The Death Of God

Roy Harper
Language: English

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Singolo del 2005.

Una canzone in cui Roy Harper esprime tutta la sua rabbia ed il suo disgusto per l'ennesima guerra scatenata, quella in Iraq.

"Tongue in cheek? But how can it be? Our famous leader took us into an illegal war and killed thousands of children. Was that cool? Or was it all just a myth? Can he now lie to you about the economy, schools, hospitals, human rights and everything else? Of course he can. He's done it all before. We've all been there before. Do we have any option? Well... no. Only to vote tactically. Five separate stories rolled into one. The emigrant, the soldier, the bomber, the leader, and "God!" Dark satire.. all of it."
(dalle note di copertina del disco)
As I was dreaming
I started to feel
I could no longer
Tell dreaming from real
Too much was happening
Too fast to slow
Maybe I’ll wake up
Maybe I’ll know

The guns had just started
But no one could say
If time was just ending
Or slipping away
Into the shadows
Another long day
Another killing day

Where are you going
I said to myself
As I was throwing
Things from my shelf
Into some future
Ready to run
Soldiers are coming
Better be done

Silently helplessly
Holding my tongue
Soon I’ll be somewhere
I’ll never belong
Mouthing the sounds
Of an immigrant song

Is there a reason any more
Are we just cannon fodder
Germinating war
Pretending our finger’s on the pulse
The pulse beyond the door
The imaginary door

Whence our family and friends
All crawl from their graves
Made for them by ‘Shock and Awe’
And half a billion fascist slaves
Somewhere where the facile voice of Jesus
Always saves
Beyond the door

Do me a favour
Please don’t patronise
Your war was not fought for my mind
But just for your prize
Started when what was some truth
Got spun into lies
Somewhere always beyond the door
Beyond the door

How does this make us me feel
Am I really part of this deal
Totally mistaken
Ignored and forsaken
Am I really so unreal
Why am I so unreal

Blindfolded so that we never can tell
When the blows are landing
Or who they will fell
Humiliated naked paraded
By sadistic tourists
From crusader hell

Oh look at me Mommy
I can take naughty pics
Look at me Mommy
Now that I am six
Look at me Mommy
I can take dirty pics
Look at me Mommy
Playing with dicks

Hoping and praying
And praying and hoping
Praying and hoping to die
Blowing my life away
Taking some others
A new kind of old passer-by
But I won’t be passing you by
‘Cos I’m the Samaritan
With a bomb in my eye
and my finger on the trigger
Of goodbye. . . . .

Welcome to heaven
I’m your creator
I bid you welcome
To the promised land
Sorry I made you
Bomb all those children
They were all warned
and they fully understand...
My will be done on earth
And they were slow to learn
My will be done on earth
Otherwise eternally you burn
So eternally they’ll burn

‘Cos I am the interventionist god
And I’m warning you
I will intervene
Into your cooking and your books
And your disinterest rates
And all of your domestics inbetween

I am the wood I touch
My fingers always cross
I’m superstitious to the core
I step across the cracks
Down every street I walk
That way I know I’ll win the war

And history will prove me right
I’ll find those WMD
Cross my heart and hope to die
What’s that you say
Blank zero nothing zilch a duck!
A duck egg.. I think
I think... I just fell out the sky

Soon I’ll be gone
Goodbye everyone

My will be done

Something we knew about
Thousands and thousands
And thousands of years ago


Contributed by Alessandro - 2009/8/25 - 11:05

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