Land of Hope and Glory

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Scritta da Lee Thompson e Chris Foreman
Quinta traccia del fenomenale album d’esordio della ska band inglese, “One Step Beyond”

One Step Beyond

I Madness prendono qui a prestito il titolo della famosa iper patriottica canzone del 1902 (che la maggioranza degli inglesi vorrebbe come inno nazionale al posto di “God Save The Queen”) per raccontare dell’esperienza di uno di loro, il sassofonista Lee Jay Thompson, detto El Thommo, in un “borstal”, come vengono chiamati in Gran Bretagna i carceri minorili, i riformatori di Sua Maestà...



Well as you can see we’ve got a new recruit
To this land of hope and glory
Hands behind backs and legs apart
And tell us all your unfortunate story

Who me sir?
Yes you sir
I was an innocent man
Till someone grassed me of my plan
Of earning some big money
I hadn’t mouthed it about
I am sure without doubt
I’d have missed this land of hope and glory

Well, you poor poor sod
Here up at six thirty
A cold shower down to breakfast
Can’t have you looking dirty
I suggest you eat what’s given you
Even if it doesn’t agree with you
Because it’s all you’ll be getting
Up until twelve thirty
In between this time
You stay up in your room
And you can dream
Of how life could have been

Two years of me teenage life
Given to this stand to attention life
Of land of hope and glory
I’m getting so bored as time goes by
I think I’ll do something dirty
I’ll pick at the floor for juicy butts
And make meself a smoke

A bog roll, an envelope, stick it
All this helps to pass my time
As the evening drags on you can watch a little telly
Hot Gossip, Pans People with their little bit of belly
Porridge served cold with a hint of yesterdays
Don’t complain, learn the game
And I’ll get through another day

I watch the hand on the clock
At long last it’s nine thirty
Off to bed straight to sleep
As I leave this land of hope and glory
But only for a few seconds am I in ecstasy
Before the bell rings to let me know
Sharp at six thirty

Contributed by Bernart Bartleby - 2014/12/28 - 18:11

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