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Lyrics & Music by Elvis "Elfy" Thao
Album: From the Inside

"Oh Lord. Look what they've done. Be with us"
A complete timeline of our history and existence. The Hmong people. From 3,000 B.C. through 1963 during the Secret War, to 1975 when it split until now. How far we've come and how much we've lost. 7 minutes long. This tells it all. Stay educated".

In 3000 BC, the people, the Hmong people,
Settled on the upper Yellow River, known as the Jiuli Tribe,
Ruled much of Northeastern China,
Ruled by the Hmong warrior king, Chiyou, won 9 battles against the Chinese..
The 10th was lost, we moved out to the lower levels,
Was labeled "miaio" to them known as savages,
The Jiuli then called themselves "Hmong" meaning,
"People who love freedom, justice, and loyalty"

Then the Hmong built a kingdom in southern China,
Tang Dynasty armies kill the Hmong king, force us to slavery,
We break into 18 clans and fled into the mountains,
30,000 Hmong die fighting persecution
By Qing Dynasty troops, assimilated as Rebels,
The First Hmong move to the highlands of Southeast Asia,
Migration to Laos, Thailand, Vietnam and Burma,
Then the French began to colonize Laos, put them under French rule
Made Hmong settlers pay taxes to the lowland,
So we launched the "Madman's War", "War of the Insane",
Unsuccessful, made French upgrade political status,

Then the Japanese invade Laos
Declaring Laos independent from French rule,
Now the constitution recognizes the Hmong as citizens,
Who became rivals, help the French fight Vietnamese invaders,
Hmong guerillas fight communist, the struggle goes on!!!


In 1961, the CIA appoints General Vang Pao,
To force 9,000 Hmong tribesman into a secret Army in Laos,
President Kennedy puts him in charge of 14 battalions,
US planes bomb the Ho Chi Minh trail
About 40,000 strong to fight Communist Pathet Lao,
Launching the Vietnam War,
Military Region II, guerrilla unit killer troops,
84 companies of Hmong infantry, organized
3 Million tons of bombs dropped, exceeding World War II,
Established in Long Cheng, across the Mekong,
We drew blood, it weren't the Americans dying,
It was our people, it was our people..

The generation of men deceased,
15 year olds forced to fight, all males complete,
In desperation to escape Laos, in hopes of being free,
Protection and aid promised by the CIA
In 1973, we were told to cease fire,
America would no longer help the refugees,
Like cowards they fled, pulled out of Laos and they left,
Us to battle more than 40,000 Vietnamese troops
They withdrew completely in 1975,
Left to seek shelter while the rest of us died,
So we scattered and fled, marched to a new beginning,
Fighting to survive, the struggle goes on!!!


It wasn't easier for life after 1975,
Relocation to Refugee camps Ban Vinai,
Some made it across the Mekong River to seek freedom,
Others didn't, and some scattered abroad
More than 7 million in South China,
400,000 in Laos, 250,000 here in the US,
Others fled to Thailand, Canada, France,
French Guyana, Argentina and Australia
But for the less fortunate, left behind,
Put into re-education camps, victimized,
Attempting to flee to Thailand, get across the Mekong,
Some surrendered, tired of fighting for freedom..

Those who resisted took refuge in the jungles,
Hid in the mountains, they were called the "Chao Fa",
"Lords of the Sky", "God's Disciples",
To destroy the Evil Giant of Communism
Till today 300,000 of my people secretly slayed,
Hunted and attacked, women's raped,
Families robbed, dropping chemical bombs,
Children abused behind enemy lines
Biological and poisonous chemicals, heavy artillery,
Lifted up by choppers we breathe,
Fighting for our lives, searching for human rights,
Next is total annihilation, 30 years ago..

The STRUGGLE goes ON!!!

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