Thirty-Three Dollars

Malvina Reynolds
Language: English

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Testo trovato su Broadside Magazine n.79 del febbraio/marzo 1967.

33 dollari. Era l'ammontare dell'indennizzo che l'esercito statunitense riconosceva nel 1966 per ogni civile vietnamita "accidentalmente" ucciso nel corso di operazioni militari... Quanto costavano giĆ  allora i "danni collaterali"!
Bargain day in the battle zone,
Thirty three dollars for a human soul
Here is the biggest bargain yet
To pay for the life of an innocent Viet.

What kind of scale do they use to weigh
How much money they have to pay,
The worth of a father to his wife and sons,
The worth of a mother to her little ones.

Some military brain went about
To set the computer that worked it out,
The worth of a father to his wife and sons,
The worth of a mother to her little ones.

Bombs can't figure what they kill
But the war department will pay the bill--
A hundred grand for a dead V.C.
But civilians come at a bargain fee.

The things we've done to that peasant land
Are hard for a person to understand
But this one item tells the tale
On how we reckon and what the scale.

Millions of dollars for tanks and planes
For ammo trucks and ammo trains
Billions to make the war wheels roll
To keep one monster in control--
But thirty three dollars for a human soul.

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