Goose Green (Taking Tea With Pinochet)

Christy Moore
Language: English

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Thatcher's work is still clear to be seen on both sides of the Irish Sea.
The greed and averice that prevailed in the British economy during her reign is still at large as the monstrous Celtic Tiger runs riot around this island. The cities are marked by a sky lined with cranes, while out in rural parts many are demented by the grant culture. It's as if the illness that was rampant in the City Of London has travelled like rabies in all directions, more, more for me and f,,, the sick and needy. When I say her recently take tea with Pinochet and laud him for his support during the Falklands War, I thought that perhaps the poor lady might be totally mad. But that would be to trivialise her absolute danger to us all. I sense her spirit in Garvaghy Road, Brick Lane, Soho, Hungerford, Harrods and anywhere greed is seen to be good or violence the answer, Christy Moore.
She placed her hand upon the lieutenant's shoulder
Honoured him for his attack upon Goose Green
Whispered in the ear of the ship's captain
Who scuppered the Belgrano and one thousand men from Argentine
The beast that she let loose upon the Falklands
Stalks from Stamford Bridge to bark around
Brick Lau! Sink the Argies was the war cry in the Eighties
It will come back to haunt us all again

Her hand held the key that locked the prison
Where Carol Richardson lay innocent of crime
Teenage woman fitted up and pronounced guilty
Lady Thatcher simply let her do her time
Loved, revered and toasted by her cronies
As they smiled upon the spoils of her regime
Suave sophisticated guiltless criminals
At her beck and call time and again

Her handiwork wreaked havoc on the Mersey
Brought hunger onto Teeside and the Tyne
There was ten per cent employment in the
Bogside Five per cent in Ballymurphy and Ardoyne
From these wastelands she created
Young men coaxed into regiments to train
To maim, to kill, live out her murderous fantasies
And carry out her orders on Goose Green

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