Whatever Will Be Will Be

Tom Fairnie
Language: Italian

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From/Da Songs For Change

"Another song by Tom Fairnie. Inspired by the events of September 11, 2001, Tom writes that this song 'is really an expression of fatalism and how we attempt to come to terms with these events but also asks the question "Why is it we retain the ability to carry out these acts, but we seem incapable of learning how to stop them?" '"
If I was at Calvary
Before they raised the cross
I'd ask all the soldiers there
To consider the cost
And try to make them understand
That they could change their roles
But they became immortal
For gambling with their souls

And if I was in Dallas
Before the motorcade
I'd ask them to think again
And put their guns away
And save the life of one man
And save the others too
And there'd be no coup d'etat
In the blood red white and blue

But what will be will be
What's done is done
When they gonna see?
When they gonna learn?
What will be will be
What's done is done

And if I was in Tiananmen Square
Before the tanks rolled in
I'd ask all the politicians there
How they think they can win
And why they're so frightened
By so few
They're so scared of freedom
You know they're bound to lose


And if I was in New York
Before the towers fell
I'd try to make them stop
From flying into hell
And stop the slaughter
And save the lambs
In the city of the innocents
With blood on their hands


And if I was in Washington
Sitting up on Capitol Hill
Deciding who we're gonna spare
And who we're gonna kill
I'd ask them to think
And try and break the chain
'Cause the circle of violence
Will lead right back to them


Contributed by Riccardo Venturi - 2007/3/11 - 17:31

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