The Unpeople

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The majority of the world's population lives in poverty
Lack of quality water, disease is rife
A life filled with death and destruction
Lack of protein your body can't function
Try and speak out, feel the force of a truncheon
Come crashing down on your back
Rubber bullets let rip into the skulls as the authorities attack turn and run
You feel a sharp pain, eyes close, everything's black
Screams fade away, just another day
For the Unpeople, the world's majority
Unrecognized by the minority as they purchase a pair of Nike air
The Indonesian woman who made those sits on a chair
Unable to send out a flare
But what the fuck would we westerners care?
That she works battery style, under the glare of strip lighting
In temperatures that reach forty degrees
As she sews on the sleeves of a gap summer shirt
Sweat mixed with dirt drips down into her eye
She asks why this is happening to herself?
Long hours, low pay, while fat cats reap the wealth of this slavery
The bravery of a few that start unions are terminated
Cos it threatens profits to be deflated and we can't have that, no
We gotta keep the flow of cheaply made merchandise
While we tuck in to MacDees, they struggle to pay for rice
Imagine the world as a pie, there's only a small slice
That lives in a world where water runs free and food is of profusion
Where a future for their children is not just an illusion
This pollution of poverty and deprivation
Starvation needs to be alligned equally in relation to the whole of mankind
We need to find a new way of thinking linking all people as equal
A new tool to fight this unjust system, new world wisdom
Where the capitalist aim is no longer our vision
A new mission, movement of the masses, people power
Replace the gun with the flower
Deaths with the living, taking with the giving
So all men, children and women can grow up free of deficiency
One world together as one equally...
Three thousand died as the planes crashed into the towers
At ground zero the laying of flowers showed people care
While Bush and Blair use this as an excuse
To tighten the noose around the axis of so-called evil
Another set of people, the unpeople, are dying
CIA spying, lying, propaganda to keep us blind
The slaughters in Rwanda, the Iraq civilians,
The sanctions that killed millions
The billions of military aid to Israel
The Deir Vassen, Shatila, Sabra Jenin tale
A nation shot, stabbed and killed
Sealed borders, midnight marauders
The bombs that dropped in Afghanistan
That killed five thousand
Who had nothing to do with Bin Laden
The unpeople under dictators
Sponsored by western government gators
That jaws snap when things don't go their way
Like some big bully that can't take what he dishes out
It's time to shout
Why is it right for one set of people to die and not another?
He or she was also someone's lover, brother, mother
How many more will have to suffer?
Well, how many more will have to suffer?

Contributed by Riccardo Venturi - 2005/11/16 - 00:44

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