The Ghosts of Long Kesh

Crimson Spectre
Language: English

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Crimson Spectre
All the workers stood in silence
At the thought of a man who died
We heard the news this morning
And down the tools by our side
We marched in silent anger
We made our last protest
As the final hunger striker
Of Long Kesh met his death
The ghosts of ten brave men haunt Long Kesh Prison tonight
Their gaunt features tell the tale
Of 800 years beyond the Pale
Emaciated figures tell the story
Of British imperialism in all its glory
Men who died as they lived
Men that Maggie Thatcher killed
Imperialism killed
Our day will come
Our greatest revenge will be the laughter of our children
Tiochfadh Ar La

Contributed by Dq82 - 2021/4/6 - 11:50

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