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2013 (2005)
In Memoriam: Margaret Thatcher


Back in 2005, anarchist collective Chumbawumba pre-sold an EP called In Memoriam: Margaret Thatcher which they would keep under wraps until the prime minister passed away. Since Thatcher did pass earlier this week, the band has delivered the EP and is also streaming the release online. Along with that, the band delivered a eulogy:
Let's make it clear: This is a cause to celebrate, to party, to stamp the dirt down. Tomorrow we can carry on shouting and writing and working and singing and striking against the successive governments that have so clearly followed Thatcher's Slash & Burn policies, none more so than the present lot. But for now, we can have a drink and a dance and propose a toast to the demise of someone who blighted so many people's lives for so long. If we must show a little reverence and decorum at this time, then so be it. Our deepest sympathies go out to the families of all Margaret Thatcher's victims.

La vicenda è curiosa: nel 2005 il collettivo anarchico dei Chumbawamba ha scritto e registrato un ep intitolato “In Memoriam: Margaret Thatcher”. Siccome anche gli anarchici hanno un cuore o forse il timore di beghe legali, il cd lì per lì non è stato pubblicato. Lo si poteva solo prenotare sul sito del gruppo sapendo che sarebbe stato disponibile alla morte della ex Lady di ferro. Così è stato: l’8 aprile la Thatcher se n’è andata e i cd sono partiti, spediti come promesso a tutti coloro che li avevano richiesti a suo tempo. La band ha comunicato che non accetterà più prenotazioni.
“In Memoriam: Margaret Thatcher” è un ep, come dire un mini album con 7 brani per dieci minuti e mezzo complessivi. Composizioni gradevoli, dai testi ovviamente affilati specie nelle ruvide “Pinochet Bids Farewell From Beyond The Grave”, “Waiting For Margaret To Go” e nella conclusiva “Sleep”. Quest’ultima, in particolare, ha il sapore intenso di un commiato se si pensa alla demenza senile che ha colpito la Thatcher.
Eppure, il gruppo ha spiegato il progetto col suo tipico sarcasmo non facendo alcuno sconto: “Proponiamo un brindisi alla scomparsa di qualcuno che ha rovinato la vita di così tante persone per così tanto tempo. Se dobbiamo mostrare un po’ di rispetto e di decoro in questo momento, allora così sia: le nostre più sentite condoglianze vanno alle famiglie delle vittime di Margaret Thatcher”.

So Long, So Long
Pinochet Bids Farewell From Beyond The Grave
The day the lady died
Ding Dong
Waiting for Margaret to Go

But how do kings and presidents, prime ministers and generals, and company chairmen sleep at night?
How do they shut their eyes when they turn out the lights?
Turn out the lights for the people they're shitting on
Turn out the lights for the people they're torturing
Turn out the lights for the people they're poisoning
Turn out the lights for the people they're starving
Turn out the lights for the people they've murdered
They got two big secrets one up each sleeve,
first they believe that they're doing God's work,
and that's the lie that they can lie down with,
'Cause it's seconded by the people they govern.
'Cause the people they govern will work for them,
buy from them, and die for them
And the people they govern will vote for them
And the people they govern do their sleeping for them
Do their sleeping for them, do their sleeping for them
Meanwhile Ronnie is on first name terms with God,
or so he sees it in his head.
Too many motion pictures when he was younger,
and he's round at God's place for a meal.
God preparest a table before Ronnie
In the presence of Ronnie's enemies
God annointest Ronnies' head with oil
Ronnie's cup runneth over
Surely goodness and mercy, shall follow Ron
An Psalm is an anagram of napalms
Wake up, we must wake up!
We must wake up!
We must wake up!
We must wake up!

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