) Downloadable!
Hiroshima, I´m Sorry (Kelly Family) Video!
Hiroshima, My Love (Dogwood Daughter)
His Hands (Janis Ian) Video!
HIStory (Michael Jackson) Video!
History (Rob Lincoln) Downloadable!
History Lesson (Living Colour) Video!
History Lesson (Minutemen) Video!
History Lesson (Leon Rosselson) Video!
History of Violence (Belly) Downloadable! Video!
History Will Teach Us Nothing (Sting) Video!
Hit (Wilfrid Wilson Gibson)
Hitler (Manolo Díaz)
Hitler Ain't Dead (Bill Frederick) Video!
Hitler Day (Public Enemy) Video!
Hitler Has Only Got One Ball (Toby O'Brien)
Hitler Song (Lead Belly) Video!
Hmmm... (Chumbawamba) Downloadable!
Hmong History X (Tune In) Video!
Ho Tsing Mee (A Song of the Sun) (Terry Callier) Video!
Hobo Low (Seasick Steve) Video!
Hobo's Lullaby (Woody Guthrie) Video!
Hoist That Rag (Tom Waits) Video!
Hoka Hey (A 'Fora De Arrastu) Video!
Hold Me (OrionStar) Downloadable!
Hold On (Nalini Lasiewicz) Video!
Hold On Tight (Simone Sahyouni) Downloadable!
Hold on Tom (Ray Rivers) Video!
Hold Out Your Hand (Nickelback) Video!
Hold That Line (Peter Hicks)
Hold the Fort (Anonymous) Video!
Hold the Line (Pete Seeger) Downloadable! Video!
Hole in the Ground (Tom Parrott) Video!
Hole in the World (Eagles) Video!
Holiday (Green Day) Video!
Holiday (James McMurtry) Video!
Holiday In Cambodia (Dead Kennedys) Video!
Holiday in Lebanon (B.G.K.) Video!
Holland, 1945 (Neutral Milk Hotel) Downloadable! Video!
Holocaust (Aeturnus Dominion) Downloadable! Video!
Holocaust (Upright Citizens) Video!
Holocaust Cantata: Songs From the Camps (Donald McCullough) Downloadable!
Holy Ground (Traffic) Video!
Holy Irons (Grant-Lee Phillips) Video!
Holy Land (Ryan Harvey) Downloadable!
Holy Land 5 (David Rovics) Downloadable! Video!
Holy Mountains (System Of A Down) Video!
Holy War (Electric Angels) Downloadable!
Holy War (Alicia Keys) Video!
Holy War (Kingsbury) Video!
Holy War (Manowar) Video!
Holy War (Mike Marino & His Restless Soul) Downloadable!
Holy War (Matthew Sweet) Video!
Holy Wars (Megadeth) Downloadable! Video!
Holy Water (Big & Rich) Video!
Home (Beltaine's Fire) Video!
Home (Michael Bublé) Video!
Home (Richard Marot)
Home (Public Image Ltd. (PiL)) Video!
Home (Gary Puckett & The Union Gap) Video!
Home (Warsan Shire) Video!
Home (Steve Suffet)
Home (Roger Waters) Video!
Home Fires (Ron Kavana) Video!
Home Fit for Heroes (Martin Carthy)
Home Forever (Murray Wilde) Downloadable!
Home From the War (Lugh Damen) Video!
Home Is Where the Heart Is (John Butler Trio) Video!
Home Movies (Malenky Slovos) Downloadable! Video!
Home of the Brave (Mr. Lif) Video!
Home Uninjured (Amy Martin) Downloadable! Video!
Homeland (I Want My Country Back) (Greg Brown) Video!
Homeland Security (Dan Reich) Video!
Homelands (Indiens) Downloadable!
Homeless (Paul Simon) Video!
Homeless Blues (Bessie Smith) Video!
Homeless Blues (Willie "Long Time" Smith) Video!
Homestead (Joe Grushecky) Video!
Homestead Strike Song‎ (Pete Seeger) Video!
Homeward Bound (Bob T. Guevara) Downloadable!
Homeward Bound Soldier (September 29th) Video!
Homo Sapiens (La Sagra della Primavera) (Daniele Sepe) Video!
Homophobia (Chumbawamba) Video!
Honest Lullaby (Joan Baez) Video!
Honor & Justice (B.G.K.) Video!
Honor the Soldier (Protest the War) (DanDean) Downloadable! Video!
Honour and Blood (Tank) Video!
Honour and Pride (SevenGates) Downloadable!
Honourable Men (Rod MacDonald) Downloadable! Video!
Hoobaale (K'naan) Downloadable! Video!
