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Lyrics & Music by Alain Jourgensen and Tommy Victor
Album: Rio Grande Blood
Palestina was a very nice girl
She liked to travel and sample the world
Palestina has a first hand view of life
Palestina from a very young age
Saw the oppression, felt the rage
Palestina wants out of her cage to fight!

My life will be short and sweet..

Palestina told her family and friends
She'd be back, to take her revenge
Palestina made up her mind to die..
Palestina had a belt of death
She had explosives strapped to her chest
Palestina is a martyr now in the sky.

My life will be short and sweet..


My life will be short and sweet,
My life will be short and sweet..

Contributed by giorgio - 2010/2/25 - 12:31

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