My Beloved Enemy

Rod MacDonald
Language: English

Album “A Tale of Two Americas” del 2005.

If we didn't have you we'd have to invent you
it surely wouldn't do to have no one like you
don't the people need someone, someone to be afraid of
and that's you
that's why i love you like i do my beloved enemy

You're the one who makes us rally, ready for the fight
the one who makes us rise up sure that we are right
to use our might and target someone who
is just like you
that's why i love you like i do my beloved enemy

You strike fear in our hearts
it's important to our leaders
that we keep on believing you would
kill us if you could
still i wonder if you would
is that really you
why do i love you like i do? my beloved enemy

Children hide under your desks, someday you'll study napalm
better ways to hit the target when you're dropping bigger bombs
raise that flag on high boys, god must be on our side, boys
they're hiring and daddy's got a job to do
that's why i love you like i do my beloved enemy

Send the soldiers overseas,
take the taxpayers' money
we're making making profits you won't believe
get it back in contributions
to keep us re-elected,
it's a wonderful solution thanks to you
no wonder i love you like i do my beloved enemy

Listen there it is again, that face up on the screen
the voice says there's a danger, someone no one has seen
is going to try and hurt us, we must strike before they do
it doesn't matter who
there will always be a you my beloved enemy

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