Jonathan Jackson

Yellow Pearl
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Album “A Grain of Sand: Music for the Struggle by Asians in America”, Paredon Records.
Con Chris Kando Iijima, Joanne Nobuko Miyamoto e "Charlie" Chin.
Prodotto da Barbara Dane


“When we hear about revolutionary heroes like Jonathan Jackson (who was shot at San Marin Courthouse trying to free his brother George), we tend to put them into some superhuman category. What we want to say is that Jonathan Jackson, like Nguyen Van Trol, like Che Guevara, was first a human being like us; a human being with feelings, joys, and fears, and that we all have that revolutionary potential. Jonathan Jackson is not separate from us, but part of us and what he stood for, is us.”
[nota introduttiva al brano dal libretto che accompagna l’album]

Sui fratelli Jackson si vedano anche George Jackson e Uncle George.
Never met a man who said
That he was never afraid.
Never met a woman yet,
Who was always brave.
When will the time come
When we are just what we seem?
Long gone heroes who weep at night
Awakened by a dream?
And when in doubt, try to keep trying.
Better dead than a living dying.

How many children
Have there been that had to choose
And weighed in small hands
What they gain and what they lose?
When will the time come
When the children never cry?
When new is old and old is gone,
And we live before we die?
And when in doubt, try to keep trying.
Better dead than a living dying.

Try to see the mother as she sits down
all alone.
Try to see the father sitting by the phone.
Waiting for the phone call saying
everything is fine
While the people on the outside
just take their time
just take their time
just take our time.

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