Hoodiez (Willie D) Video!
Hope and Glory (Tom Robinson) Video!
Hope For Our Peace (Ken Bierschbach) Downloadable! Video!
Hope for the Future (Paul McCartney) Video!
Hope in a Hopeless World (Pops Staples) Downloadable! Video!
Hope Is a Boat (Adhamh Roland) Downloadable! Video!
Hope Springs Eternal (Capercaillie)
Hopelessness (Anohni) Video!
Horror Follows Horror (Ivor Gurney)
Horse Soldier, Horse Soldier (Corb Lund & the Hurtin' Albertans) Video!
Horses In The Sky (Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La-Band) Video!
Hostel Strike (The Young 'uns) Video!
Hourglass (Lamb of God) Video!
House Burning Down (Jimi Hendrix) Video!
House Down in Carne (The Ballad of Nuke Power) (Christy Moore) Video!
House of the Fascist Scum (Blaggers ITA) Video!
House of Valparaíso (Calexico) Video!
House Un-American Blues Activity Dream (Richard Fariña) Video!
How Beautiful Upon The Mountain (Tom Paxton) Video!
How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live? (Blind Alfred Reed) Video!
How Can You Keep on Moving (Unless You Migrate Too) (Agnes Cunningham) Downloadable!
How Come (Ray Lamontagne) Video!
How Come, How Long (Babyface) Video!
How Do We Sleep At Night? (Lorne Clarke & Tom Flannery) Video!
How Do You Do? (Shakira) Video!
How Do You Sleep? (The Varukers) Downloadable! Video!
How Does It Feel? (Steve Conn) Downloadable!
How Does it Feel? (Crass) Video!
How Does the Grass Grow? (David Bowie) Video!
How Far Is It From Here To Nuremberg? (David Rovics) Downloadable! Video!
How Far We Have Come? (Bill Frederick) Video!
How I Learned To Love The Bomb (Television Personalities) Downloadable! Video!
How Is It (We Are Here) (Moody Blues) Video!
How Life Is A Blaze ( First Speech) (Richard Marot)
How Long (Jackson Browne) Video!
How Long (Phil Ochs) Video!
How Long Have You Been Blind (Floyd "Red Crow" Westerman) Downloadable! Video!
How Long? (Anne Feeney) Downloadable!
How Many (Rev1)
How Many More Willie McBrides? (Liza Mulholland) Downloadable!
How Many People (Paul McCartney) Video!
How Many Soldiers Per Gallon Does Your SUV Get? (David Rovics)
How Many Tears (Helloween) Downloadable! Video!
How Many Women (WDD & Michela Grena) Video!
How Much For The Life Of A Miner ? (Anne Feeney) Video!
How We Get Things (Andy the Doorbum) Downloadable!
How We Gonna Make the Black Nation Rise (Brother D) Video!
How Will I Ever Be Simple Again (Richard Thompson) Video!
How Would You Feel?‎ (Jimi Hendrix) Video!
Howjido (Woody Guthrie) Video!
Huberta (a True Story. Details Culled From the Library of the Johannesburg Sunday Times) (Jeremy Taylor) Video!
Hughes Lives On Forever (Gerry O'Glacain)
Hughie Grame (Anonymous) Video!
Hum-Allah-Hum-Allah-Hum-Allah (Pharoah Sanders) Video!
Human Error (Subhumans) Video!
Human Jungle (Take It Easy Hospital) Video!
Humanity (Scorpions) Downloadable! Video!
Humanity (Love the Way It Should Be) (John Legend) Video!
Humans Piss Me Off (Myth of Democracy) Downloadable! Video!
Hummer [For The Military Targets Among The SUV's] (David Rovics) Downloadable!
Hunger Strike (Temple of the Dog) Video!
Hunger Strike/Harmony (Tossers) Video!
Hungry (Doc Jazz) Video!
Hungry Eyes (Merle Haggard) Video!
Hungry Planet (The Byrds) Video!
Hunter (Si Kahn)
Hunting for Witches (Bloc Party) Downloadable! Video!
Hunting Season for George W. Bush (Belo Tha Poet) Downloadable!
Hurling & Imperialism (Chumbawamba) Downloadable!
Hurricane (Bob Dylan) Video!
Hush, Here Comes a Whizzbang (Joan Littlewood and her Theatre Workshop)
Hydrogen Bomb (Al Rex) Video!
Hymn 43 (Jethro Tull) Video!
Hymn For The Dead (Anti-Flag) Downloadable! Video!
Hymn No. 5 (The Mighty Hannibal) Downloadable! Video!
Hymn of the Big Wheel (Massive Attack) Video!
