Whole World Blues

Mike McLaren
Language: English

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Lyrics by Mike McLaren
Testo di Mike McLaren
To the tune of White House Blues

Da/From Centre For Political Song

Mike McLaren.
Mike McLaren.
Look here, Ol' Dubya, see what you done --
Ruined this great country
Got the whole world on the run
Now people die, people die.

Cheney's in the White House, runnin' the show
Signed the whole world to a contract
To boost his own cash flow.
Now people die, people die.

Ashcroft he don't trust us, watches day and night,
Rewrote the Constitution
To take away our rights.
Now people die, people die.

Condi spoke to Congress on national T.V.,
Said she could only speculate
On what the truth might be.
Now people die, people die.

The folks who run our gov'ment, saved us from Saddam.
Blew up an entire country
With twenty thousand bombs.
Too many died, and still they die.

(Repeat First verse)

Contributed by Riccardo Venturi - 2005/11/15 - 16:25

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