Vision of a Past Warrior

Peter La Farge
Language: English

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Album “As Long as the Grass Shall Grow: Peter La Farge Sings of the Indians”, Folkways Records

I have within me such a dream of pain
That all my silver horseman hopes rust still,
Beyond quick silver mountains,
On the plain,
The Buffalo are gone,
None left to kill.

I see the plains grow blackened with that dawn,
No robes for winter warmth
No meat to eat,
The ghost white buffalos medicine gone,
No hope for Indians then,
I see defeat.

Then there will be changes to another way,
We will fight battles that are legends long,
But of all our glory
None will stay
Who will remember
That I sang this song.

Contributed by The Lone Ranger - 2010/5/17 - 08:24

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