Wrong Arm of the Law

Across The Border
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Crusty Folk Music For Smelly People
Hi folks, my name is Mr. Smith
I take it from the poor and give it to the rich
in a green uniform, that's my pride
I do what I want 'cause the power's on my side
I make the rules, haha, I am the law
against minorities I fight a private war
I am the worm in the pillars of democracy
the electric fence around this society

We're the wrong arm of the law

Hey you, I know you understand
that I feel a little stronger with a gun in my hand
a 16 year old Kurd, no he couldn't be my friend
the true friend of this land is the Turkish government
"Shoot to kill" in the name of the nation
red blood on a German station
well sir, you see, you can put your trust in me
I am your friend in need, do you agree?

We're the wrong arm of the law

We're the wrong arm of the law

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