The Long Way Around

Jackson Browne
Language: English

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Parole e musica di Jackson Browne
Nell’album intitolato “Standing in the Breach”

Standing in the Breach

La guerra, il mercato delle armi, il pensiero unico neoliberista (il Project for the New American Century), la distruzione progressiva del pianeta… Per il vecchio Browne tutto questo mortifero inquinamento rende l’amore - fondamentale risorsa ed estrema difesa degli essere umani - ancora più difficile ma ancora più necessario.
L’immagine in copertina si riferisce al devastante terremoto ad Haiti nel 2010.
I don't know what to say about these days
I'm seeing people changing in the strangest ways
Even in the richer neighborhoods
People don't know when they've got it good
They've got the envy, and they've got it bad

When I was a kid everything I did was trying to be free
Running up and down Tinsel Town with the fire inside of me
My planets all in retrograde, the best of all my plans got laid
I made my breaks, and some mistakes
Just not the ones people think I made

Now I'm a long way gone
Down this wild road I'm on
It's going to take me where I'm bound
But it's the long way around

It's so hard keeping track of what's gone wrong
The covenant unravels, and the news just rolls along
I could feel my memory letting go some two or three disasters ago
It's hard to say which did more ill
Citizens Unitedor the Gulf oil spill

And I'm a long way gone
Down this wild road I'm on
It's going to take me take me where I'm bound
But it's the long way around

It's never been that hard to buy a gun
Now they'll sell a Glock 19 to just about anyone
The seeds of tragedy are there
In what we feel we have the right to bear
To watch our children come to harm
There in the safety of our arms
With all we disagree about
The passions burn, the heart goes out

And we're a long way gone
Down this wild road we're on
It's going to take us where we're bound
It's just the long way around

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