If I Knew

Joan Baez
Language: English

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Parole di Nina Dusheck
Musica di Pauline Marden (la sorella maggiore di Joan Baez)
Album: David's Album

David's Album

dall'album dedicato a David Harris, marito di Joan Baez e incarcerato per il rifiuto di partire in guerra in Vietnam.
If I knew where the wild dove flew
I would not tell the hunter, but I would tell you
Though they say you're not a brave man, hardly a man at all
You would not shoot the wild things, like brave men in the fall
Mmmm mm

If I knew where calypso bloomed
I would not tell the ladies, but I would tell you
For you would not take the flower, for money or for love
Or harm a single petal, 'cause you would not shoot the dove
Mmmm mm

If I knew where our green love grew
I would not tell the others, but I would tell you
For 'though the world may call you craven, I know it is not true
And 'though a sword may hang between us, my songs are all for you
Mmmm mm

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