Daddy's Li’l Girl

Bikini Kill
Language: English

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Nell’album d’esordio delle Bikini Kill, intitolato “Revolution Girl Style Now!”

Revolution Girl Style Now!
I have no desire
I can't feel a thing
I just want to make him happy
Daddy's little girl
Daddy's little girl
Daddy's girl don't wanna be
His whore no more
I need to hold my tongue
I need to hold my tongue
Didn't know I'd have to lose so much
For Daddy's love
Didn't know I'd have to lost myself
For Daddy's touch
Daddy has something to say
He has something for you to do
And he wants it done right now
And he wants you to do it his way

Contributed by Bernart Bartleby - 2014/9/9 - 08:37

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