Carrying No Cross

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Stupefacente sia per la musica che per il testo, che narra di come un soldato dell'esercito regolare tedesco nella Seconda Guerra Mondiale che, come tanti ha scelto di combattere per dare un senso alla propria vita, si accorga finalmente, mentre vaga disperso dal resto della truppa in territorio nemico, di quanto sia stupido ed insensato combattere ed uccidere altri esseri umani solo perchè appartenenti ad una nazione che qualcun altro ha considerato nemica.
been wrong so many times before
was always laying down the law
and all attractions were a bore
they led me back to you
Uniforms were an allergy
they never felt quite right to me
they conjured wartime Germany
and God knows we need that
Temptation boundaries does vener know
the time when my morale was low
the circumstances always show
the place was yours or mine
Carrying no cross before me
with no prize no to idolize no story
to hell of adolescent glory
Just void...empty spaces nothing to show
no point of reference to place to go
but one thing I'd ignored and so
the light came shining through

I've been wrong so many times before
was always laying down the law
one thing you cannot ignore
bad boys can come clean
Emotions I could not control
Illuminate my heart and soul
I saw a light, I scored a goal
and what price peace of mind?

Contributed by Alessandro - 2006/5/13 - 18:31

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