Carlo Giuliani

Language: Italian

Carlo lives in everyone
Who with or without reason is
Finally starting kicking back.
That will not back down, can't take it
As mother earth begins to crack

Carlo ain't the only son
that's life has been extinguished as
They engage in civil war.
A fearful glance into their future
Where robots enforce law - therefore

Anarchist armies rampage
Running battles commonplace.
Victorious in battle
Delivering a fine taste
Of what it feels like to be beaten, battered
Buggered right up the arse
Credited with no value
Worthless to set tasks.

A mother's heart's rebroken
As they punish all statements of defiance
Her wasted wombwork, his hard labour
Their currency of death means silence
Of all who beg for half a chance to
Offer something new, or old or right or wrong.
Oh whatever, a different point of view.

Carlo gasps a final breath
That nails down our voice
Opinions that would be otherwise forgot
A landmark, confirmation of what they
Will do and we will not.

Carlo stops.
Thousands of new hearts now beat in unison,
As one.
Two, three, four, more, more, more, then more and more.
This fight has only just begun.

Begun! Begin! Forgive! Give in!
Suicide - the ultimate sin
What once seemed unacceptable
Needs considering, lets be blunt.
Do we accept murder within our ranks?
Should we fight with fists when
They use guns, planes, bombs and tanks?
Do we plead then beg forgiveness?
As their concrete paves our way
As they chop down our Sherwood Forest

Their bullets murder love with hate
Do they forgive and forget those terrorist whores
Do they bollocks. ' come on' war.

Bush rubs Tony's warhead shoves it down the starvings throat
They screw the planet up the shitter
As human nature chokes
On their fossil fuelled cum
That leaves a bad taste in our mouth.
Christ, it is getting kind of hot now
As east meets west and North's gone south.

Seasons without reasons merging pitifully into one
Extinctions the prediction, radiation from the sun.
Filth pours from what once was beauty
Now darkened angry skies
Rivers rage and burst their banks, nothing will survive.
New sea view homes on city streets
Atomic tests, earthquakes, the heat.
The ice caps melting into blood
Burning mudslides from above.
Fire engulfs, earth caves in, grinding sorely to a halt.
Helpless, demoralized, destroyed, game over.

This notice served on the insane
Sections, condemns, reclaims.
This message commits those silent
To rise up, this time with violence?
Make sure the more they kill, the stronger our will
To finally right your wrongs, one love, this song.
Yeah what's done is done, but you expect the same.
C.A.R.L.O. you will remember that name.

Contributed by adriana - 2007/2/24 - 18:25

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