We're All Just Sisters and Brothers

Mike Stout
Language: English

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Lyrics & Music by C. Michael Stout
Album: The Human Spirit Will Prevail
Past the flags and the tags and the labels and signs.
'Neath the reach of the superficial boundary lines..

Outside the divides of the nations and states,
Molds and holes, and the self-imposed lonely escapes.

Stripped from the grip of the ego's veneer,
Below the surface of the circus of fear
After the shows, 'neath the clothes of the artificial covers -
We're all just sisters and brothers.

Above the perches in the churches where the conscience is kept,
Divisions and religions and traditions of react and regret.

Beyond the laws and the cause of the tribal crusades,
Past the caste and class system that exploits and degrades.

Behind space and time, deep in the heart
Clean from the scenes that keep us apart
Free from the fences and pretenses that distract us from each other.. -
We're all just sisters and brothers,
We're all just sisters and brothers,
We're all just sisters and brothers.

No matter how many different languages we talk,
Directions we go in or roads that we walk
It's a well-known fact, they all lead back to the same mother...

Beyond the sagas and the dogmas and parochial scenes,
Behind the blinds of the closed minds and TV machines.

Far from the cars and the stars of material wealth,
Outside the only-ness and loneliness of ego and self.

Under the thunder and the factional roar
Higher than the fire of irrational war
Out of the shell and the hell of the separated colors.. -
We're All Just Sisters and Brothers ! (4X)

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