Hymn Of Underground (Anonymous)
Hymn to the World (Heikki Sarmanto) Video!
Hymnen (Einstürzende Neubauten) Video!
Hypnotize (System Of A Down) Video!
I Ain't a-Scared of Your Jail (Anonymous) Video!
I Ain't Afraid (Holly Near) Video!
I Ain't Got No Home (In This World Anymore) (Woody Guthrie) Video!
I Ain't Living Long Like This (Waylon Jennings) Video!
I Ain't Marching Anymore (Phil Ochs) Video!
I Am a Feminist (Glad Judy) Downloadable!
I Am a Girl of Constant Sorrow (Sarah Ogan Gunning) Video!
I Am a Human (Ziggy Marley) Video!
I Am A Patriot (Steven Van Zandt) Video!
I Am a Union Woman (Aunt Molly Jackson) Video!
I Am A Witness To Your War Crimes (Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp Songbook)
I Am an Immigrant (Thom Chacon) Video!
I Am Coal (Ed Pickford) Video!
I Am Mine (Pearl Jam) Video!
I Am Not At War With Anyone (Luka Bloom) Downloadable! Video!
I Am So Weary (Song for Refugees) (Cliff McAulay) Video!
I Am Sorry Ayad (Liam Kane) Downloadable!
I Am The Common Man (Battlefield Band) Video!
I Am the Earth (Goose Creek Symphony) Video!
I Am the Messenger (Mick Harvey & Christopher Richard Barker) Downloadable! Video!
I Am the People (Carl Sandburg)
I Am the Six O'clock News (Larry Norman) Video!
I Am the War (Sodom) Video!
I Am What I Am (Jerry Herman) Video!
I Am Willing (Holly Near) Video!
I Am Woman (Hear Me Roar)‎ (Helen Reddy) Video!
I Asked the Bossman (Sam Lightnin' Hopkins) Video!
I Believe (Malvina Reynolds)
I Believe I Can Change My World (Francis Dunnery) Video!
I Believe I'm Gonna Make It (Joe Tex) Downloadable! Video!
I Believe in Father Christmas (Greg Lake) Video!
I Believed in You (Skunk Anansie) Video!
I Bombed Korea (CAKE) Video!
I Bury the Living (Morrissey) Video!
I Can See a New Day (Les Rice) Video!
I Can't Breathe (Pussy Riot / Пусси Райот) Video!
I Can't Love This Country (Across the border) Video!
I Can't See New York (Tori Amos) Video!
I Can't Take It No More (John Fogerty) Video!
I Can't Write Left Handed (Bill Withers) Video!
I Come and Stand at Every Door (Pete Seeger) Downloadable! Video!
I Cum in Peace (Masturbate for peace) Downloadable!
I Did It for Alfie (Chumbawamba) Video!
I Did Not Raise My Boy To Be A Soldier (Morton Harvey) Downloadable! Video!
I Did What I Could With My Gas Mask (George Formby) Video!
I didn't raise my boy to be a soldier (Rana Choir) Video!
I Didn't Raise My Son To Be A Soldier (Hamish Imlach)
I Died for a Lie (Carol Moore) Video!
I Don't Believe in if Anymore (Roger Whittaker) Video!
I Don't Believe in this Country Anymore (Ryan Harvey) Downloadable!
I Don't Know (Pól Mac Adaim) Downloadable!
I Don't Like Mondays (Boomtown Rats) Video!
I Don't Wanna Die (The 4-Skins) Video!
I Don't Wanna Fight The Soviet (Angelic Upstarts) Downloadable! Video!
I Don't Wanna Get Drafted [Drafted Again] (Frank Zappa) Downloadable! Video!
I Don't Wanna Go to No War! (Ryan Harvey) Downloadable!
I Don't Wanna Go To Vietnam (John Lee Hooker) Downloadable! Video!
I Don't Wanna Grow Up (Tom Waits) Video!
I Don't Want No Jim Crow Coffee (Bill McAdoo) Downloadable! Video!
I Don't Want To Be A Hero (Johnny Hates Jazz) Video!
I Don't Want To Be A Soldier (Anonymous) Video!
I Don't Want To Be A Soldier (John Lennon) Video!
I Don't Want to Be a Soldier (George Mann) Video!
I Don't Want To Die (Oliver Southgate) Downloadable! Video!
I Don't Want To Go To War (Edward Madden)
I Don't Want to Have a War (Bill McAdoo) Downloadable! Video!
I Don't Want To Join The Army (Anonymous) Downloadable!
I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire (The Ink Spots) Video!
I Don't Want Your Millions, Mister (Jim Garland) Downloadable! Video!
