Slow Decay

Dashboard Confessional
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Dashboard Confessional.
Dashboard Confessional.

Am I wrong to think that your new song "Slow Decay" has political overtones — that it's about war?

It is. It's absolutely about war. More specifically, it's about a soldier coming home from war, trying to adjust. The narrative is a conversation from son to father, and father to son. It's a loosely fictitious tale, based on two friends of mine and a third person, whose story I saw on 60 Minutes — the soldier was wearing a Dashboard shirt.

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Stand down son
Start resting easy
You’ve done your service
I am proud to have you home and see you safe

It’s so good
You looked so strong
In that picture on the mantle
You sent your mom when you were gone

But you looked scared now
Hollow eyed
When are you coming?

Back where you belong
I swear that it’s safe here
There’s nothing to fear at all

Come on back
Where you belong
The pressure releases
If you just let down your guard

Everything rests on you
You know that feeling well
The ball is falling, falling, falling
So far
From a close call

Your injuries aren’t mortal wounds
The only thing that’s killing you
Is what you saw
And what you couldn’t stop

Well, you’re nat the one I blame
It wasn’t your mistake

But your safe now so come home

It’s simple things Dad
I’m not hurt I’m not dead
I just should be
Where my friends are lying

And I didn’t hate
Those that I killed
But they’re all dead now

And I’m here alive
With satellites
And friday nights
And no one to judge me
Or the things that I’ve done at all

So how can I live with that?

Back where I belong
You swear that it’s safe here
There is nothing to fear at all

Take me
Back where I belong
The pressure releases
If I just let my guard down

Contributed by Riccardo Venturi - 2006/12/31 - 00:31

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