Jefferson Starship
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Per la presentazione dell'album vedi Mau Mau (Amerikon).

With most of the members of Jefferson Airplane missing in action, Paul Kantner and Grace Slick holed up in a San Francisco studio in 1970 alongside a cast of West Coast rock'n'roll legends — like Jerry Garcia and David Crosby to cut what became Kantner's finest solo work. Fueled by his lifelong obsession with science fiction, Blows Against The Empire is Kantner's rock space-opera: Young people hijack a starship and establish a brave new world in some distant galaxy, light-years away from the earthbound reality of Richard Nixon and the Vietnam War.

È il brano dove viene lanciata per la prima volta la metafora dell'astronave, che sostituisce quella dell'aereo usata nel primo nome del gruppo (Jefferson Airplane). Viene citata la costruzione di una stazione spaziale orbitante per partire in un viaggio interstellare che coinvolgerà più generazioni. L'astronave avrebbe trasportato una nuova comunità con regole diverse, in fuga dalla realtà dell'epoca, poco digeribile per gli psichedelici Jefferson.

Blows Against The Empire

E se anche non era quello lo scopo iniziale della stazione orbitante, lo sarebbe diventato, perché il titolo della canzone significa "dirottamento" e quindi la vicenda immaginata è quella di un dirottamento spaziale.

Lo stesso tema della fuga era anche presente nella canzone di David Crosby "Wooden Ships", contenuta nell'album Volunteers del 1969 (quindi dell'anno prima). Solo che in quel caso il mezzo per la fuga era più ecologico: "navi di legno".

Musica e Memoria
The summer was dry like your nose when you've been behind coke for a day and a season
We sail out into the grasshopper nite and we seek the righteous poison
Sunday morning in speedway, y'know the people come around for a reason
Sunday morning, Sunday morning

The land is green and you make it grow, go to the forest and move
The sound of thundering electrical energy calls us to the park in the noon
C'mon anybody now fill my pipe to the park to the forest and moon

When I feel you coming 'round me - ridin' in the sun
Goin' home move your mind toward Mars and then beyond
Genesis is not the answer to what we had before
I, we, altogether in you

You know I remember the 23rd of November
To the abyss of Chicago you can see the barbed wire - pigs around a lot of nothin'
The witch hunters wail and they bark and they wheeze and they try to turn us onto their poison

You know - a starship circlin' in the sky - it ought to be ready by 1990
They'll be buildin' it up in the air ever since 1980
People with a clever plan can assume the role of the mighty
Carry 7000 people past the sun
And our babes'll wander naked thru the cities of the universe
Free minds, free bodies, free dope, free music
The day is on its way, the day is ours

You breathe out, you breathe in
And the glow of the machine'll get you on
Movin' slow, don't feel the changes
Gracefully growing - as wild as we can be

Only the sun knows what we really need to know
Only the sun holds the secret
And more than human can we be
'Cause human's truly locked
To this planetary circle

You gotta ride said the Doktor of space
I have lived here once before
The lites in the nite are a village of stars
Of stars that I have explored
Beyond the idea of beyond the void
And beyond that and more
Parallel lines in this village of stars
Will lead you to the second door
And time won't wait for the Doktor of space from the city of the sun to come

Where do we go from here?
Chaos or community?
Can't you see - on this and future sundays?

7000 Gypsies swirlin' together
Offering to the sun in the name of the weather
Gonna Hijack - Hijack the starship

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