Open Wounds

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A bit of mystery lies in history's eyes
Cuz in time the facts and the figures get twisted with lies
The devil tried to kiss us goodnight
But he hides
That's how a proven fact is simply denied
I am a victim – a victim of time
Victimized by the victory of viciousness the system revised
They say a century's passed – nothing can bring them to life
I say our memories last – at least admit to your crimes
I try to look these little kids in their eyes
As they're watching their mother's demise
She's cut – blood drips from her thighs
She was pregnant – they're ripping her stomach – it's slit from the sides
Just so they could guess on the sex of the kid that's inside
They had us walking and walk in the blistering sun
Sands of the deserts as far as our vision can run
They had us walking in circles – walk till we starve
Oh Lord, I hate ‘em! – Forgive me, it's wrong but I'm scarred
They planted the seeds of hate in my heart – it keeps growing
My heartbeat's slowing
My heart just keeps hoping
Cuz we'll never – ever! - give up on our cause
Cuz we owe it to all the people we lost.

Chorus by Soseh ("Kilikia")

Refuse to give in – our wounds are dripping like bloody hell
From brutal whippings to crucifixions with rusty nails
But who will listen
The truth is hidden
Massacres and cruel killings
To snatching our future kingdom and commonwealth
But where is the promised help?
They distance ‘em from it
Well, is this what you wanted?
Man, it's just making me sick to my stomach
Cuz Hitler has done it afterwards
Following the Ottoman’s example - can you handle me quoting this bastard's words?
Cuz see in '39 this' how your friend spoke:
"After all, who remembers Armenians today" – end quote
Forgive and forget? – No
History repeats – this leach is draining us – let go!
This battle against hope
We gather around
We light our candles in crowds
These tears land on the ground
Each year standing so proud
Together we holding banners and shout
But it's spreading thru empty space that doesn't travel the sound?
Nobody wants to hear us! The population just can't see thru the mess
The way you treat one case determines what people do next
Souls can't peacefully rest
Till the killer's secret's confessed
Buried in our holy lands that we now don't even possess
It's taken
Pardon my phrases, I'm blatant
But all these nations are shaking the arms of Satan for the sake of army bases
We're praying to God to make 'em admit it – we're still hoping
But they still won't and that's why these wounds are still open.

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