I Don't Want Your Pardon (Tom Paxton) Downloadable! Video!
I Don’t Speak Human (Omnia) Video!
I Don’t Want Nobody to Give Me Nothing (Open Up the Door, I’ll Get It Myself)‎ (James Brown) Video!
I Dream a World (Langston Hughes) Video!
I Dream Of A World (Bill McAdoo) Downloadable! Video!
I Dreamed I Saw Joe Hill Last Night (Alfred Hayes) Video!
I Dreamed I Saw Phil Ochs Last Night (Billy Bragg) Downloadable! Video!
I Drive Your Truck (Lee Brice) Video!
I Feel Like the Mother of the World (Smog) Video!
I Feel the Draft Coming On (Bill Nettles) Downloadable!
I Find It Hard to Say (Rebel) (Lauryn Hill) Video!
I Fought In A War (Belle & Sebastian) Video!
I Fought the Law (and I Won)‎ (Dead Kennedys) Video!
I Found That Essence Rare (Gang Of Four) Video!
I Get By (Everlast) Video!
I Had a Dream (John Sebastian) Video!
I Had a Dream (Loudon Wainwright III) Video!
I Had a Dream Last Night (Dan Oakenhead) Video!
I Had No Right (Dar Williams) Video!
I Hate Myself (Charlotte in Cage) Video!
I Hate the Capitalist System (Sarah Ogan Gunning) Video!
I Hate The War (The Ballet) Video!
I Hate the Whiteman (Roy Harper) Video!
I Hate War (Art Paul Schlosser) Video!
I Hate Wogs (Eric Bogle) Video!
I Have a Dream (Daria A. Marmaluk-Hajioannou) Downloadable! Video!
I Have a Dream (Craig A. Thompson) Downloadable! Video!
I Have a Dream / This Is Our Moment (Bob Silberg) Downloadable!
I Have Come To Take My Boy Home (Jym Mooney) Downloadable! Video!
I Have No Answers (The Levellers) Video!
I Have No Indian Name (Walela) Video!
I Have Seen the Enemy (Beltaine's Fire) Downloadable! Video!
I Have Seen The Enemy (David Rovics) Video!
I Have Seen The Rain (Pink) Video!
I Have... (Saccharine Trust) Video!
I Hear an Army Charging Upon the Land (James Joyce) Video!
I Hear Them All (Old Crow Medicine Show) Video!
I Heard a Rumor (Ryan Harvey) Downloadable!
I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow) Downloadable! Video!
I Heard The Wind Blow (The Vietnam Veterans) Video!
I Hope You Get Drafted (The Dicks) Video!
I Hung My Head (Sting) Video!
I Just Wanna Go Home (Lorne Clarke & Tom Flannery)
I Just Want To Sing Your Name (Woody Guthrie) Downloadable! Video!
I Kill Therefore I Am (Phil Ochs) Video!
I Knew I Could Fly (Rhiannon Giddens, Amythyst Kiah, Leyla McCalla, Allison Russell) Video!
I Know I'm not Alone (Michael Franti & Spearhead) Video!
I Know Now (Free Spirit Placenta) Downloadable!
I Know There Is Love (Crass) Downloadable! Video!
I Know You Don't Care About Me (Brothers Keepers) Video!
I Like Hitler (Birch Society Song) (Phil Ochs)
I Looked Out From Drapchi Prison (The Nuns of Drapchi Prison / Le monache del carcere di Drapchi)
I Love A Man In A Uniform (Gang Of Four) Video!
I Love The World (New Model Army) Video!
I Might Need You to Kill (The Thermals) Video!
I Never Go to Work (Seven Days of the Week) (Anonymous) Video!
I Never Picked Cotton (Roy Clark) Video!
I Piss (Fokkum) Downloadable!
I Pity The Poor Immigrant (Bob Dylan) Video!
I Play the Kora (Les Amazones d’Afrique) Video!
I Raq And Roll (Clint Black) Video!
I Remember Warsaw (David Rovics) Downloadable! Video!
I Sat on a Bus (Dominique Moore) Downloadable! Video!
I Saved the World Today (Eurythmics) Video!
I Saw the Buildings (James Talley) Downloadable! Video!
I Saw the Vision of Armies (Joan Baez) Video!
I Saw the World (Pearls Before Swine) Video!
I Say a Little Prayer (Dionne Warwick) Video!
I See Rainbows (Yoko Ono) Video!
I Shall Be Released (Bob Dylan) Video!
I Shall Not Be Unmoved (Peter Irsay)
I Shot the Sheriff (Bob Marley) Video!
