To One Dead

Frances Ledwidge
Language: English

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[1915 o 1916]
Versi del poeta irlandese Frances Ledwidge (1887-1917), nella raccolta “Songs of Peace” pubblicata nel 1917, appena dopo la sua morte, avvenuta nel primo giorno della battaglia di Passchendaele (Terza battaglia di Ypres, 31 luglio – 10 novembre 1917)
Musica del compositore inglese Michael Head (1900-1976)
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A blackbird singing
On a moss upholster'd stone,
Bluebells swinging,
Shadows wildly blown,

A song in the wood,
A ship on the sea,
The song was for you
and the ship was for me;

A blackbird singing,
I hear in my troubled mind,
Bluebells swinging
I see in a distant wind,

But sorrow and silence
are the wood's threnody,
the silence for you,
and the sorrow for me,

A blackbird singing

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