War Sucks (You Remember What Happened to Hansel and Gretel)‎

Red Krayola
Language: English

Scritta da Rick Barthleme, Steve Cunningham e Mayo Thompson
Un cosiddetto “Free Form Freak-Out” da “The Parable of the Arable Land”, album di esordio di ‎questa molto sperimentale band texana.‎

The Parable of the Arable Land

Al giovane amico Cesare, che oltre alla grande cultura musicale ha pure un cervello più analitico di ‎uno scanner, è bastato un attimo per accorgersi che nel pur immenso database delle CCG/AWS ‎mancano ancora alcune canzoni degne di nota, come per esempio questa dei texani Red Krayola (o ‎Red Crayola, gruppo di musica psichedelica, d’avanguardia e protopunk), un’esplicita presa per il ‎culo del patriottismo americano, tanto che vi viene citato e deriso persino un verso dell’arcinota e ‎stucchevolissima “America the Beautiful”…‎
Grazie Cesare!‎
Miracle mother
Child at your breast
Your apple pie is just obviously best
But you have moved way out west
You know I cannot finish this
You know the rest
War sucks

Listen to me my friend General Fox
I have something to say today
You know I don’t have much to tell you my friend
But you may not like what I say
You know war sucks
War sucks

Then there uncle General he does weep
When he sends his troops out into battle
I’m sick to death of your endless prattle
Cuz’ you remember what happened to Hansel and Gretel
War sucks

America, America ‎
God shed his grace on thee
And crown thy good with brotherhood
From sea to shining sea
You know war sucks
You know war sucks

Well mister, God are you sounding sweet
Can we treat each other bad?
You know your silence is part of a fad
You know that you do nothing just makes me mad
War sucks
War sucks

Contributed by Dead End - 2012/6/21 - 11:39

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