I Should Be Proud (Martha and the Vandellas) Video!
I Should Like to Be a Policeman (Anonymous)
I Sing for Palestine (Raised Voices) Downloadable! Video!
I Sing of Olaf (e e cummings)
I Sit and Look Out (Walt Whitman) Video!
I Still Hate Thatcher (Andy T.) Downloadable! Video!
I Took a Walk (Shawn Phillips) Video!
I Took the Great Canal (Bob Connelly) Downloadable! Video!
I Wanna Destroy You (The Soft Boys) Video!
I Wanna Go Back to Dixie (Tom Lehrer) Video!
I Wanna Go Home (Samantha Murphy) Video!
I Wanna Go Home (David Rovics) Video!
I Wanna Kill Sam (Ice Cube) Video!
I Want Freedom (Grand Funk Railroad) Video!
I Want Him Back From Iraq (Mick Terry)
I Want Love (Jehro) Video!
I Want My Crown (Ry Cooder) Video!
I Want My Milk (Woody Guthrie) Video!
I Want to Be President (Electrelane) Video!
I Want To Come Home For Christmas (Marvin Gaye) Downloadable! Video!
I Want To Conquer The World (Bad Religion) Video!
I Want to Free Miss Liberty (T-Bone Slim [Matti Valentin Huhta])
I Want To Go Home (Anonymous) Video!
I Want To Grow Up To Be A Bomb (Charles Tyler) Downloadable!
I Wanted To Be Wrong (R.E.M.) Video!
I Was Born Blue (Swamp Dogg) Video!
I Was Born This Way (Carl Bean) Video!
I Was Not a Nazi Polka (Chad Mitchell Trio) Video!
I Was Only Nineteen (A Walk In The Light Green) (Redgum) Downloadable! Video!
I Will (Radiohead) Downloadable! Video!
I Will Give My Love An Apple (Anonymous) Video!
I Will Hide Away (Darren Hayman) Video!
I Will See You In Far Off Places (Morrissey) Video!
I Will Stand Fast (Fred Small) Video!
I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free (Nina Simone) Video!
I Wish That The Wars Were All Over (Anonymous) Video!
I Wish That They’d Sack Me (Chumbawamba) Video!
I Wish You Lonely (Morrissey) Video!
I Wish You Peace (Eagles) Video!
I Woke Up This Mornin’ With My Mind Set On Freedom (The SNCC Freedom Singers) Downloadable! Video!
I Won't Back Down (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers) Video!
I Won't Pay For Liberty (Angelic Upstarts) Video!
I Won't Support Your Wars (James Clay & The Union Band) Video!
I Wonder (Sixto Rodriguez) Video!
I Wonder When I'll Get To Be Called A Man (Big Bill Broonzy) Video!
I Wonder Who's Kissinger Now (Dave Lippman) Downloadable!
I Won’t Be a Slave (Anonymous)
I Worked Myself Up From Nothing (McCarthy) Video!
I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing (New Seekers) Video!
I'd Rather Be (a Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkey) (Pete Young) Downloadable!
I'd Rather Be Dancing (Rachel's Song) (Jim Page) Video!
I'll Always Remember (Jo Ann Biviano) Downloadable! Video!
I'll Be There (Phil Ochs) Video!
I'll Dance on Your Grave, Mrs Thatcher (John McCullagh) Video!
I'll Fight (Wilco) Downloadable! Video!
I'll Never Be a Fascist (Bob T. Guevara) Downloadable!
I'll Never Be a Patriot (Philip Jeays) Downloadable! Video!
I'll Occupy (Anonymous) Video!
I'll Swim, I'll Swim‎ (Kelly Family) Video!
I'm a Stranger Here/Back Home (Five Man Electrical Band) Video!
I'm Afraid of Americans (David Bowie) Video!
I'm Coming Home (Lorne Clarke & Tom Flannery) Downloadable!
I'm Coming Home (Guy Michetti) Video!
I'm Diggin You (Like an Old Soul Record)‎ (Meshell Ndegeocello) Video!
I'm Dreaming Of Home (Hymne des fraternisés) (Philippe Rombi) Video!
I'm Free From the Chain Gang Now (Johnny Cash) Video!
I'm Getting Ready For World War Three (John Robin Devany) Video!
I'm Going to Organize, Baby Mine (or Babe O' Mine) (Sarah Ogan Gunning) Video!
I'm Going To Say It Now (Phil Ochs) Video!
I'm Gonna Be an Engineer (Peggy Seeger) Video!
I'm Gonna Dig Myself a Hole‎ (Arthur 'Big Boy' Crudup) Video!
I'm in Love With Margaret Thatcher (Notsensibles) Video!
