Forgotten Terrorists

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Lyrics & Music by Radley Mason
Album: Riot Soundtrack

Another song dedicated to the ongoing conspiracy that surrounds the events of September the 11th.
United we stand..
Divided we fall..

United we stand..
Divided we fall..

It was the morning, America in myst.
Out stepped 19 terrorists
with a plan to hijack and attack U.S soil.
And turn the city of New York into turmoil.

The days forecast was sunny blue skies
but fate had other plans for American airlines.
92 people were on board flight 11
an L.A. bound Boeing 767.

On board too were the 4 Iraqi cowards
with the plan to hit the 1st of the world trade towers.
They slit the stewardess' throats with pocket knives
broke into the cockpit and took the pilot's lives.

At 8:46 on the 11th of September
flight 11 hit the world trade center.
The passengers on board instantly died
as passers-by stopped, they looked up and they cried.

George Bush was unaware of all the devastation
whereas others jumped from the building in desperation.
The firemen inside tried to do their best
but they couldn't reach the victims who were leaping to their deaths.

Too graphic for the people to feast their eyes on,
but then another plane came on the horizon.
Flight 175 slammed into the south tower.
Both planes had hit in just a quarter of an hour.

Then they say: Ā« A plane hit the PentagonĀ»
but only the federal officials know what went on.
All I see is a whole with small dimensions.
Not big enough to accommodate a 757.

The Pentagon was not even evacuated.
as for the plane they tell us it evaporated.
Flight 93 was headed for camp David
but apparently the passengers on board tried to save it.

They fought the terrorists and brought it to the ground.
But rumour has it that it was really shot down.
As for the twin towers which burned for an hour
they collapsed to the ground and turned to nothing but powder.

Even though no other building has collapsed due to fire
but it's unpatriotic to call the president a liar.
Well I'm not American so I can say what I want.
About George Bush the fucking lying little cunt!

He couldn't find Bin Laden so they settled for Saddam.
They sounded the alarm and they grabbed him by the arm.
Even though he's not responsible for the attack
and Bin Laden is still free hiding somewhere in Iraq.

What really happened that day what went on?
Was it a plane or a missile that hit the Pentagon?
Was it jet fuel or a bomb that brought down the towers?
Who's responsible George Bush or the Arabs?

But why would George Bush want to attack his own country?
Well we all know the best way to make lots of money - is war...
But no one knows the truth.
The government won't provide no evidence or proof

So all I can do along with everyone else is
to sit and try to work it out for ourselves.
But we will never know what really happened not for sure.
Was it just a cause for George to go to war?

I'm not saying I know what happened on 9/11
or the reason for the collapse of tower 7.
All I am doing is making a few suggestions
to the people who will not answer our questions.

All these documentaries they release every year,
they only tell us what they want us to hear.
So listen to what I've said, don't just muse.
And don't believe everything that they tell you on the news!!!

Contributed by giorgio - 2010/7/8 - 08:12

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