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Son of Nun
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New Orleans After the Flood - Robert Polidori
New Orleans After the Flood - Robert Polidori
They knew she was coming and knew she could summon a rain of destruction to make the levies crumble to nothing, but still they was shuffling, and hoping that her huffing an puffing, couldn’t knock the stuffing out the super dome’s construction, they bluffed and passed the buck when the people were suffering, condi bought some shoes and bush went to republican functions, the final nail in the coffin’s gentrified reconstruction, from companies looking to profit from katrina’s destruction
How many cats start a gang and get incarcerated, then turn around and get nobel nominated.
It ain’t complicated tookie rehabilitated bangers from his cell through the changes that he demonstrated. State hated and ghetto appreciated, gang affiliated, mentally emancipated, should have been exonerated but it’s all con related, cops be the gang that keeps the ghetto concentrated Leaders get elected keeping blacks congregated, in a prison system that’s vicious&overpopulated

Immigrant Rights
I was – born illegitimate in this criminal syndicate that’s, hostile to immigrants and murders it’s indigenous if, you ain’t got they logo on your birth certificate, your worth is insignificant especially if you’re pigmented but– they need you for their businesses so their position is, work’em and jerk’em but don’t give them any benefits, ship’em over to iraq to kill the militants and, if they make it back alive maybe we’ll call them citizens, we know that’s b.s. from Chicago to TX amnistia por todos immigrantes east los to bx
You might’ve seen them in the street about a million deep, but it wasn’t farrakhan that they was hearing speak, they barricaded and ain’t accepting defeat, till the governor’s running for cover on his bare feet. Students and teachers, indigenous people, leaders striking and fighting for freedom to topple people that cheat’em – if you ain’t been checking the papers brother you need to read’em knowledge helps to build the solidarity they need to beat’em

Military Recruiters
Ask a veteran about his medicine and if this war was worth the purple heart he got for his prosthetic limb. Ask Swift if she would be a vet again after getting raped and threatened by her ranking men. Something’s stanking when, recruiters start to bend, and use the very lies that maimed and took life from their friends. These wounds will never mend until this war’s brought to an end, the troops are home and true iraqi’s rule iraq again
This is the 5th time they’ve had to resist Zionists collabing w/ roman imperialists – Hezbollah’s the only arab force down to enlist guerrilla tactics on the side of Palestine in all this. It’s, not even ‘bout the torah or the quran, religion was politics before democracy dawned hypocrisy spawned long before the jews or islam - invasion and occupation have always been wrong - leaders try to deceive us with a flag and a psalm, that’s why their road to liberation’s filled w/ martyrs and bombs. Not the ones that’s getting tucked under arms but the ones the u.s. gives the idf to do harm

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