Government Surplus

Roy Harper
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Da "Descendants of Smith" del 1988.
... descendants of Smith

Faccio presente che le informazioni più accurate sull’opera di Roy Harper, e le trascrizioni migliori dei testi dialcuni suoi brani, si trovano sul sito Roy Harper H.Q. gestito da Aaro Koskinen fin dal 1994.

"Government Surplus is obvious. Throughout the chugging and churning labour intensive later 18th and 19th century industrial revolution, people were needed in drove to power the satanic mills etc etc....blah blah blah. In the post industrial self-satisfied-I'm alright Jack half-baked pussy-footing, don't step out of line just sweep it under the carper-later twentieth century, employment figures can be 'cooked' by putting young men and women on surrogate dole employment schemes and similary cyphoning-off young women with babies whilst feeding everyone on historic panic stricken tabloids whose content is senselessnationalistic paranoia. The vast majority are surreptitiously conditioned by the own choice of intravenous TV and radio, i.e. Match of the Day, The Eastenders and the whole of Radio One in the guise of free speech. Not that this isn't a 'good for a laugh' of course, but it's all on the questionable side of cynical, and it starts at school, and mainly in the history books."

(commento di Roy tratto da Hors d'Oeuvres - The Roy Harper Magazine)

Aggiungo che, fin dal titolo e da alcuni precisi riferimenti, come quello alla guerra delle Falklands/Malvinas del 1982, credo si tratti di una canzone contro gli anni bui del Thatcherismo, che nel 1988 stavano quasi per arrivare a fine corsa…

Da inserire quindi nei percorsi sulla guerra del lavoro e su Miss Maggie…

(Bernart Bartleby)
The young men in my country
They have no place
Surplus to requirement
They live in some kind of disgrace
Stood in line to beg for money
From governments with very funny
Attitudes of "On your bike" sonny boy

The young women in my country
They have no choice
Assembly-lining babies
To "rejoice"
Forced into the same old system
Producing sons with Falklands wisdom
And daughters full of apprehension
Fuelled by attitudes of tension

The young folk in my country
Deserve the truth
Uncluttered by deception
In the flower of their youth
What they have are gutter papers
Biased news clandestine capers
Run by shady operators.

Contributed by Renato Stecca - 2009/8/24 - 23:02

Aggiungo ancora che, proprio per la sua feroce critica al sistema, Roy Harper fu in quegli anni molto ostracizzato dai media, tanto che decise, provocatoriamente, di promuovere questo disco mandando a radio e testate giornalistiche delle demo firmate con identità fittizie, tutte anagrammi del suo nome ('Per Yarroh', compositore norvegese, 'Rory Phare', un designer alla moda, ed 'Harry Rope', un membro degli Hell's Angels). "... descendants of Smith" ebbe attenzione immediata, ma solo fino a quando i (re)censori scoprirono la beffa ordita dall'autore...

Bernart Bartleby - 2016/2/22 - 12:02

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