The Deserter

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Lavoratori soldati (o Guerra e pace)
(Pietro Pizzuto e Pietro Pietrobelli)
For the Taking

Rubber & meat
Wartime, baby, I'm leaving you now
It's like New Year's Eve, but better somehow
I'll carry your picture near my ha-heart
Ah come on, boys, we're gonna ratatata

I'm feeling good but it's crazy somehow
You're a bit crinkled, but pretty, a-ha
I love you, I miss you, I bla bla bla
But outside the boys do some ratatata

I'm feeling good, you know, it could have been worse
You're a bit tattered and I'm a bit hurt
Some boys have left me, they're stupid, a-ha
Wverywhere, everywhere ratatata

I'm alright, baby, darling don't cry
I may disappear but I surely won't die
My eyes are wide open, my bed is so far
Can't hear me, can't hear you, just ratatata

It's morning, it's morning, but i'm really tired
Good morning, baby, goodbye and good night
The boys are crying, sounds like hahahaha
I''m going, i'm going, ratatata

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