We Are All Bourgeois Now

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Nella compilation “That's All Very Well But...” pubblicata nel 1996‎

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‎“This is perhaps the song of ours I prefer, especially from the point of view of the recording. I think ‎the rest of the group all like it too. It's about a woman who wanders around Thatcher's Britain with ‎no money and two or three children, trying to understand what the hell is going on. She meets a ‎Thatcherite spokesman who tells her that there's no such thing as class anymore, only free ‎consumers.” (Malcolm Eden dei McCarthy)‎

Il brano è stato ripreso dai Manic Street Preachers nel loro album "Know Your Enemy" del 2001.

There's something wrong somewhere here
So through unclean streets
I made my way

With holes in my shoes
And my children asleep at my feet
I paid my way

In every town on the way
The people looked grey
The buildings looked healthy

But one day I met a man
With money to spare
He said he would tell me how it is

‎"The State," he began‎
‎"Has been propping up people too long‎
For far too long

We all got lazy and couldn't be bothered
To make our way through the world

But we are all bourgeois now
Once there was class war
But not any longer
Because baby we are all bourgeois now
So go out and make your way in the world

We're free to choose
We're all free to choose
We're all free to choose
We're free to choose

In booming Britain we all work together
To raise ourselves in the world
Each of us knows someone
Who has done well for themselves
So well for themselves"‎

‎"Thank you" I said as I left‎
‎"I'll be on my way‎
I see how it is"‎

We are all bourgeois now
And somehow I'll raise myself in the world

I'm free to choose
We're all free to choose
We're all free to choose
I'm free to choose

We're all bourgeois now
We're all bourgeois now
We're bourgeois now

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