Congratulations (You Sure Made a Man Out of Him)

Arlene Harden
Language: English

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Arlene Haden

Una delle prime canzoni che affrontano il tema del post-traumatic stress disorder è questo triste lamento country scritto da Arlene Harden e ripreso anche da Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood.
He was gone two years, two years that I thought would never end
Now P.F.C. Williams is just plain old Jimmy again
But he doesn't make faces to cheer up the children
The way that he used to before
He doesn't feed pigeons or sing in the shower
I don't hear his laugh anymore
His face has grown old and his touch has grown cold
And his eyes tell of where he has been
Congratulations, you sure made a man out of him

And I know he won't finish that tree house he started
A month before he went away
And although he takes me to church every Sunday
He sits there but he doesn't pray
He keeps things inside like there’s something to hide
And he gave up root beer for gin
Congratulations, you sure made a man out of him

And sometimes I watch him just sit by the window
And silently stare into space
And once when I watched him, I saw as I watched him
A tear trickle down on his face
I knew there and then it’s no use to pretend
I admit it, you did it, you win

2014/8/17 - 23:37

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