Riding Shotgun

Tony Smith
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Riding shotgun
© 2020 Tony Smith

Out of Toilet Paper, Brisbane, Australia

"When people began panic buying in response to the corona virus, Australian authorities asked people not to hoard. Some greedy people have ensured that toilet paper of all things disappears from supermarket shelves. Some appalling people have even organised bus trips to regional towns to raid local shops. They then sell the merchandise at inflated prices. That is the capitalist spirit!" [Tony Smith]
Well here I am Mum you’d be proud of your son
Working hard for the good of the land
I’m using my skills while having some fun
Riding shotgun on the grocery van

I was a soldier in places quite wild
Like Iraq and Afghanistan
But now I see things that are really vile
Riding shotgun on the grocery van

The government says this virus we’ll beat
Look after yourself is their plan
But I am glad I’ve a well armoured seat
Riding shotgun on the grocery van

The bandits are after the toilet rolls
A shipment sends them quite mad
You’d think we carried bars of gold
Riding shotgun on the grocery van

They fight and brawl to be first in line
Respecting no woman or man
You don’t see any folk that are kind
Riding shotgun on the grocery van

They spike the road by night n day
They'll hijack the load if they can
We have to beat the bandits away
Riding shotgun on the grocery van

‘Have a go get a go’ some silly showman said
Perhaps he didn’t quite understand
But I can see just where this has led
Riding shotgun on the grocery van

Mum I’ve met someone ideal
I think of her when I can
My lovely rear gunner for meals on wheels
Riding shotgun on the grocery van

Contributed by Tony Smith - 2020/3/21 - 07:46

Thank you, Tony Smith, for your song from our antipodes. You know what we are experiencing now in Italy and Europe, and our website is striving to collect songs from all over this sad, capitalism-infected world. That's why we'll have your song translated into Italian, and other languages too if possible.

AWS/CCG Staff - 2020/3/21 - 12:12

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