The Last of England

Graham Moore
Language: English

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Parole e musica di Graham Moore
Nel suo album intitolato “Tom Paine's Bones”

Tom Paine's Bones

Gran Bretagna, metà 800. L’emigrazione raggiunse il suo picco. Nell’era Vittoriana furono circa 15 milioni quelli che lasciarono il Regno Unito alla volta di Stati Uniti, Canada ed Australia. Molti gli irlandesi in fuga dalla “Great Famine”, molti gli inglesi travolti dai contraccolpi della rivoluzione industriale. Nel 1852, quando il numero di partenze raggiunse il picco di 350.000, il pittore Ford Madox Brown (1821-1893) cominciò a dipingere il suo quadro più famoso, “The Last of England”, ultimato nel 1855.

The Last of England
Wasted and worn, tattered and torn
From the land I love best, On a ship sailing west
Around me they cried, she leaned and sighed
Farewell, it's the last of England

Thousands are sailing, far from this shore
To promise of freedom, hope for the poor
Around me they cried, she leaned and sighed
Farewell it's the last of England

Thoughts of the past flooded my mind
Tears filled our eyes, no words could we find
As we set sail into the gale
Farewell it's the last of England

Those who're mistreated, put down, abused
By monied and landed, all help refused
They've made their choice to cry with one voice
Farewell it's the last of England

We gave our all, answered the call
Of’times cast down with our backs to the wall
No more we'll stand on your struggling strand
Farewell it's the last of England

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