Who Are They ?????

Kev Carmody
Language: English

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Album "Mirrors"
What nations arm an' support selected countries
Creatin' conflicts they covertly control
So their economy an' corporations prosper on the premise
That the puppeteer just has to divide to rule?

Who controls the finance-information an the power
In that blinded void that stops us all from knowin'
Who makes certain the world's left hand lies exposed for us to see
While we don't know what their hidden right hand is doin'

Who supplied the chemical weapons used in IRAQ an Vietnam
Agent orange, an' the munitions that gassed the Kurds
Who uses their armies to secure their global markets
And their media to keep our vision blurred?

Who are they that starve innocent civilians
With sanctions and decade long, blockades
An dismiss the United Nations as irrelevent
Usin' pre-emptive strikes so they can invade?

Good morning Mr World Bank, how's the W.T.O.the, I.M.F.?
Are those federal reserves still controllin' the world
How's the continual stock exchange theft
Still got the third world kneelin'
An' them bank vaults bloated fat
Are the military strategies still run by psychopathic rats
The day will come when all will know
You're a terrorist killer - a thief and a liar
And they'll etch upon your tombstone
You were slain by friendly fire

Contributed by Alessandro - 2009/10/5 - 11:59

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