Home Schooling

Tony Smith
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This is dedicated to all the teachers - and parents - who devote their time to getting children through the pandemic.

Home Schooling
Home schooling my children
I learned something today
If they don’t stop home schooling
My hair will turn grey

My dear little Sally is my daughter of five
She had to show me how to go online
To find the lessons she had to do
But how to help her I hadn’t a clue

I tried to get her to open a book
She smiled and gave me a pitying look
Saying ‘We don’t do things like that today’
Most of her subjects just looked like play

I thought with her maths I would be fine
She called it number and gave me that smile
She patted my hand and rolled her blue eyes
I think by an infant I’ve been patronised

Jack her big brother is late out of bed
Of little sister he’s three years ahead
He’s solving world hunger with some of his mates
And has several girls booked for an e-date

The first day they dressed in uniforms blue
Raised their hands just to go to the loo
Called me Mister Smith if you please
But Mister Dad was clearly a tease

When Susie came home I was sound asleep
The kids in their rooms were happy on screens
She raised her eyebrows you know she’s a cop
With my hand on my heart I said ‘Never a drop’

I thought that for hard work I was the one
But now I know that I was so wrong
Time goes slowly, to the three thirty gong
How can a day at home seem so long?

I will never judge teachers harshly again
They earn every penny of their meagre pay
In fact I think I will start a campaign
To get them all a handsome raise

Contributed by Tony Smith - 2020/4/14 - 05:21

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