This Land Is Nobody's Land

John Lee Hooker
Language: English

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Parole e musica di John Lee Hooker
In alcune raccolte dedicate a questo genio assoluto del blues, a cominciare da “More Real Folk Blues - The Missing Album”, pubblicata nel 1991, e “The Best of John Lee Hooker” del 1994

More Real Folk Blues - The Missing Album
The Best of John Lee Hooker

Questo splendido, intensissimo e non molto conosciuto brano di John Lee Hooker non può non essere una risposta a o una riflessione su This Land Is Your Land di Woody Guthrie. E per giunta è pure una canzone profetica perchè fu scritta nel 1962, quando gli USA di Kennedy erano solo all’inizio della disastrosa avventura militare in Vietnam, ma sembra già esprimere un giudizio a consuntivo su quella guerra...
This land is no one's land
This land is your buryin' ground
I wonder why you’re fightin' over this land
God made this world
Everything that's within
Man against man
They fightin' over this land
This land is no one's land
No... Yeah...

God made this world
Everybody's equal
But they fightin’
Both day and night
They killin’ each other
Over this land
'Dis they buryin' ground
Mmm -- I don't know why
The people gettin' out of hand
Mmm, mmm
This land, no one's land
Oh no...

This land is no one's land
God made this world
And everything within
He didn't make it for one man
He made it for everyone
I don't know why they fighting
Over their burying ground
Mmm, mmm
The land they walkin' on
Is their burying ground
Mmm, mmm

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