I'm Looking (for a World) (John D. Loudermilk) Video!
I'm Not a Patriot But...‎ (McCarthy) Video!
I'm Not Afraid of Life (The Ramones) Video!
I'm Not an American (Johnito) Video!
I'm Not Dreaming (Josh Woodward) Downloadable! Video!
I'm Not Ready To Quit (Oliver Southgate) Downloadable!
I'm Not the Man (10,000 Maniacs) Video!
I'm Not the Only One (Richard Marot)
I'm OK (Christina Aguilera) Video!
I'm on My Way (Almanac Singers)
I'm on the Side of Mankind as Much as the Next Man (McCarthy) Video!
I'm One of the Whitehall Warriors (Cyril Ritchard) Video!
I'm Sick of This Blooming War (R. Walker)
I'm So Bored With The U.S.A. (The Clash) Video!
I'm So Military (Onision) Video!
I'm Sorry if My Caterpillar Could Hurt You (Tanake) Downloadable!
I'm Taking My Country Back (Tony Stampley) Video!
I'm the Decider (Koo-Koo-Kachoo) (Paul Hipp) Downloadable!
I'm the Gun (Andy Laverghetta) Downloadable!
I'm With Stupid (Pet Shop Boys) Video!
I'm Your Captain (Closer to Home) (Grand Funk Railroad) Video!
I've Come for Your Children (Useless Eaters) Downloadable!
I've Got To Know (Woody Guthrie) Video!
I've Known No War (The Who) Video!
I've Laid Around Vietnam Too Long (Anonymous)
I've Seen All Good People (Yes) Video!
I've Seen the Elephant (The Orphan Brigade) Video!
I've Thought About It (Ralph McTell) Video!
I, Too, Sing America (Langston Hughes) Downloadable! Video!
I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-To-Die Rag (Country Joe and The Fish) Video!
I.G.Y. (What a Beautiful World)‎ (Donald Fagen) Video!
I.R.E.L.A.N.D. (Anonymous)
I.T.T. (International Thief Thief) (Fela Kuti) Video!
I.W.W. Prison Song (Ralph Chaplin)
Ibrahim (Eric Bogle) Video!
Icarus Generation (OrionStar) Downloadable!
Ice (David Rovics) Video!
Icky Thump (White Stripes) Video!
Ideology (Billy Bragg) Video!
Idiots Are Taking Over (NOFX) Video!
Idiots in Uniform (Philip Jeays) Downloadable! Video!
Idle Hands (Didi) Downloadable!
If a Revolution Comes to My Country (Pete Seeger) Video!
If a Tree Falls (Bruce Cockburn) Video!
If God's on Your Side (Danny Michel) Video!
If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away (Justin Moore) Video!
If I Can Dream (Elvis Presley) Video!
If I Could Be Anywhere (Jackson Browne) Video!
If I Could Not Be an Indian (Peter La Farge) Video!
If I Had A Hammer (Pete Seeger) Video!
If I Had A Rocket Launcher (Bruce Cockburn) Video!
If I Knew (Joan Baez) Downloadable! Video!
If I Ruled the World (James Brown) Video!
If I Ruled the World (Imagine That) (Nas) Video!
If I Was President (Wyclef Jean) Video!
If I Were Free (Peter, Paul and Mary) Video!
If It Were Up To Me (Cheryl Wheeler) Video!
If It Weren't For The Union (Peter Hicks)
If Jesus Met Mohammed (Ed Perrone) Video!
If Peace Time Came (Malvina Reynolds) Downloadable!
If That Ain't Country (David Allan Coe) Video!
If There's a God in Heaven (What's He Waiting For?) (Elton John) Video!
If They Come in the Morning (Jack Warshaw) Downloadable! Video!
If They Could Only Speak... (Mark Levy)
If This Is Goodbye (Mark Knopfler) Video!
If This Were a War (David Rovics) Video!
If War Should Come (Public Service Broadcasting) Video!
If We Don't Help Them Now (Pól Mac Adaim) Video!
If We Make It Through December (Merle Haggard) Video!
If We Must Die (Claude McKay) Downloadable! Video!
If We Will, We Can Be Free (Anonymous)
If Women Ruled The World (Joan Armatrading)
If You Bomb Somebody (David Rovics) Video!
If You Go To Be A Soldier (Chamber Pots) Video!
If You Had Me in Shackles (Tom Paxton) Video!
If You Miss Me At The Back Of The Bus (Charles Neblett) Video!
If You Take the Gun (Lewis Allan)
If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next (Manic Street Preachers) Video!
If You Were Born Today (Song for Little Baby Jesus) (Low) Video!
