Fighter Pilot

John Cale
Language: English

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Mr. John Cale si rivolge a un pilota di caccia. Qual è il confine fra chi per alcuni è un "eroe" e per altri soltanto una "persona orribile"?
Fighter pilot you're losing the war again
When will you ever learn
Fighter pilot you're making a big mistake and setting a bad example

Fighter pilot tell me about your life and are the children well
Fighter pilot what do you do with yourself at night
When will you ever learn

Fighter pilot it's a summer of thunderstorms
The sky is black and blue you're a hero now
But you're a terrible man fighter pilot

Bandits here bandits there angels at ten o'clock
You're going down
Fighter pilot you're never coming in to land

Contributed by CCG Staff - 2014/7/18 - 22:59

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