Paul Robeson

13 Frightened Girls
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Album "Say Hello"

Una canzone dedicata al grande "basso profondo", socialista, anti-colonialista, attivista per i diritti civili Paul Robeson, che sfidò il governo statunitense negli anni più bui del maccartismo.
Paul Robeson in the middle of a war
with Love in his heart...

In the middle of a war Paul Robeson
before the Second World War in a small
town in Spain where the bullets flew and fell like rain

In the middle of a war Paul Robeson
with microphone and speakers in the air
sending his beautiful voice everywhere

Paul Robeson in the middle of a war
sing "'Ol Man River" in the middle of a war
and the guns stopped killing
yeah the guns stopped killing

Paul Robeson with a silence all around
singing about injustice
and who is to blame when we are all equal
to God we're all the same
I hope to God ...we're all the same

Paul Robeson in the middle of a war
I think of you when I feel so pulled apart
when all I'm doing is what I believe in my heart

Paul Robeson reminds to be
a human being with individuality
In the middle of a war
if that's how it has to be...

Paul Robeson in the middle of a war
with love in his heart.

Contributed by Alessandro - 2009/9/20 - 11:33

To Paul Robeson

They don't let us sing our songs, Robeson,
Eagle Singer, Negro brother,
They don't want us to sing our songs.

They are scared, Robeson,
Scared of the dawn and of seeing
Scared of hearing and touching.
They are scared of loving
The way our Ferhat loved (*).
(Surely you too have a Ferhat, Robeson, What is his name?)

They are scared of the seed, the earth
The running water and the memory of
a friend's hand
Asking no discount, no commission, no interest
A hand which has never passed like a bird in their hands.

They are scared, Negro brother,
Our songs scare them, Robeson.

(Nâzım Hikmet, New York 1954)

(*) Ferhat è il nome di un leggendario amante turco, come fosse Romeo o Tristano.

The Lone Ranger - 2010/7/21 - 14:19

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