If You're Out There (John Legend) Video!
If You're Reading This (Tim McGraw) Video!
If You're There (Yaser) Video!
IfwhiteAmericatoldthetruthforonedayitsworldwouldfallapart (Manic Street Preachers) Video!
Ignorance (Kasey Chambers) Video!
Ignorance Is Bliss (Colonel Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brains) Video!
IKEA (Mitch Benn) Video!
Il confine dell'odio e dell'amore (Del Sangre) Video!
ILD Song (Ella Mae Wiggins)
Ill Manors (Plan B) Video!
Illegal Alien (Genesis) Video!
Illegal Attacks (Ian Brown) Downloadable! Video!
Illegally (Vargas Blues Band) Video!
Illuminati (Babylon Mystery Orchestra) Video!
Illumination (Gogol Bordello) Video!
Ilsa Koch (Woody Guthrie) Video!
Images (Nina Simone) Video!
Imagine (Brunch / 브런치) Video!
Imagine (John Lennon) Video!
Imagine That (Melissa Etheridge) Video!
Imagine World Peace (Belladonna) Video!
Immaculate Genocide (Terrorama) Downloadable! Video!
Immigraniada (We Comin' Rougher) (Gogol Bordello) Video!
Immigrant (John McCutcheon) Downloadable! Video!
Immigrant Eyes (Guy Clark) Video!
Immigrant Song (Led Zeppelin) Video!
Immigrants (We Get the Job Done) (Calle 13) Video!
Immigration Man (Crosby & Nash) Video!
Immortal Death (Crass) Video!
Immortal Enemies (Hatebreed) Video!
Impeach Bush and Cheney Now! (Pete Seeger)
Imperial Bodybags (Manic Street Preachers) Downloadable! Video!
Imperialism Is Another Word For Hunger (Yellow Pearl) Downloadable! Video!
Impossible Times (Darren Hayman) Downloadable! Video!
Improving (Lisa Rein) Downloadable!
In A Crisis (World Entertainment War) Downloadable!
In A Desert (Igeta Gaiķe)
In a Free Land (Hüsker Dü) Video!
In A World Gone Mad (Beastie Boys) Downloadable! Video!
In All Rwanda's Glory (Rx Bandits) Video!
In Any Tongue (David Gilmour) Video!
In Birmingham There's 19 Gone (Michael Borkson) Downloadable!
In Case of Nuclear Attack (aka Number Fifteen Sunscreen) (Jan Harmon)
In Color (Jamey Johnson) Video!
In Death's Shadow (MrJadedJo) Video!
In den Ruinen von Berlin (Marlene Dietrich) Video!
In Exile (for Rodrigo Rojas) (The Dream Academy) Video!
In Flanders (Ivor Gurney) Video!
In Flanders Fields (John McCrae) Downloadable! Video!
In Genoa (Jurassic Rock) Video!
In Germany Before the War (Randy Newman) Video!
In Guernica (Joan Baez) Video!
In Harm's Way (Amanda Palmer) Video!
In Memoriam (Harry Gill)
In Memoriam (Easter 1915) (Edward Thomas)
In Memoriam (Private D. Sutherland Killed in Action in the German Trench, May 16, 1916, and the Others Who Died.) (Ewart Alan Mackintosh) Video!
In Memory Of The Martyrs (Barclay James Harvest) Video!
In My Name (You Shall Love) (Leela and Ellie Grace) Video!
In One World (David Rovics) Video!
In Our Little Town (Holly Near)
In Our Little Wet Home in the Trench (Anonymous)
In Praise of Famous Men (and Women) (Ewan MacColl) Video!
In Prison (Frederick Keel) Video!
In Red Square (Al Stewart)
In Search of Enemies (Clan Dyken) Downloadable!
In Solitary Confinement (Vusi Mahlasela) Video!
In the Arena (The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band) Video!
In The Army Now (Bolland & Bolland) Video!
In the Colosseum (Tom Waits) Video!
In The Dark (Josh Ritter) Video!
In the Dark Places (PJ Harvey) Video!
In the End (Cat Stevens / Yusuf Islam) Video!
In the Garden of Eden (Compassionate Conservatives) Downloadable!
In The Ghetto (Elvis Presley) Video!
In the Good Old Picket Line (Anonymous)
In the Hands of Love (The Dream Academy) Video!
In The Heat Of The Summer (Phil Ochs) Video!
In The Hills Of Shiloh (Shel Silverstein) Video!
In the Jailhouse Now (Jimmie Rodgers) Video!
In the Land Where the Buffalo Roam (Wounded Knee) (Brian Lawrence) Downloadable! Video!
