The Fourth Day Of May

Thom Bishop
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Parole: Thom Bishop
Musica: dalla melodia tradizionale "The Bold Fenian Men"

Testo trovato su Mudcat

Canzone dedicata agli studenti della Kent University, Ohio, uccisi nel 1969 dai soldati del loro stesso paese mentre protestavano contro la guerra in Vietnam.
Si vedano anche Jackson-Kent Blues, Find the Cost of Freedom, Hey Sandy e, soprattutto Ohio.
On the fourth day of May, I want out a-walking.
'Twas a bright sunny day, 'til I heard someone talking.
I listened awhile to the things they were saying:
"Lord above, Lord above, there were four killed at Kent!"

With fists clenched so tightly, I walked through the town there.
I went to the commons to see what was down there.
There were banners a-waving, loudspeakers all 'round there.
"Lord above, Lord above, there were four killed at Kent!"

Now it's nearly five years (now it's been many years) since the guns was a-blazing,
And it seems we've gone numb in the process of aging,
For not much has come from that war we were waging,
"Lord above, Lord above, there were four killed at Kent!"

Contributed by Alessandro - 2009/12/8 - 22:08

I wrote this song in the spring of 1975. While I appreciate that you shared it, I would like to point out that the "Glory-o" lines belong to the original Irish ballad. In my song, the line is "Lord above, Lord above, there were four killed at Kent."
Sincere regards,
Thom Bishop

Thom Bishop - 2012/8/29 - 06:32

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