Go Home, George

Whisky Rebellion
Language: English


a new liberal fight song by Alex Battles
Four long years ago
America went to the booth
but what came out of florida
was a little bit less than the truth

now we’ve got a chance
to right the former wrongs
that brought old Georgie into power
and so we sing this song

Go home, George!
Go home and tend to your farm!
Go home, George,
'fore you do us any more harm!
You may have won the battle,
but you ain’t winning the war!
Go back and tend your cattle!
Go home, George!

The tax break you gave us
has drained this country dry.
Unemployment’s rising,
but your buddies are doing fine.

They’re living off the contracts
that you send through Capitol Hill.
But brother it’s my taxes
that are footing the bill.


Now saddam was a bad guy.
His people wanted his head.
But George, what made you think
that they wanted you instead?

You used a nation’s tragedy
to settle your daddy’s score.
But George men and women are dying over there
and I just can’t take anymore.


When people stopped a humming
your old wore out war tune,
you told 'em we were coming
to see the man in the moon.

Georgie I wonder
where your loyalty falls.
Are you thinking about this country
or just short on golf balls?


Once we had many allies.
Now we’ve got less.
Your idea of diplomacy
is a cotton pickin mess.


Now I don't think you're evil
but I don't know about your friends
Dick Cheney won't you buy me
a Mercedes Benz

So people lets get together
in 2004
and sing this christmas carol
at the White House door!


Contributed by Riccardo Venturi - 2005/3/29 - 14:04

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