One More War

Ryan Harvey
Language: English

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I heard the corporation's weren't doing good
So the Army bombed another neighborhood
In some unknown town in far off land
As a small first step in a master plan
And the emperor smiled, he saluted the troops
As they leaped their way through flaming hoops
Like the soldiers of the past, they we're taught to kill
They we're looking for freedom, they're searching still
Because it's one more war

He's a full fledge dictator, pile of gold
Won't stop bombing until the oil's sold
It's a one way war, an empire's rise
Opening markets for free enterprise
It's a made for TV Hollywar
A pre-planned strike, note the anthrax spores
We're made in Maryland by the Feds
But the people won't believe it til their kids are dead
And it's one more war

So we must prepare, for rebellion grows
As the shadows spread, and the borders close
It's a new world order, they track their scores
Over 50 years of covert wars
From Iran to Chile, Guatemala to Greece
From death squads to soldiers, drug-lords to police
It's an export-economy, the west's great plan
Keep the poor held down with the iron hand
And it's one more war

And we remain the silent majority, the spectators
As the SOA trains the dictators
And the army flies the guns to the killing zone
Loads the planes up with heroin to send back home
Vietnam, Korea, crescent of gold
Back to the ghettos where the drugs were sold
So the prisons rise and the dealers deal
With the CIA behind the wheel
And it's one more war

Let me say it again, if you missed before
We are in the middle of the fourth world war
And the generals are working for the CEOs
World Bank, IMF, WTO
For the benefit of the richest men
They done it before, they'll do it again
So stand your ground, make your whispers roar
It's an empire's fall that we're aiming for
And it's one last war

In the name of my people, I raise my sword
In respect to the natives, I give my word
To resist the tyranny of their control
And let revolution take it's toll
In the name of myself, I raise my voice
As I recognize my lack of choice
I will organize, I will break their rules
And disrupt their armies, and quit their schools
Until there's no more war

Contributed by adriana - 2006/8/18 - 14:52

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