Warrick Sony
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(Warrick Sony)
(Warrick Sony)
Reasonable Men
(Warrick Sony)

Parole di Warrick Sony (nato Warrick Swinney, 1958-), compositore, produttore, musicista e sound designer sudafricano, bianco.

Musica di Warrick Sony e del suo gruppo, i Kalahari Surfers

Living In The Heart Of The Beast

Nel disco intitolato “Living In The Heart Of The Beast”

In Afrikaans “Grensvegter” (traducibile come “difensore dei confini”, “border fighter”) indica il combattente patriota bianco in puro stile Rambo, l’ammazza-negri nelle guerre d’Angola e Namibia e nelle township sudafricane… In fondo, anche in casa propria si trattava di difendere i confini dello status quo, come voleva il regime dell’Apartheid…

“Grensvegter” era anche il titolo di un fotoromanzo sudafricano degli anni 70 che celebrava le gesta del patriota combattente duro e spietato…
I) Grensvegter:
some reluctant womb
spat you out amongst the weeds along the Vaal
where your forefathers
cheated natives out of every inch of land
there you plough insane
ideologies into the infant soil
hopeful of strong vines
that will contribute in beating back the bush
how long can we keep them away
so many hungry mouths
in the bush we fill them all with lead and
their bloated stomachs burst
they are buried in mass graves nobody counts
nobody talks govern mental views are always on the air
self censorship reigns
who wants to end up in an unmarked grave

II) The Branch:
"Now we get down to the nitty-gritty you can see how important it is that all instructions are absolutely clear -
we've just got to be exactly on target, every time.
Don't forget to cover where necessary.
Here's the target area where we begin.
Don't forget to refer to the manuals in need we've just got to be exactly on target, every time.
Don't forget to cover where necessary."

III) Hoerskool Grenswag: I'm singing in the Rain

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