In the Light (Mike 3rd) Downloadable!
In The Middle Of A Volcano's Eye (Richard Marot)
In the Mississippi River (The SNCC Freedom Singers) Video!
In the Movies (John Hamilton)
In the Name (Gotthard) Video!
In the Name of Genocide (Maniq) Downloadable!
In The Name Of God (Dream Theater) Video!
In the Name of God (Ziggy Marley) Video!
In The Name Of God (Sabaton) Video!
In The Name of Western Democracy (Ryan Harvey) Downloadable! Video!
In The News (Kris Kristofferson) Video!
In the Night (Pet Shop Boys) Video!
In The Shadow Of The Rockies / As I Walk Through Canada (Maria Dunn) Downloadable! Video!
In The Spirit (Lisa Rein) Downloadable!
In the Spirit of Peace (Guy Stefan)
In The States (Country For Syria) Downloadable! Video!
In the Streets of Sarajevo (John McCutcheon) Downloadable! Video!
In the Twilight (Mike 3rd) Downloadable!
In the Twilight Part II (Mike 3rd) Downloadable!
In the War (77 Bombay Street) Video!
In the Western World (Spirogyra) Video!
In the Year 2525 (Zager and Evans) Video!
In Time Of "The Breaking of Nations" (Thomas Hardy) Video!
In Times Like These (Mavis Staples) Video!
In Your Lap (Morrissey) Video!
In Your Mind (Johnny Cash) Video!
In Your Name (Living Colour) Video!
Inca Queen (Neil Young) Video!
Incident, Wallis Plains, 1826 (Tony Smith) Downloadable!
Income Tax Blues (Ralph Willis) Video!
Independence Day (Martina McBride) Video!
Independence Day (Warrick Sony)
Indian Girl (Rolling Stones) Video!
Indian Givers (Neil Young) Video!
Indian Man (Charlie Daniels Band) Video!
Indian Names (Natalie Merchant) Video!
Indian Prayer (War Party) Video!
Indian Reservation (The Lament Of The Cherokee Reservation Indian) (Paul Revere & the Raiders) Downloadable! Video!
Indian Sunset (Elton John) Video!
Indian Wars (Bruce Cockburn) Video!
Indians (Anthrax) Video!
Industrial Ashes (Left Ear Blind) Downloadable!
Industrial Child (Jack Bruce) Video!
Industrial Disease (Dire Straits) Video!
Industrial Estate (The Fall) Video!
Industrial Military Complex Hex (Steve Miller Band) Video!
Inertia (Bruce Dickinson) Video!
Inevitable Consequence Of Progress (Johnny Clegg & Savuka) Video!
Infantryman (John Wort Hannam) Video!
Information Overload (Living Colour) Video!
Information Wars (Jackson Browne) Video!
Inglan is a Bitch (Linton Kwesi Johnson) Video!
Inhume Weapons of War (Eval Herz) Downloadable!
Inity (Ras Nyah) Downloadable!
Injustice (Raushan) Downloadable! Video!
Injustice (Spy vs spy) Video!
Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler) (Marvin Gaye) Video!
Innuendo (Queen) Video!
Inoculated city (The Clash) Downloadable! Video!
Inshallah (Sting) Video!
Insignificance (Pearl Jam) Video!
Installation n. 1 (Einstürzende Neubauten) Video!
Instant Karma! (John Lennon) Downloadable! Video!
Instant Sentence (Talking Law and Order Blues) (Malvina Reynolds)
Instinct of Survival (Napalm Death) Video!
Institution Walls (B-Movie) Video!
Institutionalized (Suicidal Tendencies) Video!
Instruments of Darkness (Art of Noise) Video!
Insubordination (Barbara Dane) Downloadable! Video!
Intended For All Man (Jeanie Walfield) Downloadable!
International Anthem (Lisa Rogers)
International Cowboy (John Warner) Downloadable!
International News (National Wake) Video!
International Riot (No more flags) Downloadable! Video!
International Terrorists (David Rovics) Downloadable! Video!
Interstate 40 (John D. Loudermilk) Video!
Intervention (Arcade Fire) Downloadable! Video!
Intifadah (Doc Jazz) Downloadable!
Into the Darkness (Joe Vickers) Downloadable! Video!
Into the Fire (Sabaton) Video!
Into The Fire (Bruce Springsteen) Downloadable! Video!
Into the Streets May First (Alfred Hayes)
Into the Valley (The Skids) Video!
Into the Void (Black Sabbath) Video!
Introduction (Harry Rogers)
Invasion (Chumbawamba) Video!
Invasion (Chumbawamba)