Abuso Di Donna

Tallulah Kidd
Language: English

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Music by Tallulah Kidd
cycle of violence

This violin track is about Domestic Violence..


Tallulah Kidd


(Will he ever die?
haunting my dreams
A demon lurking
Snickering and smirking
Guiding me down the path
Of wickedness and wrath
I asked once
I'll beg and plead
Do this deed
Take this being
From the earth
A life not worth
The images I'm seeing
A bruise explained
Happiness feigned
Another moment gone
Was just another pawn
Your reality
Was a fallacy
A nightmare
You might care
but my kind is too rare
It's a dangerous place
Feeling a sting on your face
The moment of triumph
Passes you by
Let out a sigh
Accept I'm weak
Rub my cheek
Dream of the day I will fly
Still don't believe I can love
Still don't think I can trust
Continue on this path I must
Carry on
Negativity gone
Sometimes you learn
That which you yearn
is something you earn)

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