I Can't Love This Country

Across The Border
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Dance Around the Fire
Yes when I was a child
this country seemed so nice
everyday to laugh and play
didn't see the fucking lies
everyday to laugh and play
didn't see the fucking lies
but I am older now
I see things through different eyes
the power of police
the justice in this land
the court will decide
by the money in my hand
yes the court will decide
by the money in my hand
cause money rules this world
yes I know you understand

No I can't love this country anymore
Too many of us were beaten by the law
And I don't want to die in another German war
No I can't love this country anymore

The life of a politician
the life of your pet
ranks higher than of stranger
ranks higher than of a black
yes the life of a politician
means more than of a black
the police turn away
and the right wing attack
a blue helmet on your head
a change in the law
they will take any reason
to start another war
we are strong enough again
to fight another German war
blowin' flags, marching feet
and the crowd starts to roar

Contributed by DoNQuijote82 - 2013/7/18 - 19:20

"Dance Around the Fire" è un EP del 1993.
Il brano si trova poi nell'LP d'esordio del 1994, intitolato "Hag Songs"

Hag Songs

La band è tedesca, di Remchingen nel Baden-Württemberg, ma il loro nome va scritto all'inglese, con le iniziali maiuscole, Across The Border...

In questa canzone il refrain si ripete dopo la seconda strofa, ma poi segue una parte incomprensibile in tedesco, la reprise della prima strofa e il brano si conclude con una frase scandita in tedesco... Purtroppo su nessun sito di testi si trova la parte in tedesco...

B.B. - 2020/2/23 - 16:17

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