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Country For Syria
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Country For Syria

Trump's executive order banning immigration from 7 Muslim countries has affected thousands of people around the world.

Country For Syria is an Istanbul-based music collective. 4 of it's members are directly affected by the ban.

On Saturday, February 4th, 2017 we came together to speak out against the ban.

Dear Mr. President
It’s too you that we’re writing
we’re worried about the future
we think you’re worried too

We just caught the last wave
of America’s soft acting days
already the tension
was tearing them in two

You put up walls of paper
and prices on your favor
for a stamp in a passport
meetings and interviews

we took off all our clothes for you
spent hours in a metal tube
for a stack of ink and paper
like this letter here to you

ياباي شوف وين ودانا الحال
على ايش انا حغني على هالموال
بسلام انا هدفي بس اعيش
هيدا الشي حلم او خيال

Syrians singing southern songs
we left behind the yankee throngs
taking me home country roads
to the land of caroline
We rolled down from the smokies
into the piedmont pines
Halloween was quite a thrill
but it smelled of turpentine

من الشباك كنت خايف حلئ وطير
بطيارة بتشوف من لغتي شي حقير
كان قناعي بعيد الخوف اني شرئي
في بلاد اليانكي

Dear Mr. President
It’s too late for writing
already your orders
tore families apart
From silent lips we’ll cry no more
we’ll breathe free on other shores
and we’ll tear down the wall
before you even start

You occupied our countries
to guarantee your luxuries
we tasted them for 10 days,
up and down the east coast
took a dixie mountain odyssey
to remind you of your history
the paperless people
the ones who belong the most

ياناس خلوني بحالي البيت الابيض ورايي، في هيك وفي هيك يابا هيك بيحلالي

2019/2/24 - 18:05

Language: English

English translation of the Arabic verses
Oh father look at the state we’ve come to
Why would I sing on this in this tone?
My aim is to live in peace. Is this a dream or imagination?

I was scared of being thrown from the window
of an airplane that sees my language as a threat

My halloween mask
was that I’m middle eastern
in the yankee’s country

Old people leave me alone
so i can unburden my conscience
Like this and like that,
but I like it like this.

2019/2/24 - 18:08

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