Bagenal Harvey's Lament

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Nonostante fosse un ricco proprietario e fosse protestante, Beauchamp Bagenal Harvey (1762-1798) di Wexford, capoluogo dell’omonima contea, fu uno dei comandanti locali degli United Irishmen durante la sollevazione contro gli inglesi nel 1798. Al fallimento dell’insurrezione cercò di riparare in Francia, ma fu tradito da un informatore (sicuramente irlandese, magari cattolico). Arrestato e processato, Bagenal Harvey fu impiccato a Wexford Bridge il 28 giugno 1798. Il suo cadavere fu poi decapitato, la testa innestata su di una picca esposta di fronte al palazzo di giustizia, il corpo gettato a fiume, dove venne recuperato dagli amici che gli diedero sepoltura.
Farewell to Bargy's lofty towers, my father's own estate
And farewell to its lovely bowers, my own ancestral seat
Farewell each friend and neighbour, that once I well knew there
My tenants now will miss the hand that fostered them with care

Farewell to Cornelius Grogan, and to Kelly ever true
John Coakley and good Father Roche, receive my last adieu
And fare-thee-well bold Esmond Kyan, though proud oppression's laws
Forbid us to lay down our lives, still we bless the holy cause

Farewell my brave Unitedmen, who dearly with me fought
Though tyrant might has conquered right, full dearly was it bought
And when the sun of freedom shall again upon you shine
Oh, then let Bagenal Harvey's name array your battle line

Although perchance it may be my fate, in Wexford town to die
Oh, bear my body to the tomb wherin my fathers lie
And have the solemn service read, in Mayglass holy towers
And have twelve young maids from Bargyside, to scatter my grave with flowers

So farewell to Bargy's lofty towers, since from you I must part
A stranger now may call you his, which with sorrow fills my heart
But when at last fate shall decree that Ireland should be free
Then Bagenal Harvey's rightful heirs shall be returned to thee

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