Rob Lincoln
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Lyrics & Music by Rob Lincoln

"Intense song from the perspective of a terrorist, often quoting his victim. This was my response in trying to understand 9/11 and how people could rationalize taking the lives of so many innocent people".
When I take your life – you'll know that we mean business
It's nothing personal, just following commands
When I take your life – it's all part of the resistance
Soon your side will give into our just demands..

And that's all they can understand,
That's all they can understand.

Can give me a reason I should spare you from my suffering?
Pictures of your daughter cannot soften my heart now..

Don't take for mercy when my brother and my sister
Get struck by your people as they wept upon the ground

And that's all they can understand,
That's all they can understand..

Contributed by giorgio - 2010/11/19 - 13:26

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