Amedoricca – 8​:​32pm, September 11, 1988

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“I wanna hear a bedtime story” 
“alright… Once upon upon a time…” 
“Naw. I already heard that one.” 
“I know, but it’s important…” 

Once upon upon a time is where we find this 
The epic story of King Ittus 
Who gave a chest of diamonds to each of the finest 
Knights who were loyal to his highness 
And he gave them a request to take upon a quest 
Out west into the dragon’s nest 
To save the princess, whom everyone had guessed 
Was kidnapped by that giant pest 
The armor-clad knights were told to pack light 
They made haste. To gain pace, they left that night 
And so the four of them, with swords and horses fend 
Can’t let the evil forces win 

I know it seems cliché, but that’s the way it happened. 
I know… cliché. 

Princess Amedoricca, the Spanish jewel was more of a 
Shining light that Ittus might use kind of like a court of law 
To keep the people appeased. 
He felt, that when she was there they knelt like they were weak in the knees. 
It’s like he needs her to keep the people content 
With the upper classes’ access to a heap-full of rent 
But, ever since she went missing from that pageantry 
Even simple everyday-folk have risen to anarchy. 

I know it seems cliché, but that’s the way it happened. 
I know… cliché. 

The knights paid a local tribesman a handful of diamonds 
To guide them through the wooded highlands 
Into Allende’s country: dragon town. 
Expecting to find Amedorrica gagged and bound 
But first, they encountered many polite like peasants 
Who offered to point the knights in the right directions 
Toward Allende’s cave 
They sped off impetuously, like brave men behave 
They quickly arrived at the mountain’s gaping mouth 
Entered from the west, while the dragon had been facing south 
And without hesitating in the least 
They surprise stabbed the heart of that magnificent beast 

I know it seems cliché, but that’s the way it happened. 
I know… cliché. 

There came a thought piercing discordant cry from 
The princess, who had come walking up behind them 
Even though the monster was no longer breathing 
The princess was still trying to stop the bleeding 
She was inconsolable—I mean hysteric 
The love she must have felt for Allende became apparent 
And the knights, they didn’t know what to do 
So they stabbed and killed the princess too (and the king was pleased) 

… it seems cliché, but that’s the way it happened. 
I know… cliché. 

Once upon upon a time… on 9/11 1973. It seems cliché. 

“I know only the good die young is